Monday, February 10, 2014

Elementary, Middle, and High School + Summer

First off, I apologize if this post is too long, as it is one of those days when you barely have any homework and have the rest of the day to yourself.

I'm in 8th grade, AKA middle school. Some people say middle school was the worst time of their lives, and high school was a lot better. Some people had a great middle school experience and high school was a disappointment.
I don't know about you, but though I'm still only 5/6 done with middle school, I daresay that I had a pretty good middle school experience.
To begin this post, I'll share some experiences from throughout my school years.
  • Last year (7th grade), I had/have and enemy. We became very good friends; I even nicknamed her (and I think people still call her that sometimes to this day). I don't exactly remember what happened, but we had some sort of argument and became enemies. One day, she was giving me the Sassy Move, which is where a girl does a little head-and-shoulder sway, if you know what I mean. It didn't piss me off really, but I wanted to make a statement, so I flipped her off. I guess she told on me to the vice principal and I got in trouble. There were no consequences since it was a first offense, but I got called to the office and everything and everyone went "ohhhhhh" when I got called down over the loudspeaker. At least I got to miss math class...
  • When I was in 1st grade, my mom told me that if you throw wet toilet paper on the ceiling, it will stick. And me being an impressionable little kid, tried it. At school. With friends. While there were apparently other people in the bathroom! The onlooker(s) told on us, and we got a stern "chat" with the principal.
  • I've learned that if you become friends with somebody, and then AFTER that you figure out you don't like her, you can ignore her calls and texts, avoid her, and basically give her the cold shoulder whenever you run into her. Give her the quick, dismissive "hi" when she waves/hellos first.
  • You better not chew gum on the first day. Wait and see which teachers call people out for chewing gum, and after that you can chew gum in the "safe" classes. I don't bother taking the chance. Why bother using up a new piece of gum to maybe spit it out later?
  • Guys apparently do gossip. I've witnessed it.
  • People are actually dating in my grade. This is news to me. I wonder how many of those "couples" have actually held hands or kissed or anything. Seems very unlikely to me that any of them have ever kissed, much less Frenched.
  • Do things because YOU want to, not because it will attract boys or friends or anything. I want to wear makeup every day, so I do. If I don't feel like doing my makeup on a particular day, I just won't. I don't feel obligated to wear makeup. I know everyone (including guys) think I wear too much makeup. I don't care, because I wear makeup because I want to and it's fun. I won't stop just because guys might like me better. I will find a guy one day who likes my makeup! Just kidding, that's ridiculous, I'm in 8th grade.
  • If you get As on basically every test, it's probable that you don't have a life.
High school course selection. A lot of my friends are taking all honors level classes (highest level). That means 2 hours of homework each night, which means 8 hours of homework each night. Those people will most likely regret that decision when they wake up one day and find that they have no life anymore, because their lives are filled with studying and homework.
That being said, I'm sure high school isn't that bad. There's free periods. You can eat lunch outside. You can use your phone between classes, at lunch, and some teachers even allow usage in class. You can bring your backpack around with you (no more going to my locker THEN the bathroom to get pads/tampons! No more going to my locker to reapply lipstick!). You get a lot more freedom.

Middle school tours. I hope we get the opportunity to sign up for touring 5th graders around the middle school, because that would be so much fun! I know the school's layout by heart, every corner, and I have a lot of tips I can deal out that I wish someone had told me. Ex. the way you can tell each floor apart is that the lockers are different colors.

Bad teachers. These teachers are the ones who demonstrate things once, and expect you to understand it, right off the bat, no questions asked. And then when everyone fails the test, they're all surprised. And yet when you go after school seeking help, you get none. These teachers don't tell you what to expect to be on tests, and don't give out study guides.

SUMMER! This has nothing to do with school. I'm getting more excited for summer by the day! I'm necessarily excited for summer vacation (rotting in bed isn't exactly my idea of fun, although neither is waking up at 6am and learning all day), but I'm super excited to go to the beach, and wear summer stuff. Ex.
  • High waisted shorts/skirts with crop tops (I've accumulated a few crop tops and skirts over the winter)
  • Short shorts... I have this one adorable H&M pair of shorts. They're blue denim, with these cute designs on them. They're kind of high waisted.
  • Wearing summer clothes over bikinis, but it's okay that you can see your bikini because it's not underwear! I do not understand why it's acceptable to go in public wearing a bikini but not underwear. Huh. Not that I would do that. Also, why is it illegal in some states for women to go out completely topless? We can wear whatever we want, we don't want a dress code! (And I can assure you that women at my YMCA do not abide by these laws.) See this website for topless laws in each state. I've never witnessed one, but I've heard there are protests about this.
  • Going back to the topic of summer clothes, AHHHHH I'm so excited! My friend said she's planning on dressing "all slutty" this summer.
  • I really want a trampoline, they're really good exercise (rebounding, anyone?) and super fun. Everyone would always want to come to my house if I had a trampoline. Or a bouncy house. I want a bouncy house too.
  • I miss wearing skirts, crop tops, and shorts.
  • I just got a skort (skirt with shorts underneath) and Forever 21. I'm so excited to wear it. I usually wear a pair of black shorts (kind of Spandex-like, except with an elastic waistband, and looser) under all my skirts because I'm paranoid about them being sheer (I've made this mistake once before...).

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