Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bus Selfies & Stories 5

Credit to Someecards for this meme.
Bus Selfies
People (mostly girls, I think) sometimes take selfies on the school bus.
You would think they would put their backs to the window and take the picture sitting sideways on the bus bench. But no! They stand up (you're obviously not allowed to, that's like bus surfing), rest their phones on the top of the bus bench's back, and take the picture.
This might be okay if they turned off the sound on their phones. But no. Their phones are poised in picture-taking position above your seat and you hear the camera "click" noise. What are you going to think?
Unless you look at their faces, you wouldn't know they were taking a selfie, not a picture of you.

When I was young and stupid (in other words, 6th grade), I didn't have an Instagram or any social networking accounts. So I most likely didn't know that people took pictures of themselves on purpose (believe it or not, younger readers, when I was in 6th grade, "selfie" was not a word). You see, when I was in 6th grade I was school-smart but naïve.
These two girls (I still remember who it was) had one of their phones poised above my bus seat. I hear the camera click, and I, being naïve, thought they were taking a picture of me. Being the smartphoneless nerd I was, I had my face buried in a book. I thought they must be taking the picture of me so they could show it to their friends and laugh at how nerdy I was. I went home upset about it (I'm not a crybaby; never was), told my mom, who told one of their moms, who looked on the girl's phone and there was no picture of me. So in other words, in my eyes, there was a 50/50 chance that the picture of me reading on the bus was on the other girl's phone.
Looking back on it, they must have been taking a selfie, but I didn't know that's what people did because I didn't have any social networking accounts. That was a very embarrassing day in my life, both at the time and looking back on it.

The moral of the story is: don't take selfies on the bus, because it can be misleading, unsafe, and unnecessary (you can just take your selfie in a different position! Is it the bus background that makes that position so popular for selfies?).

Stories #5
Speaking of the school bus... (insert flashback sound effect from Arthur) Yesterday afternoon, I was on the home-bound bus. I was sitting next to my friend. Before the bus started moving, I didn't hear the whole conversation, but I heard some 7th grader say, "...Some girl stuck a tampon in it!" The worst part is that his friend, who he was talking to, laughed along. How sexist! Who says a girl put it there?! And how does he even know what a tampon looks like? Oh, right, he probably doesn't. And he just assumed that's what it was. You think seeing tampons are embarrassing? Yeah, try sticking one up inside of you. So until you know what it feels like to be girl, don't comment on anything period-related. Even when you think only your friends are listening, just stay away from the topic altogether. After we hear this, my friend and I exchange looks. It's the "boys are so ignorant" look, combined with the default "we are thinking the exact same thing, aren't we" look. What annoyed me so much about this encounter was that this boy was telling his friends this as a funny story. How would you feel if I laughed when I saw your.. something embarrassing lying around? And it's not even like this was a used tampon! (It must not have been, otherwise they would've been a lot more grossed out.)

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