Saturday, January 25, 2014

Things I Hate About School

There are lots of things to hate about school (ex. everything). Here's just 10% of what I hate about school.
  1. Mandatory review packets. I'd much rather study my way rather than the teacher's way, and I don't need to work on every single thing in the review packet. Some things I know how to do perfectly well, and don't need to review. Also, review packets don't really help because if the teacher tells you the answers the day before the test, you might find that you got every single question wrong, and you studied from that, and now you have to re-study. However, review packets are very helpful when they're not mandatory and come with a review packet.
  2. We go to school, and learn. We go home, and instead of getting a break from using our brains, we practice the skills we've learned (and lose some sleep while we're at it). Aren't 6 and a half hours of learning enough?
  3. Some teachers don't realize that we have after-school activities and other classes' homework to do. We can't spend 3 hours on one subject, because that leaves us no time for other classes' homework, and we can't forget the after-school activities. When I have swimming, it's almost immediately after school, then it takes 30 minutes to drive to the pool, it's a 1 hour practice, 30 minutes to drive back, 30 minutes to shower (I take long showers, okay?), and 30 minutes to eat dinner, that's 3 hours cut out of our homework time.
  4. Lack of sleep. Homework takes the place of our sleep. We can't do after-school activities, do our homework, have time to relax before bed, and go to sleep at a decent hour. If I went to bed at 3am last night, yes, I was watching YouTube videos. Why? To unwind before bed. I can't do homework and go straight to bed! Can you?
  5. Teachers take forever correcting tests. I saw a meme once that said: "'Did you grade my test yet?' 'No, I have other students' tests to grade.' 'Did you do your homework last night?' 'No, I have other teachers' homework to do.'" If teachers are allowed to take 3 months to grade our tests (I have a specific math teacher in mind), I should be allowed to take 3 months to do my homework. So since I don't get 3 months to do my homework, grade my test already!!!
  6. Tough teachers. I had a teacher once that told us we start with a B in his class, and if we get As on everything, we can work our way up to an A. Excuse me, but NO, you're supposed to start with an A and work your way down!
  7. Teachers who say "learn from your mistakes and grow" or something similar. I would learn from my mistakes, except that I am never taking that test again, so I will completely forget everything from that test and make room for new information.
  8. Memorizing. Memorizing for a language class is one thing, because it's not one big paragraph, but memorizing Shakespeare, like we had to do last year, was horrible! I had to memorize like 2 pages of "Romeo! O, Romeo, where art thou?" Actually I was Romeo, but that's all I remember. Anyway, memorizing is just pointless! We're going to forget it very soon anyway!
  9. Pop quizzes. We basically never have those, don't ask me why (thank GOODNESS), but last year we had some, and it was bad. I always aced them because I'm amazing (insert blushing emoticon here) and they may or may not have been very easy... But still, how obnoxious are those? Please let us know before you test our knowledge, it's only fair. We don't ask you to teach us things you don't remember anything about.
  10. It robs kids of their dreams and ambitions. It tells them that any job they get, if they actually enjoy the job, they won't be able to support themselves and/or a family.
  11. It limits our creativity. Rubrics. 'Nuff said.
School sucks!

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