Sunday, February 16, 2014

Stories 4: Ear Piercing Horror Story

This story won't be like the other "Stories" post, because instead of me putting together a bunch of small stories, this one will be about one long story.
Before we start, I want to say that in total, I had my ears pierced for 6 months. I'm currently reading my old 2009-2011 Judy Moody diary. It says that I got my ears pierced on February 23, 2011. So that's almost exactly 3 years ago. So I was about 10 or 11. (I'm not telling you my exact age on purpose.)

I got it done at this sketchy jewelry store (not that sketchy, but very unheard of). It didn't hurt when I was getting it done. The whole time, my mom was stopping the person from doing anything because she wanted to snap a million pictures. I got these gold heart post earrings. I cleaned them twice a day with Q-tips and rubbing alcohol. You were supposed to wait 2 months for the hole to heal (that's the policy at the place I went to. At other places, it's usually 6-8 weeks), then you can take them out.
It's sad because I was so excited to change my earrings. I was counting down the days (I even had a year calendar for this).
I took my earrings out at the 2 month mark, and apparently they bled. I vaguely remember all of this; it's coming from my diary. And then they started to hurt, and I decided I'd try to take them out again once they stopped hurting, and continue cleaning with rubbing alcohol twice a day.
And that was when I stopped journaling. But I won't stop this story there, because there's a lot more to it.
I was either depressed about this, or pretending to be depressed for the sake of the story in my diary. Knowing me back then, it was probably the latter.
Anyway, so from here on, since it's not documented in my diary, I might get some things wrong.
Eventually, I went to the doctor and they did nothing, but they told me to remove the earrings twice a day and clean them that way, but it hurt SO bad, I just couldn't do it. So I changed the earrings anyway to these hypoallergenic ones (and somewhere along the line I also had titanium ones in). Warning graphic: the skin of my ear lobes grew around the back of my left earring. So I was forced to go to the doctor again, and they were all "it's you again" and they said to use hoops so they're easier to take out, and I did but it was all bloody, and my friends were sympathetic, but it was too gross and painful, so I took out the earrings and let the holes close up.
Now, there's scar tissue there and the holes are still visible, but I'm sure it's impossible to put earrings in. You can't pierce scar tissue, so I'm earringless for the rest of my life (unless I get my ears pierced in a different place on my ear and at a different jewelry store, but I'd be too scared this would all happen again).

I always wanted to be able to wear pearl earrings and put my hair in a high ponytail and look all professional and feminine and stuff, but that will never happen. I'm most likely allergic to titanium and gold and that's why my ears reacted that way.
I know that earrings aren't a deal-maker or deal-breaker for friendships/relationships, but I want earrings because I like the way they look, but I will probably never have them. I just have to accept it and forget about it. It's hard to forget though when your friends are all wearing cute earrings and talking about it.
I babysit two little girls who both got their ears pierced recently, and it makes me sad because theirs didn't hurt at all, and after 6 weeks, they're changing their earrings every day. When I was little, I wanted to wear cute Christmas earrings. Now I see how cheesy that is, but my point is that I always wanted to be able to wear earrings.
Even guys are getting  their ears pierced (Justin Bieber; Pauly D if you remember Jersey Shore), and I'm basically the only girl I know whose ears aren't pierced. What makes it sad is that I wish I could get them pierced, but I won't because I don't want to have earring holes right next to scar tissue and in the wrong place (not centered on my ear lobe). I also don't want to get another allergic reaction. So, in other words, I'm done. It's over. I will never be able to wear earrings, and that's that.

This wasn't meant to be a sob story or anything, but I wanted to share it with you, because I don't want you to think my life is full of minor bad experiences. You might not even want to get your ears pierced, or maybe your ears are pierced, or you got them done when you were a baby and you never had to deal with it. If that's you, consider yourself lucky. Nobody's life is perfect.
See? My blog posts always have a moral :)


  1. just letting you know--8 weeks equals about 2 months. also im pretty sure scar tissue can be pierced, its normal skin but just a tiny bit stiffer because theyre like replacement skin cells where you had a cut/injury. scars also heal but take time (I have scars, they used to be more visible a few yrs ago but now theyre ok.) I guess you can't get them pierced easily/safely if you are allergic to gold and/or titanium.

    1. PS: my scar is on my leg, it may or may not be diff than your ear scar but i highly doubt th its diff. good luck anyway

    2. The doctor told me they can't pierce it in the same place, and you're right haha, but 6 weeks is still different