Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bra Shopping & People Who Wear Bad Bras

Sorry I missed posting Friday. I was at a party and by the time I got home, it was time to go to bed (not before watching several episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and New Girl of course).

So. What's going on in my life right now is: 10 minutes ago I painted my nails dark, dark red (dangerously close to black) and I feel powerful like a queen. I went shopping today with my mom and family friends. I got 4 bras, a pair of jeans (super flattering, omg, they're dark skinny jeans), a navy "never grow up" crop top (behind the words are flowers), and a pair of boot cut yoga pants from Pink.

I'm going to try to not get too personal with this, which may be a challenge for me, since I tend to share too much information (as in openly telling my friends which tampons I like), so let's just do it.

As you know, I bought some bras today. Summary: I bought 2 bras at Pink/VS (more on this later) which were a sports bra and a regular bra, then went to Forever21 and they had tons of cheap sports bras, so I bought 2 of those, and went back to Pink to exchange the sports bra and get a regular bra in return.
But that's not what I'm talking/complaining about.
When I initially went to Pink, they were way too... Touchy feely (as my mom would say). This reminded me of a quote from someone's blog, "the fastest way to get a woman's shirt off is to tell her she's getting fitted for a free bra."
The first thing they did was measure me. I went into a changing stall with the Bra Specialist employee, and she told me to put my arms up, and when I did, she put this ribbon tape measure around my bust and told me my size. She got me a bra in my size and as if the measuring thing wasn't awkward enough, she made me take my shirt off to "check the fit"! Like, no thanks! So I did of course because I am a pushover and I knew it was for my own good. She said, "it's okay, I do this all day" to make me feel better. So she brings me another bra and so on.
What bothers me is how annoying and complicated this whole process is. Can't they let me measure myself or something? Make me buy a $5 ribbon tape measure? I don't know, it's just stupid. I want to know what size is best for me, obviously, but I wish there were another way to find out what that size is.
On the other hand, at Forever21 I received zero help, which was expected, but I honestly could've used some help. And then, when I went to give the employees the ones I didn't want, she goes in this snotty voice, "next time, please hang it up." You think you can tell me what to do? Customers come first! I'm not helping you with your job! And what right does she have to use that snotty voice with me? Who says I'm not rich and will buy 1000 bras? She's the poor one who has to work to get money.

Onto another bra topic, people who wear bad bras. How hard is it to go bra shopping with your mom or sister? One of my friends still wears a training bra. I mean really. We are in the eighth grade, you need to wear a real bra. Her bra goes over the head! Huge red flag right there! It's basically a sports bra but it has zero padding or support. How are you supposed to feel confident wearing a tight shirt when you can see your pointy boobs?! And her mom. "Let her enjoy it while she can." But she can't! She actually needs a real bra! My first bra was even more realistic than hers! Or people who wear a real bra that doesn't have an underwire. Everyone's boobs are saggy to some extent. If you have boobs, you need an underwire!

The moral of the story is: bra shopping sucks; enjoy not having to do it while you can, but don't put it off if you need to get a bra.

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