Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Stories 7: Yankee Swap Gone Wrong

Main takeaways of  this story:
  • Yankee swaps NEVER turn out well.
  • Teachers need to stop being so forceful.
What happened:
My advisory teacher forced us all to do a Yankee swap (nobody wanted to do it). Look it up if you don't know the rules. But basically, everyone buys a gift, and everyone gets a number, so when it's your turn, you can either open a new gift or steal someone else's. It was a $10 limit. So I bought this awesome BROOKSTONE phone screen wiper set thing, and everyone wanted it and it got stolen a bunch of times. And then when it got to my turn, there was a gift I wanted (portable phone charger) but I felt bad about stealing it, so I let someone else have it because she needs it more. So I opened a new gift. (everyone who "forgot" to bring theirs wrote the gift on a folded-up piece of paper) It was one of those pieces of paper. I opened it, and it said a $10 Dunkin Donuts gift card. That would have been fine! Not great, since I'd have to track that person down to get it, but ok. But then it turned out that was from said friend, and she LOST IT, so I had to take a new one. And you know what the new one was? A CHRISTMAS CARD!!!! And the kid who gave the non-present wasn't even here today so he didn't get to feel guilty about it.
You might be wondering how everyone else reacted. None of the students really cared, but my teacher? Oh, that's the best part. He said "I'm sorry." Yeah well SO AM I. Then he offered to trade me his Mad Libs. I said no, because he wanted it more than I do. But what comes next: even better! I asked if I could use my phone in advisory for a week as my Yankee swap gift, and he bargained 2 days. I said 2 and a half. He said 2. I said 2 and a quarter. Then he said 1. So now I get one day of using my phone in advisory. As if that swap could've made me feel any worse.

My feelings about the situation:
So said friend got the phone charger (which by the way is $15, way over the limit) and didn't give ANYTHING. And I GAVE something AMAZING and got NOTHING. I doubt I'm ever getting that Christmas card. Which would have been free, anyway. You can get those at THE DUMP.
I just lost $10. Might as well have flushed it down the fucking toilet. I will forever hate this kid as long as I live. It's definitely partially about my losing $10, but it's also the principle of it. I know he has the money to buy a freaking gift. He was just too lazy, and I paid the price for it. And he didn't even have to feel bad about it.
Main takeaway: Yankee swaps always end badly because
  • Someone ALWAYS forgets their gift.
  • Someone gets a HORRIBLE gift that nobody wants.
  • Someone steals a gift, and the victim gets really upset.
WHO thought this would be a good idea?? Oh right, MY ADVISORY TEACHER! So let's discuss that.

Forceful teachers:
So my advisory teacher forced us to do this swap that nobody wanted to do, and someone (ME) got stuck with a shitty present and lost $10.  You have no authority over me. You are a freaking teacher. You have no power. Step the fuck down. You are not a principal, or a vice principal, or even a head of the department okay? You can't make me do anything. In the future, I will stop this before it even happens. I will no longer be participating in things I'm forced into. I'll slap a bitch if I have to. I don't care what my advisory teacher says, next year there is NO WAY I'm being forced into this. NOOOOOOOOOOOO WAY. I'M SO MAD RIGHT NOW!!!

Why I'm mad right now:
  • I got stuck with a non-gift.
  • I lost $10 because of this.
  • I gave a wonderful gift and got a SUPER shitty one in return.
  • I was forced into this in the first place.
  • How my teacher reacted: by saying he's "sorry" but doing nothing about it (he's the adult in the room. It's his responsibility to fix it if something goes wrong.), and lowering his bargain to 1 day of using my phone in advisory. As if I really needed 8 extra minutes to use my phone. I can use my phone whenever I WANT anywhere else.
You know what? I'm MORE MAD at the teacher for forcing me into this in the first place than I am at the kid who gave me the non-gift.

My letter to that teacher:
Dear advisory teacher,
I will no longer be participating in gift swaps with the advisory because of my bad experience. I lost $10 after being forced to spend that $10 against my will. I feel that I shouldn't be forced to do this because it only gives me annoyance rather than holiday spirit. I was reluctant to participate in the first place, and then I wasted my money on the swap and I have good reason to not want to participate in the future. I do not want to waste for money on this advisory and should not be forced into it. The Yankee swap was a bad idea to begin with because someone always ends up upset, whether they got a bad gift, or no gift, or their gift was stolen. Yankee swaps never end well, and it was your responsibility to prevent things like this from happening.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Why I text people even if they don't answer

I noticed that I text people a lot, even when they don't answer.
I'm always that person who sends 5 paragraphs to their 3 words. Here's why.
This is an explanation of why I send multiple texts about something even when the recipient doesn't respond.

When something happens to me, I text someone right away to tell them about it. Usually I want to tell someone because

  • It's interesting or
  • I need to get it out
  • I need to rant about it
But it doesn't really matter who it is, because I need to tell SOMEONE (sometimes that someone is my blog... It's like my diary). Who that someone is doesn't really matter because
  • I'm not expecting any advice or a helpful response.
  • I'm actually not even looking for an answer at all.
  • If they don't answer, it probably won't even matter to me.
So how do I decide who to text?
  • Instinct. Whatever feels right (lol)
  • Whoever I texted most recently
  • Whoever I talked to/hung out with recently
  • The default is usually my group text, because I'm texting multiple people at once.
  • Someone who is a good person to talk to/rant to.
    • Friends who usually listen and agree when I rant about something
  • Someone who is non-judgemental
  • Someone who cares. I don't want to rant to someone who sits there going "k" to every paragraph I send.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Pressure to take honors.

At my school, there's an intense pressure to take honors-level classes, and to me it's a huge, disgusting, insulting problem. It hurts people.
The most remarkable thing about it is that it's not just peer pressure. It's pressure from parents and other adults too... Not to mention yourself.

Parent pressure. Parents love to brag about how smart their kid is, and one "great" way to do this is by telling people their kid takes all honors. Some parents achieve this by forcing their kids to take all honors so they can brag about it. And some parents genuinely think their kids can do it, when in reality, they're either not smart enough or don't have the time or can't handle it.

Self pressure. Sometimes I ask all-honors kids why they're doing this to themselves. "Because I want to." "Why do you want to?" Some say, "So I can get into Harvard." Honey, I hate to burst your bubble but you're not going to Harvard. Nobody's going to Harvard. Probably 1% of all-A high school students actually end up attending Harvard. You can't just have good grades. You need to have a unique cultural background, a great application, hopefully a different race, and a ridiculous amount of extracurriculars.
Others say, "I dunno." Well I know. A) Because everyone else is. B) Because you feel like you have to, or you should. But you shouldn't feel that way. You shouldn't feel like if you can you should. You shouldn't feel like you should KILL yourself to take all honors just because you can; because you're expected to, coming from a prestigious town like this one.
You have to remember: school is just a place you go every day. Then you come home, do your homework, and you have your life back. School isn't your life. Your friends, family, hobbies, and interests are your life. Don't let school take over your life. Live it while you still can! Take some ACP classes to lighten your workload so you can get your life back. It's not worth it. In the end, you won't like who you are--who you've become. You won't be yourself. You won't have a "yourself."

Judgements. Here comes the ranting part of this blog post.
It's the way that they look at me when I say "I'm taking ACP physics." The way they respond. As if they're better than me; smarter than me. I could be a fucking genius if I wanted to, but I won't let school take me over. In that respect, I'm smarter. Because I'm taking the courses that are actually right for me, and I still have a personality left, and time to learn and experience things. Time to get real life experience! I'm sick and tired of feeling stupid, lesser than everyone else because I'm not taking all honors! I'm tired of getting put down with their eyes; their words. I'm tired of being judged. I'M TIRED OF BEING TREATED LIKE AN IDIOT BECAUSE I TAKE 2 ACP CLASSES!!!
Another reason- sometimes people genuinely have learning disabilities or aren't as smart as other people, and just honestly cannot do honors classes.

Why you shouldn't give in to the pressure. As I already discussed, don't take all honors if you think it will take over your life; if you think you won't have time for anything else. Also, in a logical sense, don't take an honors class unless you think you can get an A. Getting a C in an honors class is worse for your GPA than getting a B in an ACP class. Also, (if you're really worried about that already), colleges unweight your GPA then look at the difficulty of the courses. If you're getting a C in an honors class, that's gonna look bad.

Monday, December 15, 2014

First Impression: Crest Whitestrips

Snapshot from Crest's website
I'm sure everyone reading this blog has heard of, or even used Crest Whitestrips. So had I, and I was dying to try them.

The buying story
I had decided to wait until my annual dentist appointment to use them, as I'm a swimmer and I experience some chlorine stain, which is scraped off at the dentist (but physically impossible to remove at home)--and I didn't want to whiten over it and then when it's scraped off get some weird yellow spots.
I bought them at CVS, and they happened to be $10 off that day, so I got a pack of 40 strips (20 treatments) for $46 instead of $56. I had read all the reviews, and the Professional Effects struck me as the best.

Why I boguht them
I had braces for two years, which was basically as long as I could remember (I have a bad memory...). Braces make your teeth look yellower, even though blue is supposed to make your teeth look whiter. During braces, I was always self-concious about my yellow teeth (maybe because SOMEONE pointed it out one time!)--I wasn't even insecure about my braces themselves, since I'd had them for such a long time, it didn't really bother me anymore. It was like they were part of me. I promised myself that once I got my braces off, I would whiten my teeth.
My braces, pre-whitening (duh). They were actually SUPER clean, though this picture fails to depict that
The day I got my braces off, also without ANY whitening
The first impression
Not gonna lie, I was pretty scared to try them at first. It's your TEETH. They're on your FACE. Whatever you do to them is PERMANENT. I'd heard horror stories about Whitestrips gone wrong, and messing up teeth forever. But I did it anyway, figuring I'm in too deep (already opened the box). I brushed my teeth and wiped them dry with a tissue (this wasn't on the box, but I read it on Yahoo Answers), and stuck on the strips. I was dismayed to find that the strips were too short for my mouth. They don't cover some of my back teeth--and the bottom set are even shorter. I read up on it, and apparently it's not supposed to whiten every tooth because your back teeth don't matter. (?) I waited the half hour, and when it was up I peeled them off and I was horrified at what I saw: there was a weird white spot in the corner of my left front tooth! I was so worried, I couldn't deal with it and went to sleep (but it was mid-day and I wasn't tired so I kind of just sat there staring at the ceiling). When I woke up, the white stain was faded, but still worse than pre-whitening. I always had a tiny stain there, but it was never that noticeable! So I just waited it out.
When I woke up the next morning, the stain was back to normal (or close to it), but I had an awful scare. But on the bright side, my teeth were slightly whiter!
After Day 2 of treatment. Don't be fooled by the camera, my teeth aren't THAT white in real life!
The overall review
I would give this thing 4 out of 5 stars.

  • Makes your teeth visibly whiter after only a few treatments
  • Boosts your confidence! :)
  • Only takes 30 minutes
  • It may highlight any pre-existing white spots/discoloration on your teeth
  • It's permanent... duh
  • Super expensive!
    • $56 for 20 treatments ($2.80/treatment),
    • or $46 for 14 treatments ($3.29/treatment)
  • Doesn't whiten the backs of the teeth  - not that noticeable though
Overall, yes I would recommend it.

Disclaimer: yes, I know my teeth were fine before. I just wanted a little extra whiteness.

Sunday, December 14, 2014


Victim-Blaming: A Response to Buzzfeed's "How Police and Hospitals Shut Rape Victims Down"

This reminds me of a particular plot in Veronica Mars Season 1: Veronica's rape at Shelly Pomroy's party. She investigates throughout the season and eventually finds out that she was drugged with GHB and raped by Beaver, who gave her Chlamydia by previously being raped by someone else.
But here's the kicker: when she tried to report the crime to the local sheriff, he is rude and dismissive.
                 Receptionist Inga: Veronica, what happened to you?
                 Veronica: I need to report a crime.
                 Sheriff Don Lamb: Is there anyone in particular you would like to arrest, or should I just round
                 up the sons of the most important families in town? (referring to Veronica's father accusing a town
                 celebrity of killing her best friend.) I've got not a shred of evidence to work with here, but that
                 doesn't matter to your family, does it?
                 [Veronica sheds a tear.]
                 Sheriff Lamb: Mmmm. She cries. Tell you what Veronica, why don't you go see the wizard?
This is another instance of rape victims being shut down. And, might I add, the "why don't you go see the wizard" comeback was TERRIBLE. How is that supposed to be clever?

Here's the top comment on the Buzzfeed article:
It's disappointing that rape victims face so much hate and disbelief, when all they're trying to do is make everything go back to normal.
Why would someone make up a rape story? To seek revenge for something? I think everyone has a little more common sense than that.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Room Decor

Here's a wallpaper for your phone, I took this picture last winter in the snow and it's currently my wallpaper! :)
This is going to be sort of a combined rant about why your room decor is so important, plus room decor suggestions. First things first...

Why is it so important for your room to be exactly the way you want it?
In my opinion, your room needs to be everything you want it to be, and it has to reflect you. Because your room is your sanctuary--that's your home base, your area, your quiet space. You have to love your room, and if that means everything being pink, go ahead! Decorate it so that you love everything about it, and you can't wait to go home after school. Your room also has to reflect you. It needs to be personalized. If you love cats, put up tons of cat posters. When your friends come over, your room should represent you.

My goal for my bedroom.
I focus a lot on my bedspread and pillows. My comforter has a cool design on it, and it's mainly purple with some white and gray. I like to try and incorporate it into my holiday adjustments, such as red and green throw pillows, shams (I usually make my own pillowcases for throw pillows and shams, it's cheaper and easier. I can never find good holiday pillows in stores), and blankets. For Christmas, I hung a cute blanket on the wall, I have a mini Christmas tree, and I hung ribbon all around the room.
Other than that, I have a really cute cat poster under the plexiglass on my desk, and pictures of my grandfather's doggy all around my room.

Room decor suggestions
  • Keep your room clean and organized. It looks a thousand times better that way! Try to get rid of the clutter and throw anything out that's unneeded.
  • Decorate your bed with pillows and blankets.
  • To hang a patterened blanket on the wall: use Command hooks on the wall, and instead of putting a hole in the blanket, use safety pins to hang the blanket on the hooks. My friend came up with it, genius!
  • Shag rugs are awesome for room decor. They're awfully high maintenance though.
  • Stuffed animals on the bed are cute too.
  • Framed paintings and photos are always cool.
  • Bean bag chairs are awesome too, especially if you want a soft/fuzzy theme.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Drinking Age

In 1984, Congress passed the National Minimum Drinking Age Act, which required states to raise their ages for purchase and public possession to 21 by October 1986 or lose 10% of their federal highway funds.

Seeing as I've had a lot of free time with my family recently, I've heard some interesting viewpoints on topics of discussion.
Here's some food for thought on the drinking age:
If I'm a legal adult, and I can enlist for the army or be tried as an adult, should I not be treated like an adult and have all the perks of adulthood (i.e, drinking)?
I may have slightly reworded it, but you get the idea. What my brother was saying is that if 18 year-olds are treated like an adult in some ways, they should be an adult overall. That if they can  have jury duty, they should be able to drink.
Another point on why the drinking age should be lowered:
Increasing the drinking age has not been effective in preventing college kids from drinking. There are still 21 year-olds in college, and they just pass along the alcohol.
So what do you think now?

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Why I Take So Long in the Bathroom

Sometimes I'll take forever in the bathroom, and people ask why. This post was inspired by a topic at Thanksgiving dinner: taking forever in the bathroom. Apparently it runs in the family.
I can't speak for anyone else, but here's my two main reasons:

  • It's alone time. Sometimes I need a break from hanging out with friends or classes.
  • I like to take my time. Why rush when I don't have to?
The second reason is pretty self-explanatory. But as for the first reason, if you're not like me you might be wondering why I need so much alone time.
Well, I don't really need that much alone time, I just need a few minutes every once in a while. Here's my thought process:
  1. Okay, I'm already here, now I'm done, what am I gonna do now?
  2. I don't want to leave yet.
  3. Leaving means going back to class and my brain is full for the day.
  4. *sigh* I'm so tired. And school is so boring.
  5. Okay, I guess I should go back now. *washes hands and walks back as slowly as possible*

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Pro-choice or pro-life?
I was discussing this on a girls' forum app, and some great points were brought up.

  • "If you call yourself pro life should you not be pro-life to every living creature on this planet? If you're not than that's very hypocritical. You're simply pro-fetus and that's fine, but don't preach to people who are pro-choice about how cruel and heartless we are."
  • "I don't believe people should be using abortion as a method of birth control, but I also don't believe abortion should be banned altogether."
  • "I believe that abortion is wrong, but I don't think it should be illegal. The government has no right telling someone what to do or not to do with their bodies."
  • "Our population is growing wildly and we don't need any more humans."
  • "I'd rather the baby not be born than risk having a life of poverty, etc."
  • "Putting the baby up for adoption isn't completely safe. Some adopted parents abuse their children, or they never get adopted."
  • "The baby isn't alive yet, so you aren't taking a life. The baby doesn't have feelings, so it couldn't decide for itself to live or not."
  • "Promote other options, like adoption."
  • "Animals are here for eating. They don't apply to abortion.
  • "A baby shouldn't have to die because of someone else's mistakes."
  • "Who am I to judge our population?"
  • "The baby may be alive, depending on how far in the pregnancy you are."
So I think it's obvious that I'm pro-choice. What are you?

Sunday, November 23, 2014

My Pinterest account!

Follow Julia's board Earrings on Pinterest.

That's my "Earrings" board on Pinterest. I found so many cute/artsy earrings on Pinterest, and I even found tons of cat earrings! Aren't they adorable?
I have a post on my Ear Piercing Horror Story, which was the first time I got my ears pierced.
I just wanted to show you my adorable Pinterest board.

Rejecting Suggestions

I hate it when you're I'm editing someone's paper and they act like their paper is perfect and reject all my suggestions.
  • Don't you want to improve your paper? Don't you want my help? Because if you don't, I'll gladly go get a cup of hot cocoa from the cafeteria instead. Just let me know.
  • Beause I'm over here asking if you think my paper is okay and you're shooting out suggestions like a machine gun, as if my paper sucks and is in need of tons of improvement, and your paper is perfect as it is?
  • It bugs the crap out of me because they're acting like they're so superior, even though I'm just trying to edit their paper! If you don't want me to edit your paper, just let me know!
  • Because let me tell you something. My spelling is 1000x better than yours so SHUT UP.
  • And the worst thing is when they spell something wrong and don't believe that they're wrong. HELLO, look it up! I know how to spell.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Asking for Favors

I despise asking people for favors. I have two main reasons.

  1. I am shy. It's difficult for me to talk to people in the first place, so asking them to do stuff for me is even worse.
  2. It makes me feel weak, like I need that person. I don't like being dependent on someone. I want to be independent and self-sufficient.
However, I do like being asked for a favor because it makes me feel needed.
So I want other people to need me, but I don't want to need other people.
I guess I just like to fend for myself. Not have to need anyone else. That's why I hate group projects. I'd rather just do it all myself, so nobody will argue with me and I can get credit for everything.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

How to be a good person.

This might seem a little stupid. For example, when someone says, "Just be nice!" it sounds pretty self-explanatory. However, a lot of people (myself included) struggle with this day to day.
Disclaimer: I'm not an expert or anything, and I'm not always nice. But when I am nice, this is how.

  1. When friends get in an argument, don't take sides. Try to be neutral and unbiased. This way, neither friend will get mad at you.
  2. Disagree gently. If you disagree with something someone says, insetad of saying "you're wrong! This is the right answer," say "I think the answer is this, but that makes sense too." Or "I understand where you're coming from, but I think that..."
  3. Be polite.
  4. Just be nice, in the classic sense. Pick up people's pens for them, hold doors for them, help them with things, etc.
  5. Don't act superior to other people (even if you think you are). This makes you appear vain and mean.
  6. Avoid drama. Yeah I don't follow this one. You should avoid drama as in "but Becky said this!" but if your friend did something that upset you, let them know without making a big deal out of it.
  7. Don't make a mountain out of an anthill. There's no reason to blow issues out of proportion. If you do want to mention something to your friend, don't make it a bigger problem than it has to be.
  8. Don't be stubborn. Just because you're nice doesn't mean you have to be a pushover, that's true, but it definitely doesn't mean you have to be stubborn to protect yourself from people being mean to you. Being stubborn is NOT a route to becoming a nice person.
  9. Don't gossip. It's impossible, so I suggest you ignore this one.

Calling People Ugly

I have a few main reasons why I think it's wrong for someone to call another person "ugly." It really bugs me when I hear someone say someone else is ugly, because of these reasons.
Disclaimer: nobody has directly called my ugly to my face recently. I'm just using myself as an example.

1 - Nobody is ugly.
It's true. I agree, some people reeeeeally need to pluck their eyebrows--and if they did, they'd be a lot prettier. Or if they weren't wearing orange lipstick and the wrong shade of foundation, that would help too. But as for the big picture, if you can ignore that stuff, everyone is pretty. I never look at someone and say, "wow, she's ugly." I do look at someone and say "wow she needs to pluck her eyebrows" but that's another topic for another day.

2 - Who are you to judge that?
As if you're perfect yourself? Who are you to tell me how pretty or not pretty I am? Did I ask you? No, didn't think so.

3 - It's not a fact.
Everyone sees beauty differently. Someone who you might think is "ugly," someone else might think they're gorgeous. People say "she's ugly" as if it's a fact. But really, beauty is not black and white. It's not like math, where 2+2 always equals 4.

4 - They're getting hung up on one feature.
I'm sorry if I have a little acne, so shoot me! I'm sorry if I have a big nose. I got news for you, it's too big for me too. But that doesn't make me ugly. Clearly you're looking at one feature, when there are other things about me that are better.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

First Impression: Maybelline Brow Drama

Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara
in Soft Brown

As soon as I saw this in my November Teen Vogue, I instantly knew I had to have it. I've always been dying for the Benefit tinted brow gel, but it's $30 so I decided against it. But now that there's a Maybelline dupe for $8, hell yeah I got it.

(the pictures look weird because they're taken from the side to get a more accurate representation of what they look like.)

(sorry, the lighting is different so my face looks more pink than yellow. It's just the lighting, I promise.)

Okay, so here's the meat of the review. I'll tell you what I like about it and what I don't.


  • It gives a more natural look. If you're looking for a more refined look, I recommend brow pencil. If you want something in between, try brow powder.
  • It is a LOT less time consuming. Seriously, it took me maybe 1 minute to do and then I was done. I usually spend up to 15 minutes on my eyebrows in the morning with brow powder, trying to get the shape just right, which is detrimental to my morning routine. I miss the bus on a weekly basis.
  • It has a multi purpose. It tints your eyebrows (changes the color), makes them appear fuller, and keeps the hairs from going all over the place.
  • You need to clean up the edges with a Q-tip and liquid makeup remover, because the gel gets on other smaller hairs that I missed during plucking but I don't necessarily want to highlight by covering them in tinted gel.
  • You better get the shape right when you're plucking, because filling them in with this method won't put color in places where you actually have no hair. But you can always go in with a brow powder at the end if you want.
  • It makes your eyebrows hard, as if you were using cheap hairspray on them. However, that's why they stay in place. With brow powder or pencil, you have the option to not use clear brow gel on top, to keep them soft and realistic.
  • It wasn't true to color. The color is called "soft brown" and on the package, it looks like it would be perfect for dirty blondes, but I'm dirty blonde/brunette and it's a little dark.
  • It only comes in 3 shades. If you're a redhead or have black hair, good luck to you.

  • Would I recommend it to a friend? Yes, definitely! I have this friend who always complains about how light her eyebrows are (in color), and this would be perfect for her.
  • Are you going to use it every day? YES. It will be an awesome time saver.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Makeup Favorites

I may be mostly off makeup right now, but that doesn't mean I dont remember everything ;) it's like riding a bike, once you do it again, it comes right back.
Also, most of these things are from the drugstore, so you can find them too :) really though, I just can't afford all that fancy stuff, and who's gonna take me to the mall all the time?
I made a post last February about Lead in Makeup.


  1. Face primer: Almay Smart Shade Perfect & Correct Primer
    • It doesn't actually perfect or correct, but it primes!
  2. Pore-hiding primer: Baby Skin by Maybelline
    • Beware, it might feel a little greasy at first. If you have oily skin, this may not be for you.
  3. Moisturizer: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion +
    • It's definitely an investment--it's $30 a bottle--but it has seriously lasted me YEARS, and it's an awesome moisturizer. 10/10 would recommend.
  4. Bronzer: Maybelline Fit Me Bronzer
    • This is probably too orange to use for contouring, but if you buy a darker shade, it should be fine. It's a little sparkly for some people, but I kinda like that for a bronzer.
  5. Highlighter: Revlon PhotoReady Sculpting Blush Palette
    • I really wouldn't recommend the bronzer, the blush is a little too bright pink, but the highlighter is good. It's also sparkly. It brings light to the high points on your face, and it doubles as an awesome sheer sparkly white eyeshadow!
  6. Blush: I don't really have an established brand of blush that I prefer, but I like darker blushes because I feel like they sculpt my face instead of just adding color. Also, sometimes I feel like a bright pink blush is just too much.
  7. BB cream: Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream
    • I love this because it gives sheer coverage, and doesn't have the heavy feeling of foundation.
  8. Foundation: Covergirl Clean (sensitive skin) Foundation
    • It smells a little yucky (always has... I've had it since sixth grade O_O), but aside from that, it has good coverage (but not too much) and doesn't feel TOO greasy or heavy.
  9. Powder: Maybelline Fit Me Powder
    • Has some coverage, is buildable, and is just a great product. I have repurchased it!
  1. Powder: NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder
    • I just repurchased this today! It comes with a gel too, which is a plus. It might need to be paired with a brow pencil if you want precise lines, because it can come out sheer.
    • Tip: You can use a matte brown eyeshadow instead. Never use black, even if your hair is black! Go for a dark brown :)
  2. Pencil: Covergirl Brow & Eye Makers
    • I just bought this today, actually. Previously, I just stayed away from pencils because they were always too orange or too dark, but I found this one today and I love it! You might have to go over an area a few times to get a good color, but that's okay because it means it will never come out too dark or too harsh.
  3. Gel: it doesn't really matter which gel you get, they're all basically the same. You can also use clear mascara. Lately I've been using the Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara or the Sonia Kashuk for Target clear brow gel. I've never used a tinted one, actually, because there aren't any at the drugstore. I'm super excited for the new Maybelline one to come out! I'll buy it right away!
  4. Tweezers: Tweezerman
    • These are super expensive. But if your hairs grow back very quickly like mine, you need one that will work and won't dull quickly. Also, they have a lifetime guarantee, so if they get dull, you can send them in to get sharpened!
  1. Gloss: Clinique Superbalm
    • It's super moisturizing! And really smooth. And awesomely shiny.
  2. Gloss #2: Clinique Long Last Glosswear in Kissyfit
    • The gloss itself isn't particularly great, in fact it's pretty sticky. However, the color is amazing! It's a hot pink, without looking too sixth-grade, and it has beautiful gold specks of glitter.
    • (Note: I love Clinique lip products, but I'm not a fan of their eyeshadows, which are too sheer.)
  3. Lipstick: L'Oreal Paris (in gold tube)
    • This lipstick is smooth and moisturizing without sliding right off. I got it in a pretty orangey berry color (called Blushing Berry), which makes my teeth look a little yellow but it's worth it ;)
  4. Lip balm: Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose Kiss
    • I love these lip butters--they're not too waxy, and they stay on a long time. Plus, the Raspberry Rose Kiss flavor smells AMAZING, and the other flavors are kind of ick.
  1. Neutrals palette: Nude 'Tude by The Balm
    • These shadows are creamy, and the colors are great!!! Unfortunately, I got it in a Walgreen's in another state, so you might not be able to find it. I looked it up, and their website looks a little sketchy... Dunno if I'd buy anything from there...
  2. Eyeshadows in general: Urban Decay, it's a department store brand. You can find it at Sephora. Super expensive of course.
  3. NO: I don't like Maybelline or NYX for eyeshadows. The colors are too sheer, and the sparkle colors are JUST glitter and no actual eyeshadow. For the record, I'm not a fan of Maybelline's The Nudes palette.
  4. Eyeshadow primer: NYX HD Eyeshadow Base
  5. Eyeshadow base (colored): NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils
    • Make sure you blend them in before putting eyeshadows on top! The eyeshadows won't budge after that, so goodbye post-base blending.
  6. Liquid eyeliner: Revlon Colorstay
    1. This eyeliner has the perfect tapered marker tip I've ever seen. It's wonderful. The color is a little sheer though.
  7. Pencil eyeliner: MAC Technakohl Liner
    • Sorry, this is an expensive one. It's super creamy and blendable and I love it. I also like the Smashbox Waterproof Liners.
  8. Mascara: Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara
    • This mascara makes my eyes look super round and it's wonderful.
Sorry if this was boring...

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Personal Hygiene

This is a topic that I am very passionate about. One of my friends calls me a "hygiene freak," which is funny because I never even told anyone else about this aspect of my personality. I'm not sure if my friends know this about me... Awk, cause they're finding out through my blog.
I am particularly concerned about oral hygiene, and I'll tell you why.

Oral hygiene
If you read my last post, you know that ever since I got my braces off, I've been wearing a retainer. I find this quite disgusting for a number of reasons.

  • They get plaque on them throughout the day, even if I'm not eating anything whatsoever.
  • If there's food in my teeth--my molars in particular--it gets trapped in there, and when I take it out, the food is ON IT. Ewwwwww
  • The plaque is hard to get off, so I never feel like it's 100% clean.
  • I can't get the plaque off while I'm out, at school or elsewhere, so I have to put the smelly retainer BACK IN my mouth.
    • People who have metal wire retainers won't know what I'm talking about with all this plaque and smelliness, because the plastic retainer does this a lot more than the metal.
And that was just retainers, not even oral hygiene in general. I think oral hygiene in general is important because:
  • I find having plaque on my (or anyone else's) teeth gross.
    • You can scratch it off with your fingernail. That's sooooo gross.
    • It's visible.
    • You probably end up swallowing a lot of it.
    • If you brushed more, this wouldn't happen. What does that say about your oral hygiene?
  • When I floss, plaque comes out. It's actually very satisfying, after having braces for 2 years.
  • I just feel so much cleaner when my teeth and mouth are clean.
  • I am paranoid about having bad breath. I bring mint gum wherever I go. I ran out of Listerine PocketPaks strips. If you brush your teeth (and tongue) regularly, you will have better breath.
  • Your gums get stronger if you brush and floss more. That way, it won't hurt next time you decide to floss. And your dentist will be happy!
Yeah, so in general, it's just gross to have bad oral hygiene.

Hygiene Otherwise
Hygiene in general is very important. Don't smother yourself in Axe please. Just shower.
  • You don't want to be sweaty and smell bad, and it's so easy to shower and use deodorant.
  • Wash your hands after going to the bathroom. Bacteria.
  • Wash your hands after cleaning the litter box. There's germs in there that will ACTUALLY get you sick, especially if you're pregnant. (Or so I learned from The Princess Diaries...)
  • grossssssssssss just shower plz
  • Prickly, unshaved legs are very annoying. The ends of the hair is sharp and stabs me if I don't shave.
  • I can't stand having armpit stubble. That's just no.

Okay, hope you enjoyed this post! Bye!

Monday, October 13, 2014

10 Cute Lame Halloween Costume Ideas

I wrote  this in August. (insert embarrassed emoji here)
It's never too early to think about your Halloween costume. I would say something like "since Halloween is just around the corner..." but actually it's 2 months away so... Whatever! It's the next holiday coming up so naturally, I'm excited in advance.
Here are some cute yet lame (which is code for easy and simple) Halloween costume ideas for people who are lazy.

1. Goth girl
This is probably the easiest of the bunch, and it's probably what I'm going to do. This costume doesn't require any buying of new things, which is the best part! (Unless you don't have black lipstick. In that case, I guess you would have to buy it. You could just use eyeliner instead.)
  1. Just wear all black, paint your nails black, wear black eyeshadow (this is a good chance to experiment with a dark smoky eye!), and black lipstick. And be sure to forget the blush!
  2. To amp up the adorableness, you can wear a high waisted black lace circle skirt, a black tank top tucked in, black knee high socks, Converse, and some sort of necklace. If it's cold that night,you can wear a black blazer or cartigan too.
2. Cowgirl
Just wear a plaid button-up flannel, light wash jeans, cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat. To make it sluttier, you can tie the flannel at the waist and expose your tummy.

3. Thing 1, Thing 2, and Thing 3
You can do this one with your friends! I did, 2 years ago.
  1. Just take any red long sleeved red shirt, and tape on a circular piece of paper with the Thing 1/2/3 logo on it. If you want to go for a more put-together look, you can do this with fabric and sew it on.
  2. With this, wear red pants and red Converse, Vans, or Keds.
  3. To make it cuter, you could put the Thing 1/2/3 logo higher up on a red tank top instead (or even stick with a short sleeved T-shirt) and tuck it into a red skirt. Wear it with red tights if you want to go all-out.
4. Black or gray cat
Classic one!
  1. Wear a black/gray skirt, and a black/gray tank top. Buy some cat ears at Claire's (they do sell them once it gets close enough to Halloween), and wear them.
  2. Wear a black skirt, or do what I did last year--I was a cat and I have this white skirt with black cat faces on it from H&M that I wore.
5. Vampire
If you watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel, that's where I got the idea... No, actually that's where my friend got the idea.
  1. If you want to be REALLY lame, you can just be a normal person with pale skin (use a too-light foundation) and wear dark clothes. In Buffy and Angel, vampires just look like normal people before they turn.
  2. If you want to go all out, you can be a turned vampire with the wrinkly face and sharp teeth.
  3. For the sharp teeth, you can use these AWESOME fangs that you actually glue onto your teeth! I bet you could find better ones elsewhere.
    • http://www.partycity.com/product/vampire+fangs.do?from=Search&navSet=fangs&bypass_redirect=1
6. Fairy

  1. Use last year's prom dress or just a tank top with a frilly pink tutu, pink tights, a homemade wand (a painted chopstick with a pipe cleaner bent into a star shape glued on), lots of sparkles, and pink heels.
  2. And curly hair, too!
  3. And of course, don't forget the wings. They sell these at a lot of party stores and Halloween stores.

7. Pin-up girl
This look takes work to find the right outfit, but it's worth it because the end result will be amazing! Look up "pin up girl" for more outfits.
A pin-up girl is basically a vintage glam girl (in the words of my friend).

  1. You can wear any crop top with a sweetheart neckline and halter top straps, with a high waisted skirt (doesn't matter what style, could be pencil, circle, etc.), or dark wash high waisted shorts. If you have a dress with this kind of top, it will work even better.
  2. In outfits with a dress or skirt, you can add a wide belt for a more dramatic look.
  3. Be sure to wear heels with this look.
  4. Curl your hair or put it in a cute updo.

8. Elsa from Frozen
I'm guessing this will be a popular one this year!

  1. Find a light blue (preferably sparkly) strapless dress, and wear a sheer white shirt under it.
  2. Use sparkly blue and royal purple eyeshadow colors.
  3. Dye your hair platinum blonde if possible, and duplicate Elsa's French braid.
9. Anna from Frozen

  1. Use minimal makeup.
  2. Do pigtails in your hair.
  3. Wear something that resembles Anna's outfit.
    10. Olaf from Frozen

    1. Wear white, and put black "buttons" on your shirt.
    2. Use orange face paint, eyeshadow, or lipstick (if you have it?!) to color your nose orange.

    Comparison: Clear vs. Metal Retainers

    Also known as "invisalign retainer", which it's not the same company, or the official name is Essix.
    For this one, people usually call it the"metal wire retainer" or the official name is Hawley.

    I have both kinds of retainers. My top retainer is Essix, and my bottom one is Hawley. I don't know why my orthodontist did that. My Hawley retainer is blue on the inside. :)
    Here's mine, they're CLEAN, relax!

    Hawley Retainers

    • Pro: You get to choose the color of the inside (most likely, nobody will see it when it's in your mouth). They have sparkly colors, rainbow, normal colors, and a boring pink that's suppposed to match your gums.
    • Pro: They don't smell as much (ewwww sorrry), because they don't catch as much plaque or whatever.
    • Pro: They're easier to clean. You can just brush it with your toothbrush and toothpaste.
    • Pro: They're sturdier and harder to break.
    • Pro: They don't cover your teeth entirely, so if there's anything in your teeth, you have a chance of picking it out.
    • Con: There's more plastic on the roof/bottom of your mouth, which is
      • uncomfortable, annoying, and itchy
      • and can give you a lisp until (if ever) you get used to it and learn how to talk right.
    • Con: The plastic is REALLY THICK. If you have a small mouth like me, it takes up a lot of room!
    • Con: You can lift it up and even take it out with your tongue, and if you're constantly lifting it up, it's never on your teeth, therefore it's not helping and you might as well not wear it anyway. My orthodontist specifically said not to take it out with my tongue, so oops.
    • Con: There's a visible metal line across all your teeth.
    • Con: There's some room for relapse (tooth movement, such as overlapping or becoming crooked) because it doesn't keep each individual tooth in place.
    Essix Retainers
    • Pro: There's no plastic on the roof/bottom of your mouth, so it's
      • more comfortable
      • less itchy
    • Pro: It's clear, so nobody can tell you're wearing it (unless they're up REALLY close or they have one too and know what it looks like. For example, I can tell if I really look at someone if they're wearing a clear retainer/Invisalign or not). After getting your braces off, you will want to look metal-free.
    • Pro: It keeps each individual tooth EXACTLY the way they were when your braces came off because the plastic is molded to fit each tooth perfectly. Which makes me feel more secure.
    • Pro: The plastic is pretty thick, so it's not AS easy to break as it could be.
    • Pro: I can't take it out with your tongue, so I'm not tempted to.
    • Con: It's not as sturdy, and someone I know put it in her pocket and it snapped in half.
    • Con: The plastic is pretty thick, so it takes up a decent amount of space in your mouth.
    • Con: They smell more, because it catches more plaque/whatever because the plastic is more porous (I read that online).
    • Con: It's harder to clean. There's so many "don'ts" about how to clean a clean retainer. They say "don't brush it with your toothbrush and toothpaste, don't soak it in mouthwash, don't wash it with hot water", so how ARE you supposed to clean it?! They say to clean it with denture cleaner or DIP it in mouthwash. Like COME ON, there's actual GROSS PLAQUE on it and you think dipping it in mouthwash is going to magically make it come off? Yeah no. I brush it with my toothbrush anyway.
      • They say not to brush it with your toothbrush because it makes little scratches in it and over time, supposedly that will make it turn cloudy clear. I just use a softer-bristled toothbrush.

    So which do I like better?  The clear retainer! It's far more comfortable and less itchy and I'm not tempted to take it out all the time with my tongue because I can't. I'm actually trying to get the clear one for the bottom if I can.

    Thursday, October 2, 2014


    I'm actually pre-wrote this because I didn't want to post it and make my friends suspicious of me getting my braces off because I didn't tell them prior to getting them off.

    So, I'm sure you've already heard about tons of stuff about braces. But I'll tell you what you didn't know. ...Or maybe you did know. Either way, here we go.

    • How braces work.
      • The wire is a special kind of wire (not the kind you use for jewelry making or whatever) that when it gets to body temperature, it warms up and tries to straighten out, pulling your teeth along with it. The colored bands just hold the wire to the brackets.
    • What you can and can't eat.
      • You can eat basically anything. The ONLY thing I avoid is Cliff bars. I love Cliff bars, but I've eaten two with braces, and both times, I broke my chain. A chain is the colored thing that connects all of your brackets. I've had a chain and no chain, and I found that I need to be more careful with avoiding certain foods if I have a chain, because it breaks more easily. But other than that, I can basically eat anything. Just be aware that certain foods will be harder to get out of your braces than others. Popcorn is particularly hard to get out of your braces, because of the kernel shells that get stuck under brackets. But that doesn't mean you can't eat it.

    • Tips I recommend carrying around floss, those things (pictured on left - your orthodontist will probably give you some, if not, you can find them at the grocery store in the toothpaste aisle), and Colgate Wisps (mini toothbrushes with built-in toothpaste) in case you get anything stuck in your braces.

    • How you can avoid getting those white spots on your teeth
      • Just brush your teeth, and brush them well. Those spots are caused by leaving plaque on your teeth, which causes a white stain surrounding where the bracket was. So if you prevent plaque by brushing your teeth, you should be fine. My guess is that orthodontists just want to scare you into brushing your teeth, and this only happens to 2% of people with braces.
    • The white spots aren't always from braces.
      • So don't make assumptions! One of my teeth has a white spot, and it's not from braces. It was there before. Same story with one of my friends, but she has more of them. The white spots that were caused by not brushing with braces look more like there's white surrounding an invisible square.
    • Are braces really that bad?
      • Someone asked me that recently. No. They're actually fine. I once heard someone say they wished they had braces because "they're like jewelry for your teeth."
    • Braces or Invisalign?
      • I say braces, because it's cheaper and FAR less time consuming. However, it's really a case-by-case thing, so if you're given an option, I would say braces.
    • How long I had my braces
      • 2 and a quarter years.
    • Worst part of braces for me?
      • I had a 100% overbite when I started braces, so I had a lot of extra stuff done to my teeth, which is what was the worst. I had turbos, which are pieces of cement that go under your two front teeth if you have an overbite to prevent you from biting down on your braces. Those were bad because it was just frustrating not to be able to bite down all the way. It made it harder to chew, because my back teeth were about a centimeter apart when I bit down.
      • Also, I had springs for a while instead of elastics because the elastics weren't effective enough, and the springs cut my mouth a lot.
      • Also, mouth cutting in general was annoying. Sometimes there were sharp parts that cut my mouth. It's definitely manageable though, nothing too painful.
    • Retainers
      • Right after you get your braces off, they tell you that you're in for a lifetime of retainer wearing. It's quite a downer after you're all excited about getting your braces off.
      • I got a clear (Essix) retainer for my top teeth and I'm going to be getting a metal wire (Hawley) retainer for my bottom teeth. I might write a blog post comparing the two. I'm going to have to wear them for 4 months all day and all night, then just at night. If after 4 months, my front teeth start to gap, I'm going to get a permanent retainer just behind those teeth, which is a metal wire that's bonded to the backs of the teeth to keep them in place. So maybe I'll end up with all 3 types of retainers! But anyway, the clear retainer is really annoying and I always feel the need to take it out because it's plastic in my mouth and it feels weird and super frustrating. It also makes my teeth feel a lot thicker. I haven't gotten my metal wire retainer yet.

    Thursday, September 18, 2014

    7 Halloween Decor Ideas!

    I know, I keep saying I'm going to do a blog post on this, because I made most of these about a week ago, but I just haven't had time. If you don't believe me, I actually didn't have time. Okay?
    There were supposed to be some creepy Halloween ideas and some cute ones, but I couldn't think of any more cute ones, so they're mostly creepy.

    Halloween Themed Shams
    If you don't know what a sham is, it's a fancy pillow for when you make your bed (and you don't sleep on it). These fancy pillows have removable pillowcases. I was planning on making throw pillows, but why not use shams since the pillows are already pre-made and pre-stuffed?
    For the blue pillow, I took some Halloween patterened fabric that I happened to have on hand, and basically replicated the white sham pillowcase I had on it before. I don't think you need me to explain it.
    For the second pillowcase, I replicated the pillowcase it previously had. I did the folded over back. The previous pillowcase was too big, and I guess I didn't make mine small enough, so it's a little loose at the bottom and top. It's hard to tell, but the fabric has leaves on it and is dotted/ombre orange. It's the perfect universal fall fabric!

    Random Blankets
    If you have any fall-themed blankets, you can either frame them and hang it up, fold them and put it on your bed like I did (shown above), or hang them on something. I decided to fold mine because I felt like I needed some color on the front side of the bed.

    Scattered Stuffed Animals
    I know, it seems a little juvenile. But I thought it added a cute childish touch to my room. Also, I have a lot of old Halloween stufffed animals and I needed somewhere to display them. So, I scattered them randomly around my room.

    Jar of Eyeballs
    All I did was paint some balls white (for some of them, I used white Model Magic so I didn't even have to paint them white), then paint a blue circle on them (I picked blue because that's the universal Halloween eyeball color), then paint the pupil as a smaller black circle on top, and then paint the red veins. Then, I threw them in an old pickle jar and arranged it with a spooky-looking beaker and some candles (I turned the labels so you can't see them).

    Specimen Jar
    All you really have to do is find a jar, and find something spooky-looking to put in it, then make the water murky and red (dirty and bloody). To do this, I added some red food coloring, and add some instant coffee to make it brown/murky. For my specimen, I used a clump of pillow stuffing (I got it at a fabric store a few years ago, it was just what I had lying around) and submerged it into water. I got the white stuff on top by adding some acrylic paint. It's up to you to guess what's in there! I was thinking something along the lines of brains. I used an old jam jar, but mason jars will also work beautifully.

    Hanging Spiders
    To make these hanging spiders, I took a pom-pom and glued on the bent legs made of pipe cleaners. I waited for it to dry, then threaded friendship bracelet string through a sewing needle (which was no easy feat, I assure you! I ended up splitting the mini strings inside the string, wetting it, and then threading each half through). I tied a triple-knot at the bottom, and pulled through. I taped the top of the string to my ceiling next to my ceiling light.

    Store-Bought Decorations
    We can all be lazy. I know I'm lazy. I was particularly lazy last year, when I bought these bat lights. I got them for $15 at CVS (they have them this year too, I checked). I know, it's a rip off, but clearly I didn't realize that then. Anyway, you can always just buy decorations. Nobody will think any less of you for buying Halloween decorations. You can get plastic skeletons with incorrect/simplified bone structure (we learned about that in science last year), smaller plastic spiders, gourds and pumpkins, you name it. You can buy lots of stuff you can't make (and vise versa). So I sugguest you do a combination of buying and DIYing.

    Monday, September 8, 2014

    Real Life Conditional Statements

    Sounds boring, I'm aware of that. It's basically applying math to English. We're doing this thing in math where you turn a conditional statement (a-->b form, a being the hypothesis and b being the conclusion) into another kind of statement. For example, the converse is b-->a form, the inverse is ~a-->~b form (~ meaning "negative" or "the opposite of"), and the contrapositive is ~b-->~a.
    Now that's basically all you need to know, you can just skip the part in italics if you don't care. It's just more info to help you better understand this math thing. All you really need to know is that I used a math technique to make modern references.
    The conditional of a given statement has the same meaning as the contrapositive.
    The converse of a given statement has the same meaning as the inverse.
    These are usually in "if-then" format, or you can use "disguises" to make them look different but mean the same thing. A biconditional statement is in "if and only if" form and combines all 4 forms.
    Now that you know all those useless math words, I'll tell you some modern examples of how you can use this, because I came up with a few that I thought were pretty funny.
    • You erase if and only if you made a mistake. (biconditional)
      • If you make a mistake, then you erase. (converse/conditional)
      • If you erase, you made a mistake. (converse/conditional)
      • You erase every time you make a mistake. (converse/conditional)
      • You erase only if you make a mistake. (converse/conditional)
    • You take a selfie if and only if your hair looks good. (biconditional)
      • If you take a selfie, then your hair looks good. (converse/conditional)
      • If your hair looks good, then you take a selfie. (converse/conditional)
      • If your hair looks bad, then you don't take a selfie. (inverse/contrapositive)
    • You eat chicken pot pie only if you're not a vegetarian. (conditional)
      • If you eat chicken pot pie, then you're not a vegetarian. (same meaning)
      • If you're a vegetarian, then you don't eat chicken pot pie. (contrapositive)
    • If you like cats, then you are cool. (conditional)
      • If you are cool, then you like cats. (converse)
      • You are cool only if you like cats. (conditional)
    • If you use the word "rager," then you have Yik Yak. (conditional)
    • If you don't do summer reading, then you are lazy. (conditional)
    • If you don't eat doughnuts, then you will be skinny. (conditional)
    • If William and Kate have another baby, then they have a nanny or ten. (conditional)

    Thursday, August 28, 2014

    First Impression: High School

    As you know, summer has come to a close and school has started. As you also know, I'm starting high school this year. So I decided to make a review about it! I'm serious. I'm writing these day by day, at the end of each day.

    Day One
    This was sort of a fake day. We just met each teacher for about 20 minutes. I have one horrible teacher, two good teachers, and two neutral teachers (as far as core classes are concerned).
    Things I liked:
    • The schedule is different every day, so you're not doing the same thing over and over again every single day.
    • You can use your phone at lunch, between classes, and whenever you're not in class.
    • You sometimes get a free period first block, so you can sleep in a little sometimes.
    • You can drop a study hall if it's at the beginning or end of the day, and just have a free period.
    • The school is bigger, nicer, and the classrooms are a bit more organized in location/placement.
    • It was pretty easy to navigate because the location of classrooms is a little more organized. I haven't gotten lost (yet).
    • You get to carry your backpack, so all the stuff you need is right there with you all the time.
    Things I didn't like:
    • We only have 23 minutes of lunch, so you only get to wait in line for 10 minutes then stuff your face with food. Little or no time for gossiping, chatting, or going to the bathroom.
    • Teachers started class before the bell. Every teacher did this! So if you came in right at the bell, you would have missed some of what the teacher said.
    • There was NO time to go to the bathroom. I ended up going between lunch and my next "class", because the two places were nearby enough so that I didn't need much travel time. If you went during a class, you would miss stuff and it would look weird if you brought your bag (what if you needed something from in there? Like lipgloss or... other things?!).
    • There's a lot of stairs.
    • My back and shoulders hurt by the end of the day, because I had brought all my binders everywhere (nobody really uses the lockers). Also, my backpack rubs on my arm which hurts.
    • My locker is very inconviently placed. It's at the VERY end of a far hallway.
    • Due to the "no time for anything" thing, I also never got a chance to use my phone, especially not at 23-minute lunch.
    • I have no classes with any of my friends. Well, I actually have a couple study halls with one of my friends. However, this gives me a good opportunity to branch out and make new friends.
    Day Two
    I had a bad day. Some of the bad things that happened to me were:
    • I had no friends in my lunch, so I ended up sitting with two people I didn't really like.
    • In math, I sat next to this teacher's pet type guy I knew from my elementary school. By choice.
    • One of the people I was planning on becoming friends with doesn't look like she wants to be friends with me. I sat next to her in that class, and she didn't really talk to me. I'm hoping she's just shy and will warm up to me, like I would with her.
    • My physics teacher is known school-wide for being a horrible teacher.
    • Lunch is still way too short. I noticed that people were leaving and new people were coming in like 10 minutes early.
    • Two of my friends sat together on the bus ride home, while I sat in misery next to someone else. I didn't even get to sit with my regular bus buddy (one of the two friends) in the morning because she had a free period first block and didn't ride the bus.
    • Nobody who mattered to me (friends) saw the shirt I was wearing. I was wearing my Pink Floyd shirt, and it just made me very sad that nobody got to see it.
    • I'm basically all alone all day.
    • Me and another girl got kicked out of a lunch table in the morning. Some girl came over and said, "Just so you guys know, this is a seniors' table." Then we started getting up to go, and she said, "No no, you don't have to move." So why did she even tell us?? We left anyway.
    • I recieved a giant, heavy math textbook that I'm supposed to bring to and from my house every single day. Um, do you realize how huge that thing is? Are they even allowed to do that? I also heard that I might be getting a French textbook too. Joy. I guess I'll just carry those around in my arms and put my other stuff in my backpack, I've seen a few people doing that. The thing is, I would forget them everywhere. I tend to lose things, it's just that I find them again.
    A few good things that happened to me today:
    • I think my cooking class is going to be fun. We're making chocolate chip cookies first.
    • I think I'm on the verge of making friends with the other girls in my cooking group. We got to choose groups, and they only had 2 people so I approached them right away.
    • I got a compliment on my shirt from an upperclassman passing me on the stairs. She said, "I like your shirt!" and I said, "Thanks!" I'm impressed she's a Pink Floyd lover, there aren't many out there, especially not girls.
    • I get an extra 30 minutes before my cooking class starts, in which I can do anything I want. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to leave and go do something though. I could probably just ride the bus and go walk to get breakfast somewhere or something. However, it might start to get annoying since I have to ride the bus there and arrive 50 minutes early (the bus comes 20 minutes early for normal days).
    So my first day was pretty good, and my second day was bad. Hopefully I just had a bad day.

    Friday, August 22, 2014

    Advice & Stories 6

    Hello my little blog-reading minions. Today I wanted to share with you some interesting stories, in honor of my 100th blog post. If you're my friend, you probably know every single one of these stories.
    I deleted a few of these, I'll replace them with some advice tomorrow.

    A broken home
    One day last year, I came home from babysitting. I knew my mom was home, but I was knocking on the door and nobody was opening it. I didn't have my key with me, and the doorbell was at the other door. I knocked and knocked and nobody was answering the door. So I knocked harder, in hopes of making a louder sound. Well, I broke the window. I was knocking on the glass part of the door, because it makes a louder sound. I wasn't expecting it to break so easily! Now it's an inside joke with my friends... "Julia smash!" I probably should have withheld that story from my friends.

    Oops, blocked him
    This was actually not too long ago, maybe a week or two ago. I was at a Chinese restaurant with my friend's family, and one of the waiters gave me a note. It was on yellow paper, folded up really small. It said, "I was the boy sitting across the room in the white shirt. You should text me sometime :)" and he signed his name (withheld for security reasons). I texted him, and he texted back a while later. We talked for a while, we had a pretty long conversation actually. He was nice. And he was 15, a year older. A 10th grader woah! He asked me to hang out, and I agreed but in a public place and with friends. But then he asked something weird and possibly perverted, so I blocked him. I feel guilty about that.

    The evil frizz
    I think all people can agree on this, regardless of their hair type (curly, wavy, straight, etc) - frizz is horrible and almost inevitable.
    I have realized that I have a lot of frizz. I don't know why this hadn't occurred to me before this summer. I did tons of research online and I came to a conclusion: it's inevitable. Frizz is impossible to fix, tame, or avoid. But yesterday I decided to find out for myself. I went to CVS and bought a Garnier Fructis leave-in conditioner for "frizzy, dry, unmanagable hair." I know that's not my hair type but it was the only one they had. I was looking for the Garnier Fructis Smoothing Milk, but settled on this instead. I also got the Garnier Fructis anti-frizz serum. These both smell great, but the scent kind of dissipates after an hour or so. They do make my hair a bit softer, add a touch of shine, and slightly reduce frizz.
    I think that my frizz problem is a result of having dry hair. I have dry skin as well so I guess it makes sense. So if you have oily hair, you have NOTHING to complain about.
    I have come to a conclusion: the only solution is straightening your hair. I borrowed a friend's flatiron and tried it, and it's amazing. It almost completely eliminated frizz, and straighened the annoying curly/wavy strands at the front of my hair (around my face), and the outward flip at my ends.

    To straighten, or to blow dry?
    Straighten. Blow drying dries out your hair (as the name implies... ha ha), but straightening doesn't. However, if you don't use a heat protectant, straightening will still dry out your hair.

    New school advice
    Nobody has ever asked me about this, but I thought I'd give you my two cents anyway, because I have something to say. This applies to people starting middle school or high school, or moving to a new school in a new town.
    You've all already heard all the "be friendly and reach out to people, get good grades" crap. We all already know. We have figured that out already. But my advice is to rock that new outfit on the first day of school. Do whatever you have to, to feel confident and ready to make new friends. If that means wearing a skirt or dress and curling your hair, go for it! Do what makes YOU feel confident. Feeling pretty and confident makes you feel way more motivated to make new friends. That's my advice right there. We know how to make friends, we just don't want to. And here's a way to help you want to.

    Sunday, August 17, 2014

    Candy Personalities

    I think that your candy of choice says a lot about you. In other words, what your favorite candy says about you. I'm basically going to try and make a Buzzfeed-type list about this. And sorry if some of these are incorrect. Buzzfeed is often wrong, too!

    The format is:

    • Candy of choice
      • Description of your personality
    Here we go.
    • M&Ms
      • Laid back, chill; type B personality. Messy; disorganized. Uses poor grammar in texts.
    • Gummy bears
      • Nice, accepting. Type A personality. Keeps things clean and organized. Likes variety. Prompt texter -- texts back immediately. Usually uses perfect grammar in texts. Doesn't like asking for help.
    • Gummy worms
      • You are much alike to the gummy bear person, but you don't enjoy variety as much. You have strong opinions.
    • Sour Patch Kids
      • Defiant; stubborn. Good leader, but can be bossy. Has strong opinions.
    • I prefer vegetables
      • Either a hardcore dieter or extreme goody two shoes.
    • Reese's Cup
      • Friendly. Outgoing yet introverted. Messy, yet prefers it when it's clean. Asks for help when s/he needs it.
    • Sour Patch Watermelons
      • Likes to be a rule-follower, but has a hidden rebellious side. Is a horrible texter; often answers with one-word texts.
    • Skittles
      • Outgoing and friendly at first, but then obnoxious and annoying once you get to know him/her.

    Friday, August 15, 2014

    Try-On Shopping Haul

    Wow, who would've thought I'd do one of these? Well, you probably did, but I actually hate hauls because the person usually buys about 3 things and drags it out into a 15 minute video/blog post.
    The reason I am doing this haul is because I really enjoy telling people about what I bought.

    Pink Floyd T-shirt - $15 at Forever21
    I'm so excited about this because--EEEEEEEE!--this was such an unlikely find. I was shopping at Forever21 when I found this. We were actually leaving the store when I saw it, and I wanted to go back and buy it, but my friends tried to drag me out. Then my other friend found a pencil case and we had to go back in anyway, so I went back and bought it and I'm so glad I did! I'm not sure if I'll wear it with these exact shorts or not, but I can tell it wouldn't look good with a skirt. I love how they made a masculine band into a girly lace t-shirt. It's a little big for me because it's a Small and I'm an Extra Small.
    Description: Black shirt with Pink Floyd's "The Dark Side of the Moon" album cover. Has black lace trim on arm holes and bottom (not neck hole). Almost a muscle tank, but not quite. Large arm holes.

    Floral crop top - $9 at Forever21
    Also a little big for me (only Forever21's Love21 line carries Extra Smalls) as it's a Small. It's just a floral crop top; I got it because I can never find shirts to wear with all my skirts. It's not too low cut, but just enough to show off my necklace. It's also a little too long because it's a Small so I just tucked it in to the skirt.

    Black textured skirt - $10 at Forever21
    This skirt has one layer of cotton underneath, and one layer of black floral lace on top. The fabric is super soft and the skirt is a fashion staple: a solid colored, textured skirt that can be paired with any top, plain or patterned. From

    Short floral T-shirt - $14 at Kohl's
    The reason I initially picked this up was because the fabric is super soft, plus the shirt's pattern is really cute. But when I put it on, it reminded me so much of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (my current obsession) because it's not super long and sometimes shows a sliver of tummy, but shows nothing other times when you pull it down slightly more. Buffy loves to wear shirts this length. It would probably be a crop top on taller people, but I love the length on me. Also, this way there's no extra fabric bunching up at the bottom.

    Black leggings shorts - $3 at Forever21
    I'm going to use these for wearing under skirts. They're just black cotton shorts, nothing special. They're kind of ugly, which is why I didn't post a picture.

    Purple heart necklace - $24 at Piercing Pagoda
    Yes, I know. I went there. I shopped at PIERCING PAGODA. I know, I know. But to my surprise, they actually have some nice necklaces! My ears aren't pierced, so I didn't get the matching earrings.
    Description: purple Sterling silver heart necklace encrusted with purple crystals (fake).
    My only complaint about this necklace is the large triangular jump ring at the top. It's just too big. It was hard to find a necklace I liked because I refused to get one where the jump ring was bigger than the charm itself.

    Silver double dolphin charm - $14 at Piercing Pagoda
    What? It was buy one, get one half off! I had to buy two! I liked this one because it had no color so it's more simple, and it's very small yet it has an even smaller jump ring. Also, I love the smallness of it. I can wear it with anything, and it won't attract too much attention; it will just sit there looking pretty.
    In the picture, if you're wondering, that's the tag at the top in gray. I didn't want to take it off yet.

    That will be all. I hope you emjoyed my little haul here, as it took a couple hours to write and photograph.

    Sunday, July 27, 2014

    What's in My Purse

    Okay, I'm unzipping my purse now.
    If you're wondering, right now I'm using my champagne-colored Coach purse. It has other features, obviously, but I'm not going to get into the details, because that's not what this post is about.
    To be clear, I don't keep trash or receipts in my purse like some of the beauty gurus do on YouTube. I'm a very organized and hygienic person, so I just get those things out as soon as I get home.

    • Wallet
      • Cash and change
      • CVS ExtraCare Card
    • Phone and phone case/cover
    • Sometimes: Headphones (I only keep them in my purse during long car trips or anytime I can see myself using them)
    • SheMergency Kit (prepackaged kit for women. I added some things and took some out though, there were some ridiculous things in there that I'd never need, and some that weren't there).
      • Cherry ChapStick-like lip balm (I keep another lip product in my bag too, because this lip balm is horrible but useful as a backup)
      • Breath drops
      • Tampon (made by the same company who made the kit)
      • Mini hairspray
      • Mini nail file
      • Packet of double sided tape
      • Packet of stain remover
      • My addition: band-aid
      • My addition: one of those hand sanitizer wipes from a restaurant
      • Mini sewing kit, with buttons and safety pin
      • My addition: toothpick (for teeth)
    • Only in the winter: EOS hand lotion
    • One green hair tie
    • Advil in a mints tin (I filled the empty space with a tissue because the clanging noise bothers me)
    • Listerine Cool Mint POCKETPAKS breath strips
    • Lip gloss or lipstick (whichever one I'm wearing that day)
    • Compact mirror
    • Travel size Dove deodorant in Cool Essentials
    • Sunglasses (if I have enough room. The case they came with is huge.)
    But really, if I'm going somewhere and I don't want to take my whole purse, I can get away with just taking my phone and some money. In all honesty, I don't use all these things but I feel the need to fill up my purse and I like taking a purse because my purse is pretty! I use it as more of an accessory.