Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pet Peeve List

I am sick, so when I breathe out from my nose, the sound I make reminds me of a dragon.

Since this blog is all about my pet peeves (habits people have that I hate), I thought I'd compile a big list of them for you.

From an "interview" with my brother:
  • When people tell each other inside jokes around you and you don't get it
  • People who try to involve themselves in your life... following you around, becoming friends with all your friends
  • When people talk about things nobody cares about
  • When people think they're very attractive when they're not
From my friends (I was texting a few friends while writing this post):
  • When people crack their knuckles
  • When people harmonize to the song that's playing
From me:
  • When you feel like a third wheel
  • When people sing the wrong voice part in chorus class, it makes it harder for me to keep up with my part
  • Girls who don't go to the bathroom to use it, instead they check their hair.
  • When a kid and her five friends cut you in the lunch line.
  • When someone paints her nails ten different colors, one per nail. UGH!
  • When your math teacher lets someone else get away with something wrong a test, without noticing it/correcting it
  • When people chew with their mouth open
  • When someone sticks their tongue out while they're eating so they can gross you out
  • When people let their dogs pee on your grass right in front of you
  • When people don't pick up their dog's poop
  • When people let their dogs go to the bathroom in front of a sign that specifically forbids it. It's even worse when they say, "sorry, she's just learning."
  • When someone spills food on you
  • Bad grammar
  • When an app crashes just when you're about to reach your high score, and then you lose your score!
  • When people leave their used pads/tampons on the ground in a bathroom
  • When people have makeup mistakes. Not that my makeup is perfect, but when people have Cleopatra-style eyeliner, it really just kills me to look at them
  • Bragging
  • Just about anything on this blog
  • People who are insecure
  • Begging for compliments
  • People who stuff their bras with tissues/toilet paper, people who wear push-up bras
  • When people lie to make themselves look better (I don't hate it when people lie in general, ex. I don't hate it when people lie so people don't get offended: I love that One Direction/Justin Beiber/ugly sweater!)
  • When people crack their glass phone screens
  • When you've had something wrong with your clothes or makeup or had something on your face all day and nobody told you about it... All day!
  • People with B.O... Is it too much work to slap on some deodorant?
  • Braces... they suck! They give you mouth-cuts, hurt, make my teeth temperature-sensitive, and I can't whiten my teeth because of them. Damn do I wanna rip these off with a fork! (I've watched YouTube videos about how to do it.)

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