Friday, January 31, 2014

Types of People in Gym Class

Hello there, blog readers. Today I have a different kind of post. Usually, I just rant about things I hate, but today I'm going to tell you the different techniques in gym class.
  1. The diehard fitness trainer to-be. This guy is in gym to work out, not to talk to their friends. They are hardcore sports addicts, and will always be within 3 feet from the soccer ball, or will do as many bicep curls as humanly possible.
  2. The sporty bitch. She thinks she's so hot, she works out to show everyone how hot and in-shape she is, not to work out. She does a million different sports (including lacrosse of course). However, she will ignore everyone but her popular cronies.
  3. The grunter. When we lift weights in gym, there's always that one guy who grunts while lifting weights. Well, you're a guy, so you're clearly not pushing out a baby. Are you constipated?
  4. The corner kid. This kid (AKA me) will take shelter in the corner or behind a tall person. I've been trying to get more out of my opportunities to work out in school, but it's really hard when I'm shy... And wear short-shorts and don't want anyone to see inside when I lift my legs.
  5. The slut. This girl will wear short-shorts and a tight, spaghetti-strap tank top, wanting everyone to gawk at her beautiful shape and tan.
  6. The social butterfly. These people are usually popular, and will want to do group activities such as Dance Dance Revolution (DDR), which requires a partner. They tend to always follow their friends around, or vice versa. They will never be without a friend in any class. If they don't already have a friend in any given class, they'll hurry up and make one before they go lonely for one class period.
  7. The loner. This person will never speak until spoken to. When you strike up a conversation with them, they will give one-word answers, or very short ones at least. If you want to hear more, you'll have to ASK them to elaborate.
  8. The radio hogger. This person will puppy-guard the radio for the entire class period so they can change the station when a song comes on that they don't like. They stand next to the radio, in case anyone dares to change the station without their permission.
  9. The girly girl. The girl who wears a full face of makeup to gym, and has a completely coordinated outfit every gym class. Meaning a whole Nike DriFit ensemble, and Reebok or Nike sneakers.
  10. The cocky one. This boy will lift the highest weight possible so he can look strong and muscular. All he ever thinks about is how to make himself appear better.
  11. The odorous one. This kid (usually a guy) never washes his gym clothes. You can smell him coming from a mile away. His shirts probably have permanent pit stains.
  12. The excuser. This girl will usually find a way out of gym. Maybe she "forgot to bring a pad" that day and has to go to the nurse, or she "accidentally" tripped and got a miniscule cut, and has to go to the nurse. Maybe she "has scoliosis" and "can't do gym anymore." She will also jump for joy when she finds out she has health instead of gym for an entire term.
  13. The teacher's pet. This kid will ask too many questions, try to excel at everything they do, and will burst out in tears if they get anything but an A+.
  14. The teacher's worst enemy. This kid will sit on the machinery before we're allowed, do everything we're not supposed to do, and use every machine wrong.
  15. The faux show-off. This person doesn't actually play sports, but pretends s/he knows exactly what they're doing during gym. They will attempt to do cartwheels, etc. but will either fail or be sort of successful.
  16. The cheater. When the teacher turns around, this person will stop exercising. They will pretend to do 12 reps when they really only did 2.
  17. The dramatic faller. When we're playing sports in gym or lifting weights, this person will fall over "by accident" every 5 minutes. Of course, she does it in a hilarious manner, so I burst out laughing, which is probably the goal.
  18. The Band-Aid box. My friend from Sparkles and Scribbles came up with the name for this one. This is the kid who's injury-prone. S/he always ends up getting hurt during gym, and has to sit out for the rest of gym. If only I could fake injuries like that.
    Me: "I sprained my ankle yesterday... Yeah, I tripped on my cat... I think she tripped me on purpose."
Recently, I switched to health from gym. So I've been thinking about health class and gym class a lot this week. I guess that's what inspired this post.
Look out for my anti-Valentine's day post! I'll probably write it closer to Valentine's day, seeing as we still have 2 weeks to go. I just wanted you to look forward to that. :) My next post will probably be the TMI tag because I think it will be funny.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pet Peeve List

I am sick, so when I breathe out from my nose, the sound I make reminds me of a dragon.

Since this blog is all about my pet peeves (habits people have that I hate), I thought I'd compile a big list of them for you.

From an "interview" with my brother:
  • When people tell each other inside jokes around you and you don't get it
  • People who try to involve themselves in your life... following you around, becoming friends with all your friends
  • When people talk about things nobody cares about
  • When people think they're very attractive when they're not
From my friends (I was texting a few friends while writing this post):
  • When people crack their knuckles
  • When people harmonize to the song that's playing
From me:
  • When you feel like a third wheel
  • When people sing the wrong voice part in chorus class, it makes it harder for me to keep up with my part
  • Girls who don't go to the bathroom to use it, instead they check their hair.
  • When a kid and her five friends cut you in the lunch line.
  • When someone paints her nails ten different colors, one per nail. UGH!
  • When your math teacher lets someone else get away with something wrong a test, without noticing it/correcting it
  • When people chew with their mouth open
  • When someone sticks their tongue out while they're eating so they can gross you out
  • When people let their dogs pee on your grass right in front of you
  • When people don't pick up their dog's poop
  • When people let their dogs go to the bathroom in front of a sign that specifically forbids it. It's even worse when they say, "sorry, she's just learning."
  • When someone spills food on you
  • Bad grammar
  • When an app crashes just when you're about to reach your high score, and then you lose your score!
  • When people leave their used pads/tampons on the ground in a bathroom
  • When people have makeup mistakes. Not that my makeup is perfect, but when people have Cleopatra-style eyeliner, it really just kills me to look at them
  • Bragging
  • Just about anything on this blog
  • People who are insecure
  • Begging for compliments
  • People who stuff their bras with tissues/toilet paper, people who wear push-up bras
  • When people lie to make themselves look better (I don't hate it when people lie in general, ex. I don't hate it when people lie so people don't get offended: I love that One Direction/Justin Beiber/ugly sweater!)
  • When people crack their glass phone screens
  • When you've had something wrong with your clothes or makeup or had something on your face all day and nobody told you about it... All day!
  • People with B.O... Is it too much work to slap on some deodorant?
  • Braces... they suck! They give you mouth-cuts, hurt, make my teeth temperature-sensitive, and I can't whiten my teeth because of them. Damn do I wanna rip these off with a fork! (I've watched YouTube videos about how to do it.)

Monday, January 27, 2014

People Who Think They're All That

My mom used to call people like this people who "think they're hot shit on a silver platter when they're really cold shit on a paper plate." Some examples of people who think they're sooo great...
  • Popular kids
  • Male teachers (yes, I said it. I will explain later.)
  • Female teachers in their 20s
  • Women who wear makeup
Popular kids. They know they're skinny, and most of them are pretty. But believe me, they aren't perfect. Some of them have frizzy or curly hair, some have anorexia or bulimia, some don't like their teeth. They have insecurities too.
Male teachers. I can name a few substitutes and otherwise teachers who think they're hot shit. Maybe they don't think they're good-looking (or maybe they do?), but think they have the right to tease students because they have more power, and if the student complains to their guidance counselor or (vice) principal, who're they going to believe, a middle school student, or an adult? These teachers force kids to "talk back" to them and then send them away for being rude. The teacher himself provoked the student. And okay, maybe the student isn't very respectful, but why not? Because they're expressing their opinion! In a rude manner nonetheless, but remind me--who was it again that provoked the student?
Female teachers in their 20s. These teachers get hit on by the male teachers and love it. They don't flirt back, but they visibly enjoy being the target of one-way affection.
Women who wear makeup. Similar to female teachers in their 20s. They expect all the men to come running, and sometimes they do. In offices, I've heard this is the case.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to this: they don't really think they're all that. Deep down (or maybe not so deep), they know they're not perfect. They just don't want anyone else to know that. They think that maybe, if everyone else thinks they're amazing, they will be convinced too.
So next time that mean popular girl ignores you at school, or accidentally smears red sauce all over you at lunch because she doesn't give a shit about you, remember that she hates yourself, and you love yourself, and you're a nicer, friendlier person than her on the inside, and nobody has bothered to find out.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Things I Hate About School

There are lots of things to hate about school (ex. everything). Here's just 10% of what I hate about school.
  1. Mandatory review packets. I'd much rather study my way rather than the teacher's way, and I don't need to work on every single thing in the review packet. Some things I know how to do perfectly well, and don't need to review. Also, review packets don't really help because if the teacher tells you the answers the day before the test, you might find that you got every single question wrong, and you studied from that, and now you have to re-study. However, review packets are very helpful when they're not mandatory and come with a review packet.
  2. We go to school, and learn. We go home, and instead of getting a break from using our brains, we practice the skills we've learned (and lose some sleep while we're at it). Aren't 6 and a half hours of learning enough?
  3. Some teachers don't realize that we have after-school activities and other classes' homework to do. We can't spend 3 hours on one subject, because that leaves us no time for other classes' homework, and we can't forget the after-school activities. When I have swimming, it's almost immediately after school, then it takes 30 minutes to drive to the pool, it's a 1 hour practice, 30 minutes to drive back, 30 minutes to shower (I take long showers, okay?), and 30 minutes to eat dinner, that's 3 hours cut out of our homework time.
  4. Lack of sleep. Homework takes the place of our sleep. We can't do after-school activities, do our homework, have time to relax before bed, and go to sleep at a decent hour. If I went to bed at 3am last night, yes, I was watching YouTube videos. Why? To unwind before bed. I can't do homework and go straight to bed! Can you?
  5. Teachers take forever correcting tests. I saw a meme once that said: "'Did you grade my test yet?' 'No, I have other students' tests to grade.' 'Did you do your homework last night?' 'No, I have other teachers' homework to do.'" If teachers are allowed to take 3 months to grade our tests (I have a specific math teacher in mind), I should be allowed to take 3 months to do my homework. So since I don't get 3 months to do my homework, grade my test already!!!
  6. Tough teachers. I had a teacher once that told us we start with a B in his class, and if we get As on everything, we can work our way up to an A. Excuse me, but NO, you're supposed to start with an A and work your way down!
  7. Teachers who say "learn from your mistakes and grow" or something similar. I would learn from my mistakes, except that I am never taking that test again, so I will completely forget everything from that test and make room for new information.
  8. Memorizing. Memorizing for a language class is one thing, because it's not one big paragraph, but memorizing Shakespeare, like we had to do last year, was horrible! I had to memorize like 2 pages of "Romeo! O, Romeo, where art thou?" Actually I was Romeo, but that's all I remember. Anyway, memorizing is just pointless! We're going to forget it very soon anyway!
  9. Pop quizzes. We basically never have those, don't ask me why (thank GOODNESS), but last year we had some, and it was bad. I always aced them because I'm amazing (insert blushing emoticon here) and they may or may not have been very easy... But still, how obnoxious are those? Please let us know before you test our knowledge, it's only fair. We don't ask you to teach us things you don't remember anything about.
  10. It robs kids of their dreams and ambitions. It tells them that any job they get, if they actually enjoy the job, they won't be able to support themselves and/or a family.
  11. It limits our creativity. Rubrics. 'Nuff said.
School sucks!

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Updated 2/3/14
One could argue I have weird taste in music. I like...
  • Madonna (Give Me All Your Luvin', Holiday, Celebration, 4 Minutes, Vogue, Material Girl)
  • Green Day - Holiday/Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
  • Cinema - Skrillex remix
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers (Snow [Hey Oh], Scar Tissue, Give It Away, Californication, Dani California)
    • Shoutout to my brother for introducing me to the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
    • I like Dani California because of the memories I think of whenever I hear it. My brother and I used to play this song while we played Minecraft, when I was, like, 8.
  • Taylor Swift (Today Was A Fairytale, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, basically everything)
  • Marina and The Diamonds (Valley of the Dolls, Bubblegum Bitch, How to be a Heartbreaker, Primadonna)
  • Afrojack - No Beef Vocal Mix
    • This is dubstep, which my brother introduced me to. I kind of got inspiration from him, then looked up dubstep on Spotify and got a bunch of dubstep songs.
  • The Script - Breakeven
  • Sublime - Santeria
  • Madeon - Icarus
    • Dubstep.
  • MKTO - Classic
  • State Radio - Right Me Up
    • Brother introduced me to this one too
  • Katy Perry
  • Lorde
  • Passion Pit (Carried Away, Take A Walk)
  • Florence + The Machine - Shake It Out
  • Radiohead (High And Dry, No Surprises, Creep, Karma Police)
  • Skrillex - Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites
  • No Doubt (Looking Hot, Settle Down)
That's not all the songs I have. Anyway, I do like mainstream/pop songs, but I also like alternative and dubstep.
I posted this on the same day as another post because this won't be helpful/interesting for some people, who don't agree with my taste in music. However, this might give you some ideas of what songs to listen to and it will help you get to know me.

Why Periods Are Annoying

If you're a guy, or a girl and you don't have your period yet/anymore, you can just laugh and thank God you don't have a period, or you can widen your eyes to the size of golf balls and start hoping you'll get your period as late as possible.
This post is kind of a continuation of my very first post, It's Easier to Be a Guy. That post has a mini version of what you're about to see here, because in the time between these two posts, I've discovered some more annoying period-related stuff.
  • Let's say you change your pad/tampon during 5th period. You go to your locker, la dee da dee da, and as your coming up to your locker, a rush of 70 sixth graders come fast-walking down the hall, right past you, and they have a full view of your locker (and take advantage of it too!). Now you have to stay at your locker for an extra 5 minutes for the sixth graders to pass by, because who wants to be seen pulling a pad/tampon out of her locker? I don't know how everyone else does it, but I basically stick my butt into my locker and slip it into my back pocket (or sweatshirt pocket if I'm wearing one). If you're wearing a skirt/dress, I guess you're shit out of luck for hiding it on the way to the bathroom.
  • If you ever forget to bring period supplies (pad/tampon) and you happen to need some, the school pad and tampon vending machines are empty! Even if you do happen to have a quarter on you, the school doesn't even USE the pad/tampon dispensers! Never mind resupply them, the school never supplied them in the first place! This has never happened to me before (thank God I'm so prepared all the time), but if you forget to bring pads/tampons on a day when you need them, you have to ask the teacher to go to the nurse. And they always ask why you need the nurse. And then you have to TELL them that you're on your period. And your teacher will forever know your cycle.
  • Buying period supplies in public is so embarrassing. Not just for you and the cashier, but also for anyone looking on. Maybe it isn't so embarrassing for other women, who have more experience toughing it out in embarrassing situations, but it sure is for me (see the post "10 Different Topics & Stories").
  • Periods don't flow in the water, but the second you step out of that relaxing, warm bath water, you have to RUN to that already-pad-stuck-on underwear, and put it on, even though you're completely wet and your underwear will stay wet and soggy for the rest of the day, because you put your pad-ed underwear on while you were wet. Who's got the time to dry yourself off before blood drips all over the place?
  • When your period isn't heavy enough for a tampon so you are forced to use a pad! Uterus: I DEMAND THAT YOU USE A PAD!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Treat People the Way You Want to Be Treated

This is not some stupid post where I'm trying to tell you what to do. Oh, no. I'm going to rant about people who don't treat people the way they want to be treated (aka people who treat others badly).
  • People who treat others badly and expect to be treated like a princess in return.
  • People who think they're sooo great and treat people like crap and expect people to treat them well because they're just sooo awesome
  • People who ignore other people but don't like to be ignored
By "treat people badly" I mean
  • Being mean to other people
  • Cursing around them
  • Cursing at them
  • Yelling at them
  • Speaking to them in a rude tone of vice
  • Being overall rude.
Humans, if you want people to treat you well, you need to treat them well. You can't yell at someone and then expect them to wash your laundry (etc).
Let's get this straight right here and now: You are not a princess/prince. (unless you are, I guess?)
Start acting like it.
This post wasn't directed to anyone in particular (*cough* family), but I just think everyone ought to live by that quote.
You know what? That's my new motto. The world would be so much better if everyone treated everyone else kinder and with more respect.

Once again, I'm not trying to nag you, I'm not your parents or teacher or whatever. I just think that we should try to make this world a better place. Obviously, my complaining on this blog won't help me become a nicer person, but... Baby steps, ok? Ok. I'm gonna end this post now.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

I have no opinion. It doesn't mean I don't care.

There are some things for which I don't have a preference, but it doesn't mean I don't care. For example...
  • Winter or summer?
  • Pink or blue?
  • Cats or kittens?
  • iPhones or iPads?
  • Leggings or yoga pants?
  • Pads or tampons?
  • Dill pickles or half sours?
This is why I dislike playing Would You Rather. Because I don't have an opinion on most things. For things I don't actually have to choose, I don't choose. Whenever someone asks me a stupid Would You Rather type question, I always say, "I don't know, good thing I don't have to choose!"
You might ask, why don't I have to choose?
  • Whichever I choose, it doesn't affect my life and/or
  • I like both and/or
  • Even if I make a choice, I'll still use/have both
BUT... Just because I don't have a preference, it doesn't mean I don't care if I don't have either one or both. I would care. I just like them equally.

In conclusion, I don't have an opinion on some things, but that doesn't mean I don't care about them. It means I care, but good thing I don't have to choose.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Stories 2: 10 Different Topics & Stories

Let's just jump right in, shall we? We shall.
  1. "It's not awkward if you don't make it awkward." My friend and I had a mini-discussion about this (though I think she was talking about "it's only awkward if you say it is"). I think this is completely true because even if you're talking about the most awkward topic on Earth, it's mainly about your tone of voice. If you have an awkward tone of voice, you'll make it 10x more awkward.
  2. Social experiment: buying pads at CVS. I used this tactic while I was buying pads at CVS (I would tell you the background story, but it would take too long) and it was literally fine. I asked something about the ExtraCare card, then I handed over the pads and the cashier checked it out, no questions asked, no weird looks.
  3. Clothes are too expensive! Have you ever been to Urban Outfitters? If your answer is yes, you know how expensive their clothes are. And they're not especially good quality (not that I've ever bought anything from there, it's just my first impressions). For a simple T-shirt, it's $30!
  4. Screen protectors. I wasted $20 on a 2-pack of phone screen protectors. They didn't even work. They came with folds in them (very obvious) and dust got stuck to them and created bubbles on my phone's screen. It only looks good on your phone when there's no bubbles, and that is very hard to achieve. Also I went through 2 of them just trying to get 1 on my phone. And the protectors scratch way easier than the glass screen.
  5. The Apple store is cool, but intimidating to buy from. I managed to gather up the courage to ask one of the Apple employees if I could pay in cash for the screen protectors. Apple is so intimidating to buy/return to, because even if you don't need help, you need to go up to the tall employees and ask to buy it. However, the store is really cool. When they checked out my purchase, they pulled out a drawer I never knew existed and gave me change, then pulled out another secret drawer and gave me a receipt!
  6. Shopping with friends. Some people like it, some don't. For me, I'd rather go with friends than alone or with my mom (I seem to have better luck finding stuff when I'm with my friends). However, my mom's got the credit card and I don't have to predict how much cash I'll spend and bring that much. So I can't buy anything expensive (ex. the leggings I've been wanting for, like, ever). It's not like I don't like shopping with my mom, and it's not like we don't have fun, it's just that I never end up coming back with as much stuff, maybe because I'm hesitant to ask her to go into places like Bath and Body Works.
  7. What happened on the way home from swimming yesterday. I've already told some of my friends, so you may already know this, but when my mom was driving me back home from swimming yesterday, we were stuck in traffic, and we saw some guy getting out of a car in boxer shorts (holding his pants... Couldn't he put them on in the car?). He walked to the door of the police station, and a police officer opened the door. To a half-naked man.
  8. I'm probably going to burn the house down. I already told you this story if you sit at my lunch table, but I'll tell anyone else who might be reading my blog. In science the other day (I have science 4th period, I'm always still sleepy during 4th period), we were doing Experiment 3.2(A), and the burner was below a beaker of water, and I thought it was a good idea to wipe the condensation away with a paper towel. The teacher told us that if we did it with our finger, it would work. We tried it, and it left streaks. So instead of getting rid of the condensation, I set my paper towel on fire. Now, this has happened before with my homework above a candle (I just wanted to burn it a little to make it look aged!), so I thought fast and blew it out before anyone (besides my lab partner and the group across from us at the table) found out.
  9. I am too short. Do you ever have that problem where the arms are too long on a long-sleeved shirt, or the legs are too long on pants (ex. yoga pants)? Well that's basically my problem every single day. My jeans bunch up at the bottom, and I always have to wear short-sleeved shirts (even at this cold time of year! It's freezing inside at school!). If anyone's wondering, I'm 4'11 and 3/4". I'm literally not even 5 feet tall. And I'm only supposed to grow for another year!
  10. Everyone should get the app Beautylish. Beautylish is a free app that's like makeup/nails Instagram where everything's on the Popular page, plus Q&A, plus social experiments, plus EVERYTHING. It's literally amazing. <3
Have a good long weekend, and don't forget WHY we have Monday off from school. It's not Earth day; you actually need to think about it.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Insecure. Don't Judge a Book By its Cover

I understand insecurities. I have them. I won't tell you what they are, because I'm not begging for compliments (although I will tell you I have a cowlick in my hair that I despise).
They always say popular girls are insecure. But what reason do they have to be insecure? That's what they never tell you.
People are insecure because society has trained us to look for the ideal. The ideal body shape, nose, hair. We have all been trained that way. We look for the ideal in ourselves. That's why we compare ourselves to Photoshopped models on the covers of teen magazines.

Let's be real. Not all models are Photoshopped. But we're never gonna look like that. Face it. All we can do is be healthy, and learn to love ourselves before loving other people.
As long as I live, I'll just be me. I can't teleport between bodies. Neither can you (I don't think). I know it's hard to accept, but you'll never be someone else. You'll always have your body, your nose, your hair.
You can't change everything about yourself, but there are some things you can change.
You can eat healthier, study more, be more positive, and change your attitude. I'm trying to do those things too. I will become a better person, but that doesn't mean I'll look better to the naked eye.

Don't be fooled by someone's looks; don't judge a book by its cover.
Take a chance and befriend someone who might need a friend. Who knows? You could be saving a life (yes, I am quoting this from the assembly last week). And if you believe in karma, someone might do the same for you.

We are hard on ourselves. You might think you look/act/etc. a lot worse than you really do. Maybe you think you're mean, but nobody else does. Remember that you judge you a lot harder than other people do.

Okay, maybe you are mean. It's nothing you can't change. Take baby steps, and try being more positive first, then at some point, maybe you'll wake up and find that you've transformed yourself into a way better person.

For all I know, you might take this post with a grain of salt. After all, I'm a stranger-slash-psychology blogger. But please, consider what I've said. Don't adopt my views and spread them as your own. Think about what I've said and use it as inspiration to find the view on insecurities that you believe in.
If you really consider it, and you agree with every word I said, "if you wanna make the world a better place, then look at yourself and make a change." -"Mirror" by Michael Jackson

Monday, January 13, 2014

People Who Don't Use the Changing Rooms & Bra Stuffing

You know what I mean.
  • Those girls who think they're sooo hot, they can just go naked in front of everyone?
  • Those women who don't even care enough to find a changing stall anymore?
  • Those little kids who run around buck-naked?
  • Those 10/11 year olds who have absolutely no insecurities?
What I mean is: anyone who doesn't bother to use the changing stalls, when the stalls are 3 feet away.
I have two stories for you about situations where there's changing stalls and not everyone uses them.

Changing before gym class in the locker room. We have stalls for a reason. We don't live in the 80s, strippers--I mean STUDENTS. Obviously, all the girls in any given period's gym class are in 1 grade, so the first bullet only applies here.
  • There's a group of girls who like to strip right in front of my gym locker, because that's also where theirs happen to be. Great, I get to watch flat-chested sticks undress right down to their bras. Because not one of them wear Sugarlips or undershirts, of course.
  • And might I point out that they wouldn't be so comfortable changing out in the open if they were wearing pads. And we both know that some days, tampons won't cut it; the blood flow is too light. Or maybe too heavy (as the case may be). Obviously, everyone needs to use pads once in a while (if not more), when the blood flow is too light for a tampon, and pads are bulky and the "wings" show from the outside of the underwear. I'm sure if they were wearing pads, they wouldn't want to change in the open, yet that's what they do every gym class. What I'm getting at is that maybe they haven't gotten their periods yet! How hilarious would that be? Just the thought is making me chuckle. No wonder they're so immature! This explains everything! Just kidding, it's just some food for thought.

YMCA locker rooms. I don't know WHY women feel the need to walk around flopping their junk around! At my YMCA, the boys (under 18) have a separate changing room from the men (I think this would be a good time to point out that the boys' locker room has a WHIRLPOOL, COUCHES, and FLAT SCREEN TV and the women's'/girls'  DON'T), and the girls and women share a locker room. I don't know why this is so.
  • Anyway, it's horrible because 50 year old women literally sit in the sauna and read, unclothed. Uh, ever think someone might want to use the sauna WITHOUT a free porn session? The worst part of the sauna thing is that their junk literally touches the wood in the sauna. Other people like to sit there, you know, without being afraid of having your dead ass-skin particles all over their pants.
  • That's not even the worst of it. 50+ year-old women walk around, flaunting their unshaved junk. Ever think we don't want to see that shit?
  • My friends on the YMCA swim team don't feel the need to use the changing stalls. I do, of course, but they change RIGHT next to a stall, and don't use it. I understand they don't have bras/tampons (they're all 10-11), so it's easier and less embarrassing to change in public, but still! They SHOULD be embarrassed to change in public, especially because they don't have to--they CHOOSE to!
  • Also, 5-year-olds prance around the YMCA changing rooms, refusing to get dressed, just walking around buck naked. This is practically child porn, which, might I remind you, is illegal.
Some people don't know how to stuff their bras. Please, girls, if you're going to pretend you're a B when you're an A, don't stuff your bras with toilet paper. We can see the lumps. Just buy those plastic things from CVS. Geez, invest in a bra-stuffer that won't completely give you away. Although, there's no use in lying to people, because the minute he gets your shirt off--if that ever happens to people like that--he'll know what's up. I have a specific person in mind when I say this. Just to let you ALL know, I DON'T DO THAT, I just happen to know about it.

Saturday, January 11, 2014


My friend requested this post. Don't ask who! I won't tell you.
If you don't want to hear about girl problems, don't read this post. Don't complain to me how gross it is.
I wouldn't consider myself a tampon expert, but I'll tell you what I know. There's tons of blog posts/YouTube videos like this, but it might help to hear it from me, rather than someone you don't know. Also, nobody really says anything useful in YouTube videos because they're too busy laughing and being embarrassed. *cough* immature *cough*

The picture above: Playtex Gentle Glide 360.
  • The top picture:
    • Tampon on top - packageless Super size
    • Tampon on bottom - packageless Regular size
  • The bottom picture:
    • An absorbency test. How this works is someone takes the tampon and soaks it in water, to see what it looks like when it's open, and how much it might leak depending on how full it is.
    • On left: Ultra size (this one gives a good look at how they look when soaked)
    • On right: Regular size
Some warnings before you get all "I HATE PADS I WANNA TRY TAMPONS THEY SOUND SO GREAT!"
  • You are at a higher risk of getting Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) if you leave a tampon in for over 8 hours. It is recommended that you remove/replace a tampon after 8 hours. Some people say 5 hours, but tampon packages usually say 8 hours.
  • If you use the wrong brand and/or if the tampon isn't soaked when you remove it, it'll hurt. Try not to let this discourage you, especially because I'll tell you what the best brand is later in this post!
  • The tampon will expand when it soaks up your blood. When you remove it later, it will be bigger and red. Be mentally prepared to see that.
  • There will be a string hanging out of you. You will pee on it if you don't hold it up.
  • Most people let the string dangle, but if you're scared it will go up into your vagina (it does happen), you can use tape (Lacrosse body tape maybe?) to tape it to the skin nearby.
  • If you use a bad brand, the string can come out of the tampon when you remove it and the tampon will be in you, but the string won't be. In this case, you'll have to reach in and get it. To avoid this, use my preferred brand of tampon!
  • If you hate the gross, messy, wet feeling of pads, tampons may be for you.
  • If pads irritate your skin, tampons may be for you.
  • You might be able to feel the tampon inside you the first few times, but you'll get used to it.
A great resource for pad/tampon reviews, how-tos, and everything period-related:

How to insert a tampon:
(adapted from The Period Blog's post) if you want diagrams (WAY helpful), please use this site.
  • Sit on the toilet (lid up of course) and spread legs apart. Some people like to do it in the shower (may be good the first few times). With the water turned off, I'm assuming?
  • Put your middle finger and thumb on the grip, and index finger on the plunger (the long, thin, straight part). Use your dominant hand.
  • Slide the tampon into your vagina (45 degree angle, between vertical and horizontal). Maybe you need to twist gently to help it in. You may have to use your free hand to spread apart your labia (vaginal flaps... There's two sets, the outer ones and inner ones). You also might need a hand mirror/compact. I wouldn't suggest using your phone camera, even if you're not recording (it may be saved, even when you're not recording... As customers we are in the dark and don't know).
  • Slide it in until the grip/middle finger/thumb touch your body, maybe a LITTLE further.
  • Press down the plunger so the actual tampon (bottom photo at the top of the page) is let go from the plastic/cardboard applicator, and inside you. Now pull the plastic part away from your body, and now all you've got in your hand is the plastic part.
I know this wasn't very descriptive. Use The Period Blog's "how to insert a tampon" post if you want diagrams.

I made up all these questions. They're questions I had, and looked up the answers. (some of them are questions I've seen being asked.)
  • Where's the right hole to put it in? I can't find it. Here's a pretty helpful post by The Period Blog, titled "how to find your vaginal opening". The tampon won't go into your peehole (etc.) and what idiot is going to stick a tampon up their ass? Anyway, it sounds gross, but you need to use a mirror to look and find it. Or maybe you don't need a mirror, if you do gymnastics (ha ha). I suggest using your fingers to pull your labia (flaps) apart so you can see where the blood's coming from. The opening is at the back of the between-the-labia area.
  • What is the best tampon brand? Playtex Gentle Glide Slender is preferable (couldn't find it anywhere, lots of stunning reviews), Playtex Gentle Glide 360 is at a close second, Playtex Sport is up next. The Gentle Glide is long and thin, so it slides easier, it's better for beginners (or so I hear. That's the only one I've ever used), it's in a skirt shape so it slides out easily, regardless of whether or not it's soaked, and the string is reinforced and will never come out. If you've only used one brand of tampon, how do you know which is best? Research.
  • Some help resources for tampon stuff? Wetalk2girlzlikeyou on YouTube is great, and of course, The Period Blog.
  • When could I ever possibly need to use a tampon? When you go swimming. Your blood doesn't actually flow when you're in the water (ex. baths. Don't ask me why), but when you get out is the problem. Or maybe when you do sports at all, if you're scared the pad will move or come off.
  • What if it gets stuck when the tampon is going in? Use your blood as lubrication. If there's not enough blood to lubricate, maybe today isn't heavy enough flow to use a tampon, anyway. Also, you might need to twist.
  • There's cardboard applicators? That sounds bad. It does! I've never used one, but you'd think it would get stuck easier.
  • How do I know my tampon is full? Wear a pantiliner when you're wearing a tampon (always a good idea!) and when there's dotting on it, change your tampon. Or whenever 8 hours is up, change it.
  • I don't feel comfortable changing my tampon at school. Neither do I. Only bring pads to school, and when you're tampon is full or when 8 hours is up, take out the tampon you inserted at home before school, and put a pad on. Although, I like to bring tampons (and a mirror, I can't insert a tampon without one) to school just in case. I always like to be prepared!
  • TMI! Stop reading this then. Also, go away, old men looking for porn.
  • Can you use tampons at night? I wouldn't recommend it, even if you only sleep for 8 hours. You can't monitor it so closely in case it's leaking while you're sleeping, and what if you oversleep? Huge TSS risk, right there.
  • Can you use tampons when you're not on your period? No! Nononononono! HUGE no-no! I know it sounds like you can practice inserting tampons while you're not on your period and you can see everything clearly, minus blood. I think you should find your opening while you're not on your period, and use that experience while inserting tampons ON your period. The reason you can't use tampons when you're not on your period is that it will hurt a lot when you remove it. Tampons will work for discharge AND blood, but not discharge alone.
  • Will I not be a virgin anymore after I use a tampon? Common misconception. You might break your hymen (skin covering a part of the vaginal opening) when inserting a tampon, but that doesn't even mean you're not a virgin. Hymen or no is no longer an accurate representation of whether you're a virgin or not, as tampons, etc. can break your hymen, and sex may not.
  • Can virgins use tampons? Yes. The opening is smaller, but that doesn't mean you can't do it. It might be easier for non-virgins, but it's doable if you're a virgin.
Happy periods, everybody! Obviously, for the boys, just try to comfort us. :)

"Fun" facts: oher names for periods:
  • "Aunt Flo came to visit" (sometimes replaced with Cousin Red)
  • Menstruation
  • The crimson wave
  • That time of the month

Friday, January 10, 2014

Phone Case Rubric

Upcoming posts:
  • People Who Don't Bother to Use the Changing Stalls
  • People Who Disobey Period Etiquette (still not sure if I'll do this one)
  • Don't Judge a Book by its Cover
  • I Don't Always Have a Preference - it doesn't mean I don't care
Since we know I have very strong opinions on how I think people should treat their phones/technology/electronics, I will tell you what I look for in a phone case.

Fist off, I'm glad nobody has bought me a phone case for my birthday/holidays. Why? Because I won't put it on my phone if it doesn't live up to my case standards.
I'm not saying this to be a rich brat, like "I only buy phone cases when they're above $40!" I'm saying this because I want to protect my phone from droppage damage. Now, don't get me wrong, I never drop my phone! The variable here is who is near my phone? Some examples of why this variable is relevant...
  • When Pebbles (one of my 2 cats) jumps onto tables, counters, places I put my phone on, etc., she will walk on top of whatever is there. If the TV remote is on the counter, she'll step on it. Sometimes she'll slide things right off the counter! I think it's by accident, but we'll never know!
  • If my friends are nearby, sometimes they will grab my phone without my consent (*ahem* you know who you are) and who knows how carefully they will treat it? They might drop it, or get food all over it (I doubt you're reading this, but you know who you are!!!), and I have no control over it. When my phone is out of my hands, I have no control over how it's treated.
  • If my friends are nearby, they might make me laugh, which causes me to drop my phone! (It's a long shot, but I might as well have put it in here.)
Now that we've established the fact that I am very picky about my phone cases, here is my phone case rubric - I will only purchase a phone if it follows these standards; what I look for in a phone case.
  1. Must be either silicone (yes, these stick to your pockets and not your phone, but we've established from the last post that I don't put my phone in my pocket, as my pockets are too small) or a hard shell/silicone mix, so some of each. Ex: cases by Speck. These mix/hybrid cases have silicone on the inside, and are hard shell on the outside, so it's protected, but slides in and out of your pockets with ease.
  2. Cases are preferably hybrid hard shell/silicone, because though you are compromising on the protection a bit, they slide in and out of pockets/purses.
  3. I don't care too much about the price. If it's $5 and follows the rest of the rules, awesome! This is unlikely, so I will settle for more expensive cases. However, I will not purchase a case that costs above $80. If I did that, I might as well not have a case on my phone at all, and buy a new one when the old one is dropped!
  4. Must have a cute design that represents me. I feel the same way about wallpapers. It's one of the first things people notice about others' phones, and I want it to send a message about me.
  5. Must not be a hard shell case. Those annoy me because you're purchasing it ONLY for the design. Sure, it should have a nice design. But the whole point of phone cases are to protect your phone! You can hardly call a hard shell case a "case!" They're such a joke! They're so flimsy, and they don't cover any of the buttons, so they're just got giant gaps where the buttons are.
  6. Good quality silicone cases are really nice, but OK quality is okay too. Good quality silicone cases don't stick to your pocket; instead they stick to your phone (what a concept!). Ex: Apple iPhone 5c cases. OK quality is better than those cheapy Belkin ones that completely stick to your pocket and your phone slips right out when you take it out of your pocket. Ex: bunny iPhone 5s cases from Amazon.
What case do you have?
If you don't know me in person, you wouldn't know what kind of phone case I have. It's called a Hybrid Hardshell case in Petal Pink. Here's some pics from Google of the inside and outside (easier than taking one myself). On the inside of the case, the green color is this harder silicone, and the pink is plastic (hard shell).
Bottom line: don't buy me a phone case unless it's not-too-cheap silicone or silicone-and-hard-shell. Although I totally wouldn't mind a new phone case. It's just that I'm super picky.
Btw, who knew CVS sells iPhone cases? Of course they go for the mainstream iPhone instead of every cell phone to make cases for, but it's just an interesting observation. Although I've only seen phone cases at 1 CVS so far. If they get a lot of sales, I bet they'll bring cases to the other CVS stores.
Lastly: In the picture at the top, the picture-taker hung the cases on nails or something on the wall/bulletin board. If you have a lot of cases, that's a great way to store them and be able to look at and admire them all the time! I think Command strips/hooks would work well for this if you want to use your wall.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

People Who Drop Their Phones in the Toilet

Let's begin with posts you'll be seeing in the future!
  • People who don't bother to use the changing stalls
  • Phone case rubric (you'll see what I mean when I write this post!)
  • People who disobey Period Etiquette (not sure if I'll really do this one)
Now, let's get fired up with annoyance for people who drop their phones in the toilet!

Phones are getting bigger and bigger. The iPhone 5(s) is huge, the Nokia Lumia 1020, the Windows Phone (I think that's its name anyway), and just about every phone out there (obviously not counting flip phones). Not even just smartphones. I had a stupid phone (ha ha) before, and it was pretty damn big, too.
  • Girls: I feel your pain. Your phone doesn't fit in your pocket, now does it? Well, that's why the purse and the wristlet were invented. Because we girls have tiny pockets that even our own hands don't fit in, and we need to carry extra stuff, like hair bands, maybe makeup for touch-ups, period supplies, you know... The works. So what's your answer? You put your phone in your back pocket anyway (it's the biggest pocket and most comfortable place to have it up against you). And what happens? When you pull down your pants to use the bathroom, the phone pops out and--if you're unlucky--splash, into the toilet it goes. There's a solution for that, isn't there? And you didn't use it. Now that's your fault, isn't it.
  • Guys: All guys need is the keys, phone, and wallet. And they all fit in those oversized basketball shorts/jeans pockets. There's no way your phone will slip out of those! They're practically purses BUILT into your clothes! And even if you DID have skinny jeans with tight pockets, boys only need to pull their pants down for crapping, not pissing, which happens less often anyway. So basically, the whole wheeee-phone-goes-into-the-toilet problem is eliminated by those giant pockets. So THANK YOU clothing designers who blessed us girls with tiny, "cute" pockets.
Bottom line is, if you drop your expensive phone into the toilet, the fault is all yours, for not preventing it.
There are tons of cute bags out there, you know. Vera Bradley makes a phone holder/wallet (affordable enough). Coach has plenty of wristlets and purses that will hold your phone. Michael Kors has tons of purses that will hold your phone (and maybe a vacuum cleaner or two), and cute little teen-sized cross-body bags (I wish I could afford that!!).
  • "cute," pockets.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Hoping for the best but expecting the worst

I took that quote, "hoping for the best but expecting the worst" from "Young Forever" feat. Mr Hudson by Jay-Z.
That one line from the song keeps replaying in my head. You could say it's "stuck in my head."
And since it's "stuck in my head," of course I thought about the line itself, and its lyrics.
This Jay-Z song really is meaningful, apparently.

This line basically describes my life. It's what I always do. I hope for the best, but I expect the worst. Here are some examples.
  • I'd already taken a school test. I hope for a good grade, but I don't expect to get a good grade.
  • When I started this blog, I hoped for a lot of readers, but I expected to get just my friends.
    • Which is basically true. The most traffic in 1 day this blog has ever seen is 15 people.
  • I hoped my friends would give me some little things for my birthday, but I expected nothing.
    • I got a shortbread cookie, string cheese (lol), a piece of a soft pretzel, and a nail polish (thank you 11k from Sparkles and Scribbles!).
  • I hope to get enough sleep, but I expect not to get enough sleep, and be a zombie at school.
    • Especially when I stay up late watching YouTube.
This logic works out quite well for me. I expect the worst, so I'm never disappointed. But I still hold out hope, just in case, so that my life doesn't completely suck.

Who knew Jay-Z had a British accent? You all probably did, but I didn't.

I encourage you all to "hope for the best but expect the worst." This way, you are never disappointed, but you are sometimes pleasantly surprised. Don't think of it as being pessimistic. Think of it as protecting yourself from disappointment. Some people might think that if you think this way, you probably have a sad, depressing life. Which may be true for some people. I don't know. If this doesn't work for you, go ahead and make up your own theory. In fact, I invite you to do so, and there you go, you're basically a philosopher.

When People Touch My Stuff

There's a reason "my stuff" starts with "my." The reason is that my stuff is mine! Don't touch my stuff without asking! I don't mind if someone touches my stuff after asking, and me agreeing, but if they didn't bother to ask, or if I said no and they touch my stuff anyway, that's what gets to me.

I mean, who in their right mind would let people touch their phones? I think nobody. Especially me! You guys know I paid for a good portion of my phone, which is a lot considering how expensive it was (not bragging!), and am I going to hand someone my hard-earned $700 bill? Hm, I think not! Especially not a fragile one! That's like handing someone your glass $700 check, and saying, "I don't mind if you break this, making me unable to cash it."

Speaking of which, WHY are iPhones so fragile?! They need to start making them with, I don't know, Gorilla Glass®, like so many other phones and tablets out there!
Other things that annoy me on this topic:
  • When people aren't careful with my stuff, even if I allowed them to touch it
  • When people hand my stuff to someone else! I said YOU could borrow my pen, not that gross nose-picker over there! And who knows how careful Person #2 will be with my stuff?
  • When they won't give my stuff back to me when I want it
  • When someone wants to borrow my stuff when I'm using it. Hello, I am the priority for MY stuff!
  • When they do more than what I allowed them to with my stuff. Ex: When I tell someone they can call their parents on my phone, that doesn't mean they can also play Bejeweled before giving it back to me (without asking).
I am a big hypocrite on the topic of touching people's stuff without asking. Of course, everybody knows (or I hope they do) that I'm SUPER careful with my stuff.
I've had the same boots for the last 3 years, and if they weren't outdated and worn-out, I'd still be wearing them to this day! Of course, I still wear them on less-rainy or less-snowy, cold days; on days I don't want to wear my newer pair.
Someone who's had the same boots for the last 3 years can clearly take good care of items. I hope this tells people I can use their phones without dropping them on their faces.

In the spirit of the new year, I've been letting people touch my stuff, but only while I watch them--I don't trust them to take good care of my stuff (ex. not drop it, not get it dirty).

I don't think I'm going to do the "today is" thing anymore. I don't have enough countdowns!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

All About Eyeliner

Here's some eyeliner tips that you might find helpful. Some of them are obvious, so they're just reminders! By the way, in the picture above, this is my waterproof test, where I put my swatched hand underwater and ran a wet finger on top. The eyeliner in the "after" picture is gel.
  1. Can't find a good liquid eyeliner? A different kind works for everyone. There's the dip-in kind, where there's either a brush or felt tip, and you dip it into the liquid and then use it (felt tip: Almay's Liquid Liner, Maybelline's Master Duo, brush tip: NYX's Studio Liquid Liner). There's also the marker kind (NYX's The Curve, Maybelline Master Precise, Revlon's Liquid Eye Pen), or gel eyeliner (L'Oreal's Infallible Lacquer Liner 24H), or pencil eyeliner (NYX's Eye/Eyebrow Pencil, Stila's Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner).
  2. Which is better, retractable pencil eyeliner, or the sharpen kind? It depends on what you're going to use it for. If you're going to do a smudged line on your lash line, either will do the trick. Waterline? Either. A thin line on your lash line? Sharpen kind. This way, you can get a good point at the top. I find myself reaching for the sharpen kind more often, because of the sharp tip, which gets in hard-to-reach areas. There are some retractable eyeliners (like Em by Michelle Phan's pencil eyeliner) that have a built-in sharpener, so the point never gets dull! I'd like to try that for myself!
  3. There's too much eyeliner on your dip-in eyeliner brush? The brush/felt tip absorbs all of the eyeliner you'll need, so wipe off the excess on the inside-sides of the dip-in part. Also, marker felt-tip eyeliners never have too much eyeliner. I've only had a problem with too little!
  4. Can't find a good eyeliner for the waterline/tightline? I've tried everything! Waterproof pencil eyeliner, NYX's Jumbo Eye Pencil, gel liner... Until I found this awesome trick! Dip your pencil eyeliner into a gel liner, and line your waterline/tightline. Then, set it with a matching-colored eyeshadow. It basically stays all day!
  5. What felt-tip marker liquid eyeliner should I buy? There are so many! I have so far bought the following marker eyeliners: Maybelline Master Precise, NYX The Curve, Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen, and Rimmel Scandaleyes Precision Mico Liner. Now, I'm not usually much of a Rimmel fan, but (you guessed it), my favorite so far is the Rimmel Scandaleyes Precision Micro Liner. The tip is a little small for my liking, but it's a nice tapered shape, and the tip is not too long (like Maybelline's Master Precise).
  6. My liquid eyeliner said it's waterproof, but it's not! Yeah, it's pretty much impossible to make a waterproof liquid eyeliner, or waterproof makeup at all, for that matter! You will see this with the picture above.
  7. What's your favorite eyeliner/type? I like felt-tip marker eyeliners for winged eyeliner (I do winged eyeliner most days), and of course I use my gel/pencil/shadow tip, Tip #4 for the waterline.
  8. How to get a more natural-looking eyeliner look? Either use a brown eyeliner, or black/dark brown eyeshadow on an angled eyeliner brush. Don't use any eyeliner on the waterline for a more natural look.
  9. I don't have any eyeliners. How can I line my eyes? Try using (black/brown) eyeshadow on a wet, angled eyeliner brush. This won't work for the waterline, but it'll do the trick for the lash line. If you don't even have eyeshadow, try using mascara! Dip your angled eyeliner brush into the mascara (or use some from the wand), and use it like gel eyeliner.
  10. Anything on my waterline irritates my eyes. You might be using eyeshadow on your waterline, and that WILL irritate anyone's eyes. Try my Tip #4! Also, it might actually be the wind that's bothering your eyes. Try lining your waterline on a not-windy day. A summer day, for example, instead of a windy winter day. If none of the above work, I guess you'll have to stick to eyeliner only on the lash line. Oh, well!
  11. When the wind blows, my eyes get watery and when I wipe the corners of my eyes, my eyeliner's wing comes off. If you use gel eyeliner or waterproof pencil eyeliner, it will just smudge instead. Try eyeshadow on a wet eyeliner brush. If that doesn't work, just do eyeliner without a wing.
  12. How do you fix mistakes in (winged) eyeliner? Get a Precision Q-Tip (they're so useful!) and soak up some lotion-makeup remover with it (don't use liquid makeup remover! It never comes off your skin!), and fix your mistakes. Sometimes a makeup remover wipe works too.
  13. How do I do winged eyeliner? Everyone does it differently. I like to start with the wing. I open my eyes and figure out where I'm going to put the wing. Then I close my eye and draw the wing on (you'll perfect it later). The wing should look like the picture below when your eyes are closed. Then I like to pull my eyelid taught with my finger and line the rest of the lid. After, I open my eyes and fix the wing and the transition from wing to lid. Some people line their tearducts, but I find that when I do, it comes off quickly, and it's difficult to get just right.
  14. Are there different versions of winged eyeliner? Yes. Here's some.
355 days till Christmas
The 4th day of the year

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Movies (chick flicks)

Since I have been posting about beauty/clothes lately, it's time to go back to what this blog is really about.
And since I'm making an effort to be less sarcastic/irritable, I thought I'd share with you the list of movies I watched over break. I am including a self-written short summary of each movie (if I can remember).
Every girl is a "chick flick person." Don't deny it. Fuel the addiction!
  1. Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging
    1. This is a British movie about a girl named Georgia who is likes this guy, and her best friend likes that guy's brother. The best friend and crush's brother start going out and "snogging" (aka making out) in front of each other and ignoring their friends. Everyone starts hating Georgia all of a sudden when she kicks her best friend's shin. It's great timing, because her parents want to move.
  2. 10 Things I Hate About You
    1. Popular Sister #2 can't date until unpopular Sister #1 does. So, Sister #2's boyfriend to-be starts paying someone to go out with Sister #1. Sister #1 and the guy start to actually fall in love, until Sister #1 finds out what he's up to.
  3. Another Cinderella Story
    1. A famous, Justin Bieber-type dances with an unpaid maid/stepsister (Selena Gomez) to a rich family. He's determined to find out who it was he danced with. He is rude to the maid/stepsister, so she doesn't tell him it was her at first. Then she does tell him, and they start to date, and her stepsisters sabotage their relationship.
  4. Easy A
    1. A girl (Emma Stone) is thought of as the school slut when people find out she told her best friend that she slept with someone during a one night stand (which is a lie to get her friend off her back). Her other friend (gay) asks her to fake having sex with him at a party (so people will think he's straight), and she does. Other boys start asking her for the same favor, and then people start thinking she's prostituting.
  5. 13 Going on 30
    1. A girl was at her 13th birthday party, playing 7 Minutes in Heaven. She thinks a popular boy is coming into the closet with her. Instead, her best friend (male) comes. (the other party-goers ditch) They figure out she thinks it's someone else, and she ditches him. The next morning, she wakes up 30 with a boyfriend who wants to go all the way, and everyone hates her, and she finds out she's cheating on her boyfriend with a married man. She works at a successful magazine company. Her "best friend" (who was attending her 13th birthday party) is sabotaging the company, which she discovers later.
  6. Mean Girls
    1. New girl becomes friends with popular girls as a social experiment planned by her "real" friends. She gets a makeover, and helps create the Burn Book. When her popular friends get annoyed with her, they spread copies of pages from the Burn Book. New girl takes full credit for the Burn Book.
  7. Mean Girls 2
    1. New, "I don't care what anyone thinks of me" girl takes over popularity and becomes an annoying, obsessive Popular Girl. Her best friend's father is paying her to be best friends. She gives back the money, but nobody knows that. All they know is that she's getting paid. The old Popular Girls revealed this. New girl's friends turn their backs on her in her time of need.
  8. The Princess Diaries
    1. Girl finds out she's the princess of a small country. She gets a makeover; her best friend doesn't like it. She gets date with best friend's brother. Kids at school find out she's a princess, and because of this, popular boy breaks up with his girlfriend to go out with her. Publicly kisses princess, and she breaks up with him.
  9. The Princess Diaries 2
  10. Legally Blond
    1. Elle Woods' boyfriend dumps her when she thought he was going to ask her to marry him. She follows him to Harvard law school, and becomes smarter than anyone thought possible. Everyone mistakes her for a dumb blond.
  11. Legally Blond 2
  12. Half of Material Girls
    1. Popular cosmetic company's business is decreasing ever since company's founder left. Founder's daughters burn their mansion down and are forced to live in poorer but doable conditions. I hated this movie so much I stopped watching halfway through!
  13. The Notebook
  14. 17 Again
    1. A high school basketball star (played by Zac Efron)'s girlfriend is pregnant. He quits basketball, ruins his college future, and grows up hating his life. His kids hate him, and he's getting a divorce. Until he falls off a bridge into a lake, and is magically 17 years old again, while the rest of the world is unaffected.
  15. Charlie St. Cloud
    1. A guy (Zac Efron)'s brother dies. He begins working at the graveyard. After his death, he plays catch with his brother every day. Until the guy gets a girlfriend, and came late one time.
  16. Balls Out
    1. The tennis coach dies, and a perverted janitor takes over. He's a great coach, but is perverted, which sometimes helps his tennis students and is funny, but he gets kicked out of his job.
  17. The Devil Wears Prada
    1. A girl (played by Anne Hathaway) is trying to get a journaling job. She takes a prestigious job in the fashion industry, and is horrible at it. She still spends time with her friends/boyfriend. She is then made over by a coworker, and gets better at her job, and spends less time with her friends/boyfriend.
  18. Step Brothers
    1. When their parents get married, the two (life-failing, unemployed, living-at-home) step brothers hate each other. Then, they realize how alike they are, and become good friends. They are so annoying that they cause their parents to divorce.
  19. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
    1. A group of friends find a pair of jeans that fits all of them perfectly. They each go their separate ways for the summer, and they mail the jeans to each other, with a set of rules. Each girl gets the jeans for 1 week, documents things that happened while she was wearing them, then sends them off to the next girl. They blame everything that happens on the pants, claiming that they're good luck, then bad luck, and so on.
  20. 50 First Dates
    1. A girl's short-term memory is wiped clean every night when she goes to sleep. This is because of a car accident. Every day she wakes up thinking the car accident never happened, and it's the day after the accident. A guy falls in love with her, but he can't fix her condition. Instead, he finds a way to work around it.
  21. Clueless
    1. A pretty, popular girl named Cher has a popular best friend with a popular boyfriend. They decide to take in a new girl, who's unpopular, and they make her over, then try and get her a boyfriend. Her friends turn their backs on her, and then she realizes SHE wants a boyfriend.
  22. P.S. I Love You
    1. A 30 year old woman's husband dies. He has it planned out so that once a month for 1 year (after his death), his wife will receive letters and plans for things to do.
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