Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Don't Let it Affect You

I'm switching back to posting every other day. I miss blogging often. :)
Before I actually start this post, I have a little venting to do.

We're having our guidance counselor meetings about course selection (for high school) this week and last week. Mine was today, third period. Initially, I thought, I get to miss part of French! So I basically skipped off to the guidance counselors' offices. (Not literally.) When I got there, my particular guidance counselor wasn't there. So I figured she'll show up soon. I waited and waited. By the time everyone else had their meetings and left, I got worried. I asked this random teacher if my guidance counselor was there. She said she must be, because her office door was open and unlocked. So I waited a few more minutes, and decided, Screw it, I'll have to do this another time. I wrote her a note. It said, Dear (insert guidance counselor's name here), I had a course selection meeting with you today 3rd period, 3/11/14, but I couldn't find you. -Julia Basically, I was trying to not call her out on forgetting/skipping the meeting. I really wanted to though. How irresponsible must you be to forget your student? And to make it even worse, I missed an important lesson in French. A project was introduced, and I missed it. Yay.

Okay, on with the post itself.
The moral of the story is: don't care. By this, I don't mean "I don't care." I mean "try not to care," but minus the "try." I want you to actually do it.
Whenever something happens to you, care not (if that makes sense). Don't mind it. Don't overthink it. Forget about it.
If someone makes fun of you, don't let it affect you. If someone thinks you're mean, who cares what they think of you? If you get a bad test grade, don't mind it. Things happen. Not everyone can make a connection with each other.
That's not to say "don't care about school and don't pay attention in class." I mean try your hardest and if you've done that, it shouldn't matter what happens.

There's 3 kinds of insults. The kind that hurts because it's true, and should be changed, the kind that hurts even though it's not true, and the kind that you don't let it get to you.
The third "kind" of insult isn't a type of insult at all. It's a state of mind. Use that mindset for everything negative that happens to you.

My friends told me today that some people from school found out about this blog. They thought it would bother me, because it would bother them. But no, I don't care. I'm thinking on the bright side. I do need publicity for my blog in order for it to be successful. You think I enjoy writing for 3 of my friends to read? I'd much rather have more readers. But I keep on writing anyway because I don't care. I care, of course, but I don't let it get me down.

People get bullied and commit suicide or transfer schools because of it. It happens a lot. The bullies are 90% of the problem, that's true. But the other 10%, that's the victim. They're letting it get to them. They know a lot of the stuff they're saying isn't true. And maybe their friends are doing the bullying. Those people clearly aren't your friends and should've ever have been. It's time to make new friends. Don't let it affect you, whether the rumors are true or not. It doesn't matter what they think of you, unless you want to be their friend, which you don't want to be friends with people like that.

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