Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Not My Problem

I'm posting twice today because both posts are short (but still insightful).

When I talk to my friends about hot celebrities, and I mention Zac Efron, everyone's all, "he got a nose job!" or something like that. And I'm like, "Yeah, he does crack too; he can do whatever he wants with his life."
I don't care what you do with your life. I don't care if you do drugs or get a nose job or whatever. It's not my business, and not my problem. I don't want to gossip about who got a boyfriend, etc. (well, okay I sometimes do), because I don't care. It's not my life, and therefore not my business, thus not my problem.
People can make their own decisions, and if they make bad ones, they should know the consequences. Ex. If someone chooses to smoke, they should just know that they will eventually end up with lung cancer.
If that person knows the consequences and still decides to smoke, it's not my decision. And it's also irrelevant to me. It's not MY problem, so I don't care. You can do whatever YOU want with your life. I'll do whatever I want with my life.
I won't try to stop anyone from making a bad decision, but I'll inform them of the consequences.
Zac Efron wants to do drugs. He has a reason, I'm sure. I bet it's not easy to be an idol for people everywhere. I'm sure he's under a lot of pressure. That's probably why he chose to do drugs, knowing that he will get addicted. I don't care if he has a drug addiction! That's not what we're talking about!

To sum it all up:
  • So long as you make informed decisions, I won't try to stop you
  • It's your life not mine. You make the decisions.
  • Stay relevant and on-topic.

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