Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Don't be afraid to be judged & Judging a book by its cover

I know I skipped Sunday. I did this because I had nothing to write about.

Everyone always says "don't judge a book by its cover" and "don't judge people." But why? What's so bad about people judging one another? We all do it, it's human instinct.
People will be judging you every day. You take a run on a trail, people see you and they might think, "those girls are so fit." They're judging you. But it's in the form of a compliment, so it's socially/societally acceptable. But if they judge you thinking, "I'm glad that girl is running, she needs the exercise," that's not socially acceptable because it's negative. So positive judging is okay but negative judging is not?
If you are a confident person, you shouldn't be afraid to get judged. You know how great you are and you want everyone to think it. But if you're insecure, you don't want anyone to judge you or think about you. You just want to hide in a corner all the time and not talk to anyone.
So be confident. If you're confident, you won't care who judges you. You are open to people thinking about how great you are. So the moral of the story is: you might want to better yourself or become more confident if you don't want to worry about people judging you.

Literally speaking, when you see a book with a puke-green cover with knives framing it, you're not going to look at the inside cover of the book. Similarly (and please don't take offense), if you see someone with crazy rat's-nest hair and stains on their clothes, you're not going to try to get to know them.
People's perception of you is important. It plays a large role in who you become friends with. I wear a crap ton of makeup every day to school, and I know it puts people off. I know it makes people not want to get to know me. I know that when people see me, they automatically assume I'm shallow, materialistic and have no personality. But no. When shallow, materialistic people try to get to know me because they think they can relate to me--GASP--I'm not who they thought I'd be. That part is okay with me because I don't want to be friends with people like that.
The part that I'm not okay with is that the people I actually might want to be friends with think I'm shallow and materialistic and can't relate to them because of all the makeup I wear. They assume that's my personality and hence don't get to know me.
So, long story short, a lot of the people I'm friends with are people I knew in sixth grade and elementary school, before I started wearing makeup. Before people started getting the wrong impression of me.
I know I'm attracting all the wrong kinds of friends. But I'm not going to change a thing because I do what I want when I want to do it and I don't care what other people think about it. If they don't want to be friends with me, chances are I don't want to be friends with them. I want to be friends with people who will get to know me even after they judge me from afar.

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