Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cracked Screens and Phone Numbers

Topic 1: Cracked Screens
Today I wanted to talk (well, really, complain) about people who crack the screens of their devices.
Let me tell you right off the bat that my first and current phone has a plastic screen, so this has never happened to me personally. Although, I have witnessed it happen.

It was last summer after camp, and we were at (insert ice cream parlor's name here). My friend had her ice cream in one hand, and her wallet and phone in the other. Needless to say, she dropped her phone (and wallet) on the tile floor of the ice cream shop while she was taking a lick from her ice cream. She picked it up without noticing the damage and put it in her pocket. Later when she received a text, she noticed that her phone's screen was completely wrecked (not to make a Miley Cyrus reference. She doesn't own the word).

People who drop their phones are often (not always) ungrateful. There are many people in the world who would love to have an iPhone but can't afford it. People who drop their phones often take their "expensive lifestyles" for granted, and they aren't as careful with their phones as, say, I am. Of course, I don't even like my phone so I've taken to dropping it on purpose, but that's different...

Too often I see people with giant cracks across the front of their iPhones/iPads/any device with a glass face. There are many shops willing to replace your phone face (Cellairis, etc. Usually $80-150), but they'd rather wait to get a new phone instead.

Believe it or not, I'm glad my phone has been plastic for the last 3 years of my life. This way, I can't crack its screen. That being said, plastic gets banged up/scratched easier, and doesn't look or feel as nice. Also, you can't have a plastic touch screen. (If anyone's wondering, my current phone doesn't have a touch screen. In fact, its down button is on its way to breaking. Good thing I only have $5 left on my Pay As You Go plan.)

Changing the subject...
Topic 2: Phone Numbers
It's true, I have a lot of pet peeves, and I seem to think of more of them as I go through life. Well, here's another pet peeve of mine: when people change their phone numbers because they get a new phone. Dude, can't you wait a few days for the phone company to free up your old phone number, to spare us all the trouble of changing your contact from 111-111-111 to 111-589-932-042-5721? Plus, I memorize my friends' phone numbers (by accident). Won't it be annoying to have to rememorize your number?

That being said, sometimes people can't keep their phone numbers because the phone company is being stupid, or because they're switching from TextFree to regular texting (that's me!). This sure is making me glad I never bothered to memorize my TextFree number, but I did memorize my regular phone number! Thank you Sprint for giving me an easy-to-memorize phone number! In fact, my phone number starts with the same 3 digits (not including area code) as most of my family members.

Also, sometimes people change their phone numbers (or email addresses) without telling me, and I text/email their old number/address, and when I ask them if they got my text/email, THEN they tell me about the new number. Little late, dontcha think?

Whew, that was a heated blog post!

Today is:
The 351st day of the year
14 days left in 2013
14 days until New Year's Eve
 8 days until Christmas (a week from tomorrow)
3 days until winter break (it snuck up on me!)

Makeup of the day:
Gold eyeshadow on the lid (champagne color on the inner half), bronze in the crease, light tan color below the arch of the eyebrow, dark brown eyeshadow instead of eyeliner, winged out, and I forgot to wear mascara (I've done that once before, nobody ever notices, haha). I made an effort to weather-proof it because I thought we'd be going skiing for gym. (Thanks for misinforming us, Mr. Insert-gym-teacher-name-here!)

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