Saturday, January 4, 2014

All About Eyeliner

Here's some eyeliner tips that you might find helpful. Some of them are obvious, so they're just reminders! By the way, in the picture above, this is my waterproof test, where I put my swatched hand underwater and ran a wet finger on top. The eyeliner in the "after" picture is gel.
  1. Can't find a good liquid eyeliner? A different kind works for everyone. There's the dip-in kind, where there's either a brush or felt tip, and you dip it into the liquid and then use it (felt tip: Almay's Liquid Liner, Maybelline's Master Duo, brush tip: NYX's Studio Liquid Liner). There's also the marker kind (NYX's The Curve, Maybelline Master Precise, Revlon's Liquid Eye Pen), or gel eyeliner (L'Oreal's Infallible Lacquer Liner 24H), or pencil eyeliner (NYX's Eye/Eyebrow Pencil, Stila's Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner).
  2. Which is better, retractable pencil eyeliner, or the sharpen kind? It depends on what you're going to use it for. If you're going to do a smudged line on your lash line, either will do the trick. Waterline? Either. A thin line on your lash line? Sharpen kind. This way, you can get a good point at the top. I find myself reaching for the sharpen kind more often, because of the sharp tip, which gets in hard-to-reach areas. There are some retractable eyeliners (like Em by Michelle Phan's pencil eyeliner) that have a built-in sharpener, so the point never gets dull! I'd like to try that for myself!
  3. There's too much eyeliner on your dip-in eyeliner brush? The brush/felt tip absorbs all of the eyeliner you'll need, so wipe off the excess on the inside-sides of the dip-in part. Also, marker felt-tip eyeliners never have too much eyeliner. I've only had a problem with too little!
  4. Can't find a good eyeliner for the waterline/tightline? I've tried everything! Waterproof pencil eyeliner, NYX's Jumbo Eye Pencil, gel liner... Until I found this awesome trick! Dip your pencil eyeliner into a gel liner, and line your waterline/tightline. Then, set it with a matching-colored eyeshadow. It basically stays all day!
  5. What felt-tip marker liquid eyeliner should I buy? There are so many! I have so far bought the following marker eyeliners: Maybelline Master Precise, NYX The Curve, Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen, and Rimmel Scandaleyes Precision Mico Liner. Now, I'm not usually much of a Rimmel fan, but (you guessed it), my favorite so far is the Rimmel Scandaleyes Precision Micro Liner. The tip is a little small for my liking, but it's a nice tapered shape, and the tip is not too long (like Maybelline's Master Precise).
  6. My liquid eyeliner said it's waterproof, but it's not! Yeah, it's pretty much impossible to make a waterproof liquid eyeliner, or waterproof makeup at all, for that matter! You will see this with the picture above.
  7. What's your favorite eyeliner/type? I like felt-tip marker eyeliners for winged eyeliner (I do winged eyeliner most days), and of course I use my gel/pencil/shadow tip, Tip #4 for the waterline.
  8. How to get a more natural-looking eyeliner look? Either use a brown eyeliner, or black/dark brown eyeshadow on an angled eyeliner brush. Don't use any eyeliner on the waterline for a more natural look.
  9. I don't have any eyeliners. How can I line my eyes? Try using (black/brown) eyeshadow on a wet, angled eyeliner brush. This won't work for the waterline, but it'll do the trick for the lash line. If you don't even have eyeshadow, try using mascara! Dip your angled eyeliner brush into the mascara (or use some from the wand), and use it like gel eyeliner.
  10. Anything on my waterline irritates my eyes. You might be using eyeshadow on your waterline, and that WILL irritate anyone's eyes. Try my Tip #4! Also, it might actually be the wind that's bothering your eyes. Try lining your waterline on a not-windy day. A summer day, for example, instead of a windy winter day. If none of the above work, I guess you'll have to stick to eyeliner only on the lash line. Oh, well!
  11. When the wind blows, my eyes get watery and when I wipe the corners of my eyes, my eyeliner's wing comes off. If you use gel eyeliner or waterproof pencil eyeliner, it will just smudge instead. Try eyeshadow on a wet eyeliner brush. If that doesn't work, just do eyeliner without a wing.
  12. How do you fix mistakes in (winged) eyeliner? Get a Precision Q-Tip (they're so useful!) and soak up some lotion-makeup remover with it (don't use liquid makeup remover! It never comes off your skin!), and fix your mistakes. Sometimes a makeup remover wipe works too.
  13. How do I do winged eyeliner? Everyone does it differently. I like to start with the wing. I open my eyes and figure out where I'm going to put the wing. Then I close my eye and draw the wing on (you'll perfect it later). The wing should look like the picture below when your eyes are closed. Then I like to pull my eyelid taught with my finger and line the rest of the lid. After, I open my eyes and fix the wing and the transition from wing to lid. Some people line their tearducts, but I find that when I do, it comes off quickly, and it's difficult to get just right.
  14. Are there different versions of winged eyeliner? Yes. Here's some.
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