Monday, January 6, 2014

When People Touch My Stuff

There's a reason "my stuff" starts with "my." The reason is that my stuff is mine! Don't touch my stuff without asking! I don't mind if someone touches my stuff after asking, and me agreeing, but if they didn't bother to ask, or if I said no and they touch my stuff anyway, that's what gets to me.

I mean, who in their right mind would let people touch their phones? I think nobody. Especially me! You guys know I paid for a good portion of my phone, which is a lot considering how expensive it was (not bragging!), and am I going to hand someone my hard-earned $700 bill? Hm, I think not! Especially not a fragile one! That's like handing someone your glass $700 check, and saying, "I don't mind if you break this, making me unable to cash it."

Speaking of which, WHY are iPhones so fragile?! They need to start making them with, I don't know, Gorilla Glass®, like so many other phones and tablets out there!
Other things that annoy me on this topic:
  • When people aren't careful with my stuff, even if I allowed them to touch it
  • When people hand my stuff to someone else! I said YOU could borrow my pen, not that gross nose-picker over there! And who knows how careful Person #2 will be with my stuff?
  • When they won't give my stuff back to me when I want it
  • When someone wants to borrow my stuff when I'm using it. Hello, I am the priority for MY stuff!
  • When they do more than what I allowed them to with my stuff. Ex: When I tell someone they can call their parents on my phone, that doesn't mean they can also play Bejeweled before giving it back to me (without asking).
I am a big hypocrite on the topic of touching people's stuff without asking. Of course, everybody knows (or I hope they do) that I'm SUPER careful with my stuff.
I've had the same boots for the last 3 years, and if they weren't outdated and worn-out, I'd still be wearing them to this day! Of course, I still wear them on less-rainy or less-snowy, cold days; on days I don't want to wear my newer pair.
Someone who's had the same boots for the last 3 years can clearly take good care of items. I hope this tells people I can use their phones without dropping them on their faces.

In the spirit of the new year, I've been letting people touch my stuff, but only while I watch them--I don't trust them to take good care of my stuff (ex. not drop it, not get it dirty).

I don't think I'm going to do the "today is" thing anymore. I don't have enough countdowns!

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