Thursday, February 6, 2014

Stories 3: Health Class, Flashbacks

This post will be just like my Stories 1 and Stories 2 posts. Also kind of like my I'm Clumsy! Heels fail post. In other words, I have some idiotic/funny experiences to share with you.
Also, I'm sorry I posted this so late in the day today.
  • I have health class this term, and we're learning CPR. The first real health class, we learned compressions, which is only part of CPR. Of course, I had my hands in the wrong place on the mannequin that my partner and I were practicing on, so the teacher had to correct me. That was awkward, and then on Tuesday, we learned how to give breaths (mouth-to-mouth). Before it was my turn, I said, "watch me totally fail," and my prediction was right. The teacher had to help me, because the air bag wasn't filling when I was doing it. So, he (the teacher), held the mannequin's head upward while I gave it breaths. You can just picture how awkward that was.
  • I got my braces tightened on Friday, and got the colors changed. The stupid orthodontists forgot to change one bracket's color. So the rest of my braces are lavender, and then there's this ONE blue one.
  • I left my cat in my room, and I left my laptop on. And--you guessed it--when I came back, there were 10 new windows open on my computer, and Radioactive was playing on Spotify! And there was my cat, sitting on my computer.
  • I made pancakes on Friday night (yes, I think it was Friday), so I could eat them before my cavity filling (see next bullet) Saturday morning. I used Bisquick. I tasted the batter raw, and it was horrible! So I threw a ton of mini chocolate chips in. Then I went to cook them in a pan on the stove. First, let's get this straight: I've never cooked on the stove before. I knew it could very well be a disaster. So, I didn't know when to turn them, how much butter to use, or how high to turn up the heat on the stove. So I used minimal butter, a non-stick pan, heat level 5 out of 10, and just winged it. I turned them over whenever I felt like it, and tried to get them that classic pancake golden color (I guessed they were fully baked when they turned that color). Not gonna lie, I am not the best at making pancakes. When I turned them over, often times pancake batter would fly in different directions. Or I'd use too much batter and end up with a huge, uncontrollable pancake. I ended up with 3 decent-looking, giant pancakes, 1 small, overcooked pancake (cooked by my mom, as a demonstration), and 1 pancake ball (which was delicious and melty and chocolatey). I made the pancakes in the first place because I felt it a necessary skill to know how to cook on the stove.
  • My second pancake experience was much better.
  • I'm pumped for summer. My friends are pinning bikinis and beach pics on Pinterest, and it's making me crave summer! Let's flashback to summer for a second here... (insert flashback sound effect from Arthur here) We had a picnic, 5 of us. We pigged out, eating one friend's yummy rainbow cake, my brownies, and my soda. We bought snacks from the vending machine, and tanned on the rafts of the lake. Before we parted ways with the first friend, we took a full-body beach pic (which, recalling it now, was very clich√©), with the beautiful beach background. It was in bad quality from my iPod Touch, but I posted it on Instagram, tagging each friend. Ahh, those were the days.
  • I said "I'm pumped for summer." I am pumped for the nice weather, going to the beach with friends, and having no school. I am NOT pumped for bug bites, overwhelmingly hot weather, and my friends leaving for camp and me staying here to rot and die. Oh, and of course, I'm also not pumped for having to shave again on a regular basis... I will admit I have been slacking off... Also, I don't think I'll be attending any high school parties this summer, because DO THOSE EVEN EXIST? I've never heard of one in real life, and never been to one. So I have reason to doubt their existence.
  • More memories! My friend hosted a surprise party for another friend once. I designed and organized a game, called the Instagram Hunt. We used Instagram Direct to send each other the photos we took of each other doing the things on the Hunt list. That party was soooo fun, I wish I could go back and do it again.
  • I watched Despicable Me on Monday. It was so cute!
  • Somebody came to class today with yellow White-Out. I need to get me some of that!
  • I think I've decided that I don't need to have protective phone cases, but I want one. I've dropped my phone probably twice ever, and the phone came back unscratched. I think I'm obsessed with phone cases.
  • Pusheen! If you have Facebook, you probably know who Pusheen is. She's a fat, lazy, cartoon cat, and you can get her in the form of emoji stickers for free on Facebook messenger. She's so cute! I looked it up; she's a girl. The video at the top is of Pusheen eating pizza. If you Google her, you'll find cartoons of her doing all kinds of lazy things. She's my wallpaper on my phone and computer, I love her so much! If I ever see a phone case with Pusheen on it, I am SO getting it! I saw one on Amazon and Etsy, but it's $20, and I'm not really allowed to order online. I'M OBSESSED!
  • I am obsessed with: phone cases, Pusheen, cats, and makeup.
  • Another flashback! Too bad today is not #tbt (throwback Thursday). The field trip on the last (or near to last) day of school. At the time, we all thought it was boring. In the heat of the summer, we walked along a path/trail. We all defied the  dress code because, once we were there, nobody could do anything about it, and we didn't think the vice principal was going to be there (we were wrong). We didn't get caught for our short-shorts. Anyway, we backpacked together, our little friend group. We took our annual end of year selfie and posted it on Instagram. I miss that day!
  • Last flashback... Field trip to an amusement park (no water rides). Last year. It wasn't a whole-school thing, just for some of the grade (I won't tell you exactly who or where, don't wanna get stalked). My friend and I rode all the medium-scary roller coasters together, and bought Gatorades together, and went through the cooling-off water sprinklers. We even saw teachers riding roller coasters and screaming their heads off! At the end, we got giant bags of candy. A half hour after I got home, I thew up. Just once, so I know it was the candy. Not to be anorexic here, but at least I didn't actually consume the calories for that candy.
  • Ok, this one is REALLY the last flashback. A different year, different amusement park. 2 years ago. The whole school went. Bus ride was super fun; the whole trip was a blast.
  • Let's remember that this post is not JUST about flashbacks. I have another story. If you pull back my left ear cartilage to reveal the little corner between my head and ear, I have an extra bone sticking out. I know it's not normal because I don't have that on my other ear, and nobody else has that.
Those throwbacks probably weren't as fun to read for you if you weren't there and couldn't recall those happening, but nobody reads this blog except my friends, so chances are, you were attended at least one of the flashback events. Anyway, hope you enjoyed this post. I wrote it on Tuesday because I write when I get inspired, and save the post for when I'm scheduled to post.
Whew, that was a long post! Took a long time to write, too. 40 minutes, if my memory serves.

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