Friday, February 14, 2014

Anti-Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I thought today was the perfect day to post my opinion on Valentine's Day, because... I think it's pretty self-explanatory, actually, so...

Most people who are V-day haters hate Valentine’s Day because they have no one to share it with. I mean, obviously you’d hate Christmas if you never got any presents.
I hate Valentine’s Day. True, I’m a lonely cat girl, so I have a bias. But I think that even if I did have a valentine, I would probably still feel this way.
I got the idea of anti-V-day from The Princess Diaries books. I don’t remember which book it was, but Mia wanted to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Michael and he didn’t believe in Valentine’s Day. He hated Valentine’s Day because he said it was a holiday invented by Hallmark to get more business. I don’t think the holiday itself was invented by Hallmark, but it’s a stupid concept for a holiday. It’s all about love. What kind of holiday is that? I can love whenever I want! People give other people those cheesy, mini Valentine’s cards that come in boxes of 20, with maybe a tasteless lollipop taped on. Or a box of chocolates. What if I was on a diet and you just ruined it? Although I must say, chocolate is delicious, especially truffles and white chocolate. But that’s beside the point. If I wanted to celebrate my love for other people, I wouldn’t go around killing trees and making people fat. Not that I actually do any of these things anyway. I'm referring to giving out chocolate and cards, by the way, not actually chopping wood...
Even though I don’t believe in Valentine’s Day, I think it’s a good excuse to wear pink, white, and red, and go around hugging people who don’t want to be hugged (AHEM, you know who you are, anti-huggers!). In fact, last Sunday, I painted my nails bright pink and put a silver heart on my ring fingers, plus a red heart shaped rhinestone in the corner of my thumb nails. It came off in about a week (thanks for nothing, OPI), and I didn't have time to redo it, but nobody even noticed!
Receiving 2x4 inch cards with candy taped on makes me feel loved. But why should we have to buy cheesy cards for each other to make each other feel loved? Shouldn’t we feel loved all the time? Isn’t that what birthdays are for, posting “hbd” on someone’s Facebook wall, so they feel a little more acknowledged, even though you got a Facebook notification for it? Giving someone a $10 Starbucks gift card? It makes us feel like people care about us. But I don’t think a good way to show it is giving out valentines. Couples have their anniversary once a year to celebrate their relationship. Do they need another day, too?
One last reason I hate Valentine’s Day: you can’t put a price on love. If you love someone, you shouldn’t have to buy them stuff to make them happy. (Thank you to Maz from YouTube for giving me the idea for this reason.)

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