Wednesday, February 26, 2014

2 Things I'm Excited About

I realized that I'm excited for a lot of things. This has to be a good sign because I am a much happier and friendlier person in general when I have things to look forward to.
  1. High school! I am in 8th grade if you're new to my blog, and next year, I'm going into high school. I'm not nervous because I will be going to high school with the same group of people I am going to middle school with. However, I am super pumped to go to high school because of all the new privileges and new stuff, such as...
    • Being able to use your phone/electronics whenever you're not in class (between classes, at lunch, during free periods, when you're in the bathroom, wink wink).
    • Free periods. My brother has a few 9:30am days, but I won't be getting any double free periods until I'm older.
    • The lunch room has a microwave (no line, last time I checked!). Hello, microwave mac 'n cheese. I just hope nobody brings spinach to lunch, hoping to occupy the microwave for 3 minutes. As my mom said, I don't think we'll have a problem with high schoolers eating vegetables at lunch.
    • Some of the lunch tables are circular. We recently got round tables (Monday, to be exact) at my school, but everyone is clamoring to get one. I don't think this will be a problem at the high school.
    • The school itself is new and beautiful... And I can't be sure until I try it, but I think the pad and tampon machines are stocked!!!
    • There's WiFi connection throughout the school, so I don't have to use my data on my phone (I'm on pay as you go) when I use the Internet!
    • There's vending machines that vend actual FOOD, not just water, like my school. There's snacks and sodas! I imagine the vending machines are often jammed though.
    • I hear there's better food there.
    • The building has decent architecture in some places. I love the staircase and hallway overlooking the floor below it.
    • There's absolutely no dress code at the high school. At my school, there's sort of an implied dress code, as in teachers can make you change if they deem your outfit inappropriate. And of course, I'm always the only one who gets called out. This has only happened once, thank God, but if you're wondering, here's how it went down. I was walking out of the lunch room with my friends. This was the second day in a row that I'd worn that pair of shorts. The vice principal called my name, and I walked over. My friends stood off to the side. She said, "Those shorts are too short. Do you have anything to change into?" I didn't. My gym shorts are just as short. But I did have my jacket with me (we went outside for gym class that day). She told me to tie it around my waist, and never to wear those shorts to school again. Anyway, this was all before the dress code was loosened. So I'm pretty sure that the vice principal can't call people out like that anymore, but teachers can, and there's no exact dress code, so I'm guessing clothes have to be really inappropriate for teachers to do that. Ex. This girl in my science class wore a fishnet shirt. I think she wore only a bandeau underneath. My science teacher told her to wear her jacket over it. I hope my science teacher won't interfere with my shorts wearing.
  2. Summer, obviously! I bought a bunch of summer clothes this winter, and I haven't worn any of them yet, and I am super excited to wear them! And I love wearing my sundresses with Keds, those outfits make me feel like Taylor Swift and they make me feel more confident (because of the Taylor Swift thing). I'm also excited to go to the beach and go bikini/clothes shopping with my friends, and just be outside more! Oh, and of course the school's-out part. I tend to go shopping a lot more in the warmer weather. Also, summertime clothes are just way cuter! Shorts, dresses, skirts, and crop tops, versus jeans and T-shirts. Keds, flip-flops, sandals, Converse, and flats versus Uggs. Huh, I wonder which is cuter. And shoutout to my pajamas (yes, I am shouting out my PJs. You got a problem with that?) because summer PJs are way cuter than winter ones. In the winter, I wear solid-color sweatpants and a T-shirt. In the summer, I have this super cute outfit I bought recently, and I HAVE to share. The top is pink and sort of sheer, with a PAC-MAN graphic design on it. The bottoms are made of a PAC-MAN patterned material, and they're sort of gym shorts style, you know the ones with the different colored trim? They have a rope tie at the middle of the front side. They're so cute! I can't wait till it's warm enough to wear them!

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