Sunday, March 2, 2014

My new business

**Disclaimer: I am half joking, if you actually want me to do this, I will, but so far I only have like 2 customers**

Manicure $5
Includes: Relatively simple ail art (such as flowers); I'll bring a nail file, cuticle cutter, nail clippers, nail polish remover if you don't have it, Q-tips (if needed), nail dryer, cuticle pusher, hand lotion, nail file, nail stripers and nail art pens
Does not include: Nail polish remover if you have it, nail polish* (base coat, top coat, and regular), intricate nail art
I will: Cut and/or push your cuticles (if desired), cut and file your nails, paint your nails, lotion your hands, remove previous nail polish (residue)

Pedicure $6
Includes: Same as manicures
Does not include: Same as manicures
I will: Same as manicures
I will not: Do foot scrubs

Mani Pedi $10

Intricate nail art +$1
Such as more than 3+ flowers, iPhone apps, hearts, etc.
Not intricate nail art (included in manicures/pedicures): stripes, dots

Business cards: Please ask me for one in person, as I want to make sure you know me in person. I do not want to give out my personal information to everyone on the Internet.

**If I bring nail polish, it is +$1

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