Thursday, March 13, 2014

No Shame

Guidance counselor update: turns out my guidance counselor was out sick, and she came in today feeling like crap. I feel like a total bitch now. I wish I'd seen the note on the door my friend told me about.

I'm going to be continuing with the advice about judgmental society today (I just realized I've been spelling "judgmental" wrong all my life. I thought it was "judgemental" with an extra E).

If you've ever seen the hashtag #noshame, you probably know exactly what I'm talking about.
My definition: not being ashamed of yourself or your actions.

I love "no shame" because it's a great quote to live by. It kind of goes along with "don't care" because it has to do with not caring what others think of you.
A lot of YouTubers are bloggers skipped the weight question on the TMI tag. I told you my weight, no shame. I am not ashamed of my weight, and I wouldn't be ashamed of it even if I were underweight or overweight. If you think I'm too fat or too skinny, I don't care because I'm not ashamed that I weigh 97 pounds.
My brother pointed out that I must be insecure about my weight because I am starting to exercise. This is partially true, but I'm also paranoid about a lot of things, including gaining weight. So in other words, I definitely don't want to gain weight, but I wouldn't mind losing some. I am a little insecure about my weight, isn't everyone? I wish I were skinnier, like some of my friends. They don't even have to try to be that weight. Then again, if they wanted to, they wouldn't be able to gain weight, and I don't want that either. But I'm stuck with who I am anyway, so what choice do I have? I'm me, and I'm my weight, and what're you gonna do about it? So there. Don't fat-shame people and don't skinny-shame people, because you'll just make them insecure, which nobody needs.

Don't be ashamed of who you are, no matter who that may be. If you think you're overweight/underweight, own it. You can be insecure and not ashamed at the same time.

The moral of the story is: have no shame about what others think of you. Do what you want for YOU not because it will please others.

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