Friday, January 17, 2014

Stories 2: 10 Different Topics & Stories

Let's just jump right in, shall we? We shall.
  1. "It's not awkward if you don't make it awkward." My friend and I had a mini-discussion about this (though I think she was talking about "it's only awkward if you say it is"). I think this is completely true because even if you're talking about the most awkward topic on Earth, it's mainly about your tone of voice. If you have an awkward tone of voice, you'll make it 10x more awkward.
  2. Social experiment: buying pads at CVS. I used this tactic while I was buying pads at CVS (I would tell you the background story, but it would take too long) and it was literally fine. I asked something about the ExtraCare card, then I handed over the pads and the cashier checked it out, no questions asked, no weird looks.
  3. Clothes are too expensive! Have you ever been to Urban Outfitters? If your answer is yes, you know how expensive their clothes are. And they're not especially good quality (not that I've ever bought anything from there, it's just my first impressions). For a simple T-shirt, it's $30!
  4. Screen protectors. I wasted $20 on a 2-pack of phone screen protectors. They didn't even work. They came with folds in them (very obvious) and dust got stuck to them and created bubbles on my phone's screen. It only looks good on your phone when there's no bubbles, and that is very hard to achieve. Also I went through 2 of them just trying to get 1 on my phone. And the protectors scratch way easier than the glass screen.
  5. The Apple store is cool, but intimidating to buy from. I managed to gather up the courage to ask one of the Apple employees if I could pay in cash for the screen protectors. Apple is so intimidating to buy/return to, because even if you don't need help, you need to go up to the tall employees and ask to buy it. However, the store is really cool. When they checked out my purchase, they pulled out a drawer I never knew existed and gave me change, then pulled out another secret drawer and gave me a receipt!
  6. Shopping with friends. Some people like it, some don't. For me, I'd rather go with friends than alone or with my mom (I seem to have better luck finding stuff when I'm with my friends). However, my mom's got the credit card and I don't have to predict how much cash I'll spend and bring that much. So I can't buy anything expensive (ex. the leggings I've been wanting for, like, ever). It's not like I don't like shopping with my mom, and it's not like we don't have fun, it's just that I never end up coming back with as much stuff, maybe because I'm hesitant to ask her to go into places like Bath and Body Works.
  7. What happened on the way home from swimming yesterday. I've already told some of my friends, so you may already know this, but when my mom was driving me back home from swimming yesterday, we were stuck in traffic, and we saw some guy getting out of a car in boxer shorts (holding his pants... Couldn't he put them on in the car?). He walked to the door of the police station, and a police officer opened the door. To a half-naked man.
  8. I'm probably going to burn the house down. I already told you this story if you sit at my lunch table, but I'll tell anyone else who might be reading my blog. In science the other day (I have science 4th period, I'm always still sleepy during 4th period), we were doing Experiment 3.2(A), and the burner was below a beaker of water, and I thought it was a good idea to wipe the condensation away with a paper towel. The teacher told us that if we did it with our finger, it would work. We tried it, and it left streaks. So instead of getting rid of the condensation, I set my paper towel on fire. Now, this has happened before with my homework above a candle (I just wanted to burn it a little to make it look aged!), so I thought fast and blew it out before anyone (besides my lab partner and the group across from us at the table) found out.
  9. I am too short. Do you ever have that problem where the arms are too long on a long-sleeved shirt, or the legs are too long on pants (ex. yoga pants)? Well that's basically my problem every single day. My jeans bunch up at the bottom, and I always have to wear short-sleeved shirts (even at this cold time of year! It's freezing inside at school!). If anyone's wondering, I'm 4'11 and 3/4". I'm literally not even 5 feet tall. And I'm only supposed to grow for another year!
  10. Everyone should get the app Beautylish. Beautylish is a free app that's like makeup/nails Instagram where everything's on the Popular page, plus Q&A, plus social experiments, plus EVERYTHING. It's literally amazing. <3
Have a good long weekend, and don't forget WHY we have Monday off from school. It's not Earth day; you actually need to think about it.

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