Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Clothes for popular kids

Something else that annoys me is that all "popular kids" dress the same. I'm talking
  • Brandy Melville
  • Open backs
  • Bralettes/bandeaus under sheer shirts (at SCHOOL)
  • Brandy's "Bethan" dress with the cross back (as shown above)
  • Brandy's "Mariona" dress and "Giselle" crop tops with the giant neck hole in the back, and in the front it looks like a regular crop top
  • Oversized sweaters with leggings and boots
  • Hunters
  • Uggs
  • Combat boots
  • Crop tops with high waisted skirts/shorts/pants
These "popular kids"--just the girls--ALL wear these things. Without fail, trust me. It's disgusting! They've all jumped on the bandwagon. Not ONE popular girl has NEVER shopped at Brandy Melville. Seriously!
I know this a short post, but it's meant to be relatable, not long and fun to read. Okay? Okay. I'm gonna go starve now, because my family hasn't fed me yet.

359 days till Christmas
The 364th day of the year
The last day of 2013
1 day until New Year's Day

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  1. and of course we can't forget the ever-unnerving BAT/BAR MITZVAH SWEATSHIRTS.