Monday, January 27, 2014

People Who Think They're All That

My mom used to call people like this people who "think they're hot shit on a silver platter when they're really cold shit on a paper plate." Some examples of people who think they're sooo great...
  • Popular kids
  • Male teachers (yes, I said it. I will explain later.)
  • Female teachers in their 20s
  • Women who wear makeup
Popular kids. They know they're skinny, and most of them are pretty. But believe me, they aren't perfect. Some of them have frizzy or curly hair, some have anorexia or bulimia, some don't like their teeth. They have insecurities too.
Male teachers. I can name a few substitutes and otherwise teachers who think they're hot shit. Maybe they don't think they're good-looking (or maybe they do?), but think they have the right to tease students because they have more power, and if the student complains to their guidance counselor or (vice) principal, who're they going to believe, a middle school student, or an adult? These teachers force kids to "talk back" to them and then send them away for being rude. The teacher himself provoked the student. And okay, maybe the student isn't very respectful, but why not? Because they're expressing their opinion! In a rude manner nonetheless, but remind me--who was it again that provoked the student?
Female teachers in their 20s. These teachers get hit on by the male teachers and love it. They don't flirt back, but they visibly enjoy being the target of one-way affection.
Women who wear makeup. Similar to female teachers in their 20s. They expect all the men to come running, and sometimes they do. In offices, I've heard this is the case.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to this: they don't really think they're all that. Deep down (or maybe not so deep), they know they're not perfect. They just don't want anyone else to know that. They think that maybe, if everyone else thinks they're amazing, they will be convinced too.
So next time that mean popular girl ignores you at school, or accidentally smears red sauce all over you at lunch because she doesn't give a shit about you, remember that she hates yourself, and you love yourself, and you're a nicer, friendlier person than her on the inside, and nobody has bothered to find out.

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