Wednesday, December 11, 2013

50 Random Facts About Me Tag

There's an old YouTube tag called 50 Random Facts About Me. Pretty self-explanatory.
  1. I have a cat named Pebbles
  2. I've had several blogs before this one (their names were Randomix, 50 Raspberries, and iGimp. So embarrassing)
  3. I love doing makeup
  4. I'm obsessed with lip balm (and makeup, but I'm more obsessive about lip balm.)
  5. My favorite flavor of gum is Peppermint. I like the Extra brand one.
  6. I have braces.
  7. I had springs on my braces instead of rubber bands (basically, they go in the same place as rubber bands, but they're literally springs. Sometimes flesh used to get stuck between the spring twirls) because at first I wasn't wearing my rubber bands often enough, and then they weren't doing enough even when I was wearing them. They took them off (and no rubber bands!) so my teeth could get closer together again and so my mouth could have a rest.
  8. I eat oatmeal for breakfast on school mornings. I buy Cinnamon Spice, Apple, and Brown Sugar (sounds like regular oatmeal, but sweet. But it's not, it's different. I don't really like it though).
  9. I have an older brother, I probably shouldn't say his name
  10. I have a lot of designer items that I got on sale or as a hand-me-down. Huh.
  11. I babysit. It's worth it to stay up late doing homework (I don't bring homework with me, I know from experience that it is the definition of a boring babysitter) when I get all that money for basically just "playing."
  12. Story time! Once I had to babysit for a new family at 7:15 in the morning. Originally, it was 7:30 am, but the night before, they changed it (I hate it when families do this, it messes up my whole schedule. I do plan out when I'll do what before I do it, and 15 minutes less makes a big difference). I worked for 6 hours and got $35! (I don't remember the amount of time and pay exactly, but I calculated it and I earned $6.25 an hour! Way below minimum wage, not that this is a federally-acknowledged job.) And while I was there, I was asked to text the parents every 45 mins. Also, they referred us--me and the babysittees--as "kids." I was looked at as a "kid," not an equal. AND, I was specifically asked to help clean the EXTREMELY messy basement!
  13. Science Math is my worst subject.
  14. Lately, I've been getting uncharacteristically excited for upcoming holidays. Ex.: I was super pumped for Halloween (I put up lots of decorations), even though all I did on the actual holiday was walk around outside, occasionally stopping at houses for candy.
  15. I prefer dark blue pen over blue or black. Light blue is also nice. I don't like regular blue though, I find it harder to read on graph paper.
  17. I am obsessed with pens. I love the Uni-Ball Insight and Uni-Ball Vision. I also like the Pilot G-2 07, Foray Rollé Medium, Uni-Ball Eco, Gelly Roll 08, Pilot Precise V5, and of course, Pilot FriXion Ball. There's a large assortment of pens in a stand-up desk organizer on my desk.
  18. I seem to come across a lot of coupons, then I keep them, and they expire before I get a chance to use them.
  19. I haven't been to the mall in forever! Last time I was at the mall was right before Halloween. So, I haven't been in one and a half months!!! :(
  20. How am I ever going to come up with 50 facts about myself?
  21. My favorite colors are pink and baby blue.
  22. I don't own any leggings (those were the pants that sprung a hole during babysitting) or oversized sweaters. I never know, are you supposed to buy a regular sweater in a few sizes too big, or are there purposefully big ones out there?
  23. During English yesterday, I found out that it's completely obvious who my friend(s) is/are. One friend and I sit next to each other, but at different table groups, and while we were moving the table groups, someone suggested that the reason my friend wanted to move the table group to the right more was because she wanted to be closer to me. Is it really that obvious to the world?
  24. I used to start journals and never finish them. Then I started blogging, which I guess is my new outlet.
  25. I think I'm going to post a blog entry every other day. Days for the next 1 week: today, Friday, Sunday, Tuesday
  26. I am on a swim team, although I'm pretty bad at swimming. It's a club team (a good one) but the coaches ignore me (along with the rest of the ordinary swimmers). I guess you could say I don't really put in 100%. This is because I do not care. What benefit would it have if I get a bit better at swimming? I'll never get a scholarship or anything in college. I'd never get that good.
  27. I used to play Minecraft, until I discovered makeup (I guess those two things happened around the same time, maybe by coincidence, maybe not). I made virtual friends. Then Minecraft got boring, and I needed a new hobby. That may be one of the reasons I took up makeup.
  28. I think it would be cool to go to Cosmix or some makeup artist college. I obviously don't know the best makeup schools out there, so I can't give a good example.
  29. My birthday is on a holiday, and there's never school on my bday.
  30. I have a list of my friends' birthdays in my locker, so I don't forget them. I don't even remember my family members' bdays.
  31. I think I'm to get an iPhone 5s for Christmas. But don't worry, I won't turn into a snobby rich kid, haha. My parents and I are going halfsies. I have to pay half, they pay half.
  32. I guess I'll keep my current phone number. I know it's possible. I've already memorized it, and I'm not interested in memorizing another one.
  33. It takes me a long time to memorize number sequences. (I haven't been diagnosed with anything. Yet.) I had to set my locker combo as my iPod password for a week before school started so I wouldn't have to look at a sheet of paper every time I want  to open my locker. Now, I open my locker with muscle memory. However, I still have trouble coming up with my lockbox and gym locker combos. When I got my new, extra long lunch PIN number, it took me forever to memorize it.
  34. Story time: When I first got my PIN number, I didn't bother glancing at it. Every time I went to put in my PIN number, instead, I asked the cashier to put in my last name (the accounts are connected to our names so nobody steals anyone else's account). I think the cashiers all grew to hate me, because I made them actually press buttons, as opposed to staring at the computer screen while everyone puts in their PINs. By the time I memorized my PIN, the cashiers put in my last name without my asking, every time. I think the cashiers and I are neutral now.
  35. My favorite necklace is a short, Sterling silver chain (I like my necklaces to either hang above the neckline of my shirts, or far below.) with a Sterling silver J on it, encrusted with rhinestones. The rhinestones aren't real diamonds (obviously, since I used the word "rhinestones"), but the silver is real, which is why I like it. I hate it when my jewelry oxidizes or makes my skin green. Also, I like how I look in silver, rather than copper/gold.
  36. I always wanted a piece of platinum jewelry, ever since 6th grade when my science teacher told us platinum never oxidizes/tarnishes. She showed us her platinum engagement ring, and it was so pretty! Too bad platinum is WAY out of my price range.
  37. I only use Puffs Plus Lotion tissues. The Kleenex ones make my nose/under my nose all red, dry, and itchy. However, I use pink Kleenex tissues for makeup removal.
  38. I have an actual vanity and makeup cabinet in my room. I'm not joking about this makeup obsession thing.
  39. The cabinet I have is by RealSimple magazine. It's meant to go in your bathroom, but if I didn't tell you that, you'd never have known, by the look of it. It required a LOT of assembly.
  40. I want to watch Catching Fire (the sequel to the Hunger Games movie). I watched the Hunger Games movie, but I didn't read the books. I have to love a book to actually read it.
  41. I heard The Fault in Our Stars is a really good book. I want to read it.
  42. My cat's collar is purple. It was the only one on sale...
  43. I have a lot of furniture in my room. I have a nightstand, desk, cheval mirror, vanity, makeup cabinet, bed, two chairs, a stool (for the vanity. The seat is zebra, I didn't get to pick it out. They sent me what they felt like), and drawers (you know, for storing clothes. Isn't there a specific name for those?). My furniture is white, except for the cheval mirror (cherry wood).
  44. I have 4 mirrors in my room. The mirror on the vanity, the mirror that flips over to a 4x magnified size (it's called a vanity mirror), a full-length mirror in my closet (from before I got the cheval mirror), and the cheval mirror.
  45. I got the cheval mirror off Craigslist! No joke!
  46. I use Spotify (and iTunes a little, because you can save music and play it without buying an app) on the computer as opposed to Pandora. But the downfall is that the Spotify app costs a few bucks.
  47. Two years ago, I made two snow igloos. The second igloo was built on the snow-turned-ice foundation left over from the first one.
  48. My "friend group" consists of smart, feminine girls. We are stylish and fashionable, but also smart.
  49. I own 91 bottles of nail polish.
  50. My computer mouse pad has a family of 4 kittens on it.
I hope you leaned something about me! Look out for Friday's post!

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  1. Divergent has nothing to do with the hunger games except for the fact that they're both dystopian...i think you meant Catching :)