Friday, February 28, 2014

Everyone Needs an Outlet

Prewritten on 2/26/14

What I mean by "outlet" is a happy place. What you do to make yourself feel better and forget about your problems.
Some common outlets include
  • Pets (me)
  • Makeup (me)
  • Drugs
  • Video games (this used to be me)
  • Sports
My story: I used to play Minecraft (it's a video game if you don't know) with or without my brother. That was my outlet. Until all of my friends on multiplayer servers quit Minecraft. It happens to everyone at some point. Minecraft gets boring, and you Quit playing. It's a big deal when one of your virtual friends Quits. So eventually, my virtual best friend Quit, and Minecraft got so boring without him that I Quit too. So when I Quit, I had no outlet. For a short amount of time, my Outlet was writing short stories with my friend Sparkles & Scribbles. We both wrote stories. But that didn't last long, as it wasn't helping anyone.
Now, my outlet is blogging. I can write little blurbs, and I love writing.
Everyone needs an outlet. You can't do homework and go right to bed. Otherwise, you will feel incomplete.

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