Monday, December 9, 2013

It's Easier to Be a Guy

In this post, I'm going to list all the reasons/examples to prove my point that it's easier to be a guy rather than a girl.
I'm using mostly ideas produced by me, but some by my friends, based upon conversations on the bus/between periods/email.
WARNING: Awkward content.
  1. It's cheaper to be a dude. They don't have to worry about designer labels, and they need less clothes - it's weird if a girl wears the same outfit two days in a row, but if you're a guy, nobody even notices, and boys don't have bras, pads/tampons and jewelry, etc.
  2. Prime example: Boys don't get periods. There's also sub-problems that go along with this annoyance.
    • Periods are gross, and boys don't have to deal with them. So unfair.
    • You have to find the best products. This means research, asking around, and trying a lot of things. Ex. The softest pads
    • You have to purchase all of these products.
      • Amounts of a pretty big sum of money per year ($60 on average, looked it up)
      • It's awkward to ask your parents for them.
    • Guys, imagine sticking a piece of plastic up there. Just thinking about it makes you wanna throw up, doesn't it? Well imagine having the option between doing that every 5 hours (and don't forget, you could get TSS and die if you leave in your tampon for more than 8 hours) or having blood everywhere. You're welcome for the mental picture.
  3. People don't realize it, but when someone pushes past you in the hallway, your boobs take the hit. They protrude from your body, so it's a lot more likely a girl's boobs will get hit rather than a guy's balls.
    • It's okay for a guy to double over when he gets hit in the crotch, but if a girl clutches her chest after getting slammed, it's weird. How weird would it look if I were standing in the middle of the hallway, paralyzed, with my chest throbbing, after someone merely pushed past me?
  4. Boys don't need to be self-conscious or worry about their looks. Ever seen a guy wearing makeup?
  5. It takes a really long time for girls to get ready. This kind of goes with #4.
    • Picking out your outfit, doing your makeup, doing your hair, it all takes a long time. Wouldn't it be nice to wake up 45 minutes later because you don't have to do all that?
    • We don't take forever because we want to (we like to dress up sometimes, but it's a bother to do it every day).
  6. When we're older, we might have to deal with an unwanted pregnancy. The boy wouldn't be the one to have to abort/put up for adoption/keep the baby.
  7. If we were to get pregnant on purpose, there'd be tiny humans popping out of us, and we'd be throwing up all the time and getting cramps.
All this stuff (okay, most of this stuff) has to do with bearing children. Even though we'll be bearing children (if at all) in like, 20 years! And yet we have to deal with it all this extra time!
 I asked someone on the bus home from school, and he said it's easier to be a guy.
I mean, I'm sure guys have their own problems (asking girls out, being "tough"), but our problems FAR outweigh boys' problems.
Life is so unfair to us girls.

Facts of the Day:
  • 16 days until Christmas
  • 22 days until New Year's Eve
  • It's the 343rd day of this year
  • Happy birthday to Dick Butkis
  • Happy independence day to Tanganyika

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