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Phone Case Rubric

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Since we know I have very strong opinions on how I think people should treat their phones/technology/electronics, I will tell you what I look for in a phone case.

Fist off, I'm glad nobody has bought me a phone case for my birthday/holidays. Why? Because I won't put it on my phone if it doesn't live up to my case standards.
I'm not saying this to be a rich brat, like "I only buy phone cases when they're above $40!" I'm saying this because I want to protect my phone from droppage damage. Now, don't get me wrong, I never drop my phone! The variable here is who is near my phone? Some examples of why this variable is relevant...
  • When Pebbles (one of my 2 cats) jumps onto tables, counters, places I put my phone on, etc., she will walk on top of whatever is there. If the TV remote is on the counter, she'll step on it. Sometimes she'll slide things right off the counter! I think it's by accident, but we'll never know!
  • If my friends are nearby, sometimes they will grab my phone without my consent (*ahem* you know who you are) and who knows how carefully they will treat it? They might drop it, or get food all over it (I doubt you're reading this, but you know who you are!!!), and I have no control over it. When my phone is out of my hands, I have no control over how it's treated.
  • If my friends are nearby, they might make me laugh, which causes me to drop my phone! (It's a long shot, but I might as well have put it in here.)
Now that we've established the fact that I am very picky about my phone cases, here is my phone case rubric - I will only purchase a phone if it follows these standards; what I look for in a phone case.
  1. Must be either silicone (yes, these stick to your pockets and not your phone, but we've established from the last post that I don't put my phone in my pocket, as my pockets are too small) or a hard shell/silicone mix, so some of each. Ex: cases by Speck. These mix/hybrid cases have silicone on the inside, and are hard shell on the outside, so it's protected, but slides in and out of your pockets with ease.
  2. Cases are preferably hybrid hard shell/silicone, because though you are compromising on the protection a bit, they slide in and out of pockets/purses.
  3. I don't care too much about the price. If it's $5 and follows the rest of the rules, awesome! This is unlikely, so I will settle for more expensive cases. However, I will not purchase a case that costs above $80. If I did that, I might as well not have a case on my phone at all, and buy a new one when the old one is dropped!
  4. Must have a cute design that represents me. I feel the same way about wallpapers. It's one of the first things people notice about others' phones, and I want it to send a message about me.
  5. Must not be a hard shell case. Those annoy me because you're purchasing it ONLY for the design. Sure, it should have a nice design. But the whole point of phone cases are to protect your phone! You can hardly call a hard shell case a "case!" They're such a joke! They're so flimsy, and they don't cover any of the buttons, so they're just got giant gaps where the buttons are.
  6. Good quality silicone cases are really nice, but OK quality is okay too. Good quality silicone cases don't stick to your pocket; instead they stick to your phone (what a concept!). Ex: Apple iPhone 5c cases. OK quality is better than those cheapy Belkin ones that completely stick to your pocket and your phone slips right out when you take it out of your pocket. Ex: bunny iPhone 5s cases from Amazon.
What case do you have?
If you don't know me in person, you wouldn't know what kind of phone case I have. It's called a Hybrid Hardshell case in Petal Pink. Here's some pics from Google of the inside and outside (easier than taking one myself). On the inside of the case, the green color is this harder silicone, and the pink is plastic (hard shell).
Bottom line: don't buy me a phone case unless it's not-too-cheap silicone or silicone-and-hard-shell. Although I totally wouldn't mind a new phone case. It's just that I'm super picky.
Btw, who knew CVS sells iPhone cases? Of course they go for the mainstream iPhone instead of every cell phone to make cases for, but it's just an interesting observation. Although I've only seen phone cases at 1 CVS so far. If they get a lot of sales, I bet they'll bring cases to the other CVS stores.
Lastly: In the picture at the top, the picture-taker hung the cases on nails or something on the wall/bulletin board. If you have a lot of cases, that's a great way to store them and be able to look at and admire them all the time! I think Command strips/hooks would work well for this if you want to use your wall.

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