Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Types of Friends

Every group of friends has some of these people. Each person has a "thing," and that's what this is all about. These "types" have nothing to do with appearance, just personality. When I discussed this at the lunch table, one of my friends pointed out that it's unfair to categorize people like that. I disagree because it's true and it's not offensive.
Oh, and also, one person can fit into more than one category.
  1. The shopaholic. The friend who has a lot of clothes. Like A LOT.
  2. The cakeface. The friend who wears too much makeup. (ahem, me)
  3. The athletic/sporty friend.
  4. On Wednesdays we wear pink. The girly friend.
  5. The tomboy friend.
  6. ...Um... The shy friend.
  7. Speakerphone? Ha. The loud friend.
  8. The friends-with-friends-of-friends. The charismatic/outgoing friend. This person is friends with all of your other friends.
  9. It's all about what you wear. Or, not wear. This friend wears slutty clothes.
  10. The nerd. This person loves Harry Potter, maybe Doctor Who or Sherlock, etc.
  11. The smarty pants. This is who you turn to for math help.
  12. The cocky one. Too self-confident.
  13. The carefree one. Doesn't care about what other people think of them; very easygoing.
  14. The happy-go-lucky. This person is always happy. Rarely is in a bad mood.
  15. The sympathetic one. This person cheers everyone up when they're down. They always find a way to make light of the situation.
  16. The one who makes it weird. This person's head is always in the gutter. They make everything sexual.
  17. The funny one. This person always cracks jokes.
  18. The offensive one. We all say offensive things jokingly, but this person does it a little too often.
  19. The obsessive one. This friend is always obsessed with something. Always.

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