Saturday, December 21, 2013

I'm Clumsy! Heels Fail

This is a pre-written post. So this all happened on Thursday. The thing is, I already had a pre-written post lined up for Thursday! So that's why this is being posted today. The reason I prewrite posts is because I write whenever I have an idea about what to write about, but I don't want to mess up my posting schedule. Okay, let's get on with this post already.

Clumsy things I did today:
  • I performed in a chorus concert today (after school), and the only black shoes I own (black on bottom, white on top concert dress code) are 3-inch heels (they're super cute. Sparkly, with a bow on the toe). Super uncomfortable. Contrary to popular belief, I dislike wearing these because of the aforementioned uncomfortable-ness. Anyway, my friend forgot something on the floor above. We went up there (it's where the boys met before the performance) and got what she needed. On the way down the 1 flight of stairs, I sort of tripped but caught myself (twice!), right in front of a bunch of boys.
    • To add to this story, when I was traveling up the (quite many) stairs from the stage (after the first half of the performance), I heard one of the boys say "Don't fall, Julia!" LOL. That's all I can say. I should probably be embarrassed. Whatever.
  • During science, we were doing an experiment, and one of the first steps was to measure out 5 mL of water, pour it into a test tube, and mass it on the electronic balance. I knocked over someone else's 5 mL of water on the balance. It got on their notebook. No pen smeared on the page though. "This is a NEW NOTEBOOK! OH my GOD. WHY did you do that?!" Um, do you think I meant to do that?
  • A couple days ago, my driveway was a complete sheet of ice (it's better now), and I slipped and fell (I was in a rush; late for the bus stop). Luckily nobody witnessed it, but I hurt my tailbone when I hit the ground.
  • I sat on the side of the coffee table, hard, by accident. I didn't know it was there. But I hurt my tailbone, again! (that was today.)
  • This may or may not have to do with clumsiness, but today since we had the chorus concert (there was an in-school one and an after-school one), I had to wear black pants to school. We're not allowed to wear yoga pants/leggings (but no matter, I don't have any, anyway, since mine have the hole in the back, as mentioned in previous blog posts), so I wore an old pair of black jeggings. They fit fine! I'm still the same size! They were just old! And guess what? I noticed right before the concert itself that there was a hole on the left thigh. Horizontal. Huge gash.
  • And we can't forget about the spilling-my-lunch-all-over-myself and ketchup-squirting incidents at lunch. Oh, and that one time I ripped a hole in the knee of a different pair of jeggings. And then a few days later, I wore the same pair, because I got a new one of the same exact thing, and I thought I was wearing the new ones, until I got to school.
  • I think I've just about had my fair share of ruining clothes.
  • Anyway, I couldn't do anything about the hole in my black jeggings. So I wore 'em anyway for the in-school concert and tried not to move my legs too much (which would make the hole more visible). For the after school concert, I could either wear my black pencil skirt with white dots and tights (tried them on, looked horrible), or my yoga pants with the hole. So I hand-sewed up the hole, and wore the yoga pants. Oh, well. Luckily, I'm a good sewer and the hole didn't pop open!
Remember, I post every other day! You can look forward to another post on Monday!

Today is:
The official start of winter break
 The 355th day of the year
10 days left in 2013
10 days until New Year's Eve
 4 days until Christmas (EEEEEE!)

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