Friday, December 13, 2013

Stories 1: Food Spillage, Water Flavoring, etc.

Food Spillage:
I do realize that I am beginning to spill food on myself often. Also it is Friday the 13th. Today at lunch, I opened my ketchup packet and squeezed on it to get the ketchup out. The ketchup squirted out instead of down and right onto my shirt. Either 11Kittens from Sparkles and Scribbles or Ooshroom commented on it, saying that it looked like I got shot in the stomach. Which, I will admit was funny.

Water Flavoring:
On the half day (we have one per month), I bought this Dasani Drops flavor enhancer (you're supposed to put it in your water, so it's concentrated artificial juice), and my brother and I tried it without water, and it is really disgusting without water. It's sour and bitter. Otherwise, it's pretty good. I have a feeling you're not supposed to use as much as we do in your water.

Book Talk:
I'm currently reading The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Connor Franta recommended it on YouTube, and I found it on the bookshelf in my English classroom, so I decided to pick it up and so far, I like it. Also, it doesn't have an embarrassing cover picture, so I can take it to school without feeling awkward. It's the story of a cancer survivor (lung cancer, stage IV, she has to drag around a cart with her oxygen tank in it, and she has tubes going into her nose, which sounds completely uncomfortable) who finds a crush and a "support group" who all have cancer (that's where she meets her crush, he has a prosthetic leg), and one of the support group members has eye tumors and is getting his eyes taken out and becomes blind.

Here's Pebbles (my cat)'s typing. She also started playing Spotify! Afterwards, she swept my Nivea Lip Butter off of the kitchen table with her tail. She's currently sitting on my lap, my little fluff ball.

Sorry if this post was a bit short, I had trouble deciding what to write about. If you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments below!

MOTD (Makeup Of The Day): thin winged eyeliner with a thin line of baby blue eyeliner on the lashline and below the wing. I usually go with thick winged eyeliner, so this was a change!

Today is:
Friday the 13th
The 347th day of the year
18 days until New Year's Eve
12 days until Christmas
HBD to "A Christmas Carol" By Charles Dickens

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