Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Some Awkward Moments

I've compiled a list of things that make for an awkward situation. This is a collab with 11Kittens from Sparkles and Scribbles, and she's going to do the same post, and we'll compare.
  • When there's a hole in your pants and you didn't know about it
    • I.e., in the seam on the butt (this happened to me during babysitting once!) or the crotch (I've seen this happen to a teacher back in elementary school. He literally Duct taped it.)
  • If you say "balls" in a sentence in front of someone who's perverted
  • When you hold up your hand for a high five and the other person leaves you hanging (on purpose OR by accident. Both are equally awkward for you.)
  • When you high five someone back and they take away their hand and say "too slow"
  • When you're talking about something you don't want anyone else to hear and someone suddenly starts listening
    • When my friend and I (you know who you are, haha) are talking about "girl stuff" and this guy leans over the seat in front of us to listen in. A sure-fire way to get him to go away is to simply continue with the conversation. (I realized that I've said a lot of girl stuff-related comments on this blog so far. Oops.)
    • When you're talking about someone and that exact person just happens to have been right behind you the whole time.
  • When you're in the bathroom and you hear a crinkling wrapper, then adhesive unsticking, then metal clanking. It's clearly a pad/tampon. And you can even tell which it is depending on the noises. The metal noise is the mini trash can in the stall. It's worse if you run into each other on the way out of the bathroom, cause then you know who it is!
  • I know, this is straight out of a meme, but: when you open a pack of gum and suddenly 500 people are your best friends.
  • When the person next to you has B.O.
  • When you were actually paying attention in class and the teacher picks on YOU and you don't even know the answer. In this case, I just feel insulted because the teacher didn't think I was paying attention! I just have short-term memory... :)
  • When you drew something (etc.), and someone guesses the wrong thing.
    • Yesterday, for my makeup, I wore red eyeshadow in the crease, thick, winged, black eyeliner, and green eyeshadow below the wing and the lower lash line. Someone said I looked like a watermelon. (Given, I was wearing a watermelon shirt.) It was supposed to be Christmas colors.
  • When people point out flaws in my makeup.
    • Uh, hello, don't you think I spent any time looking at myself while I was doing my makeup this morning? Yes, I know, if I could've gotten my eyeliner to match up perfectly on both sides, I would've!
  • When someone gets an ugly haircut and you feel obligated to say something nice about it.
  • When you get food spilled all over you.
    • Once, someone bumped into me and spilled chocolate milk on my Uggs. And you know what? That stain never came out, and I still wear those Uggs (only in the bad weather or to swim practice) to this day.
    • Just last week, I was bending down (for what, I don't know. I wasn't even wearing lace-up shoes.) and I stupidly was holding my lunch tray (at least the chips were on the counter) and all of my Mexican chicken and cheese sauce spilled on my legs. My entire thighs were coated with yellow and red stains, not to mention grease stains. Glad I wasn't wearing my favorite jeans, and glad there's only 2 periods after lunch till the end of the day. Also, I'm lucky nobody was watching!
  • When you have nowhere to sit at lunch and you're walking around the cafeteria, table-less.
    • This happened a few times when boys tried to invade our lunch table. Uh, excuse me, but we've been sitting here, in the exact same seating formation, for one and a half years. You tell me who was here first.
  • When I'm walking up the stairs with someone else and at the top of 4 flights of stairs, I'm out of breath and she's not. Could be that I was talking too much, but unlikely.
  • When you're reading out loud in class and there's a word you don't know how to pronounce and you try to sound it out.
    • This happens pretty frequently to everyone in French, including me.
  • When your parents/sibling/friend does something weird and you have to defend them to make sure you don't look weird too.
  • When you text and friend to see if they want to hang out, and they tell you they need to consult the friend they're with first.
  • When people post pictures from a party/get together on Facebook/Instagram and you weren't invited. It gets more awkward when the loser from your homeroom gets invited.
  • When people show up in BOB'S BAR MITZVAH sweatshirts and you're the only one without one, broadcasting to the world that the Loser of the Century was invited and you weren't.
  • When your friend takes a selfie with another friend, and you know they were hanging out that day and you weren't.
Today is:
The 345th day of the year
20 days until New Year's Eve

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