Monday, April 14, 2014

My Love-Hate Relationship With Semi Formals

I know I missed 2 posts, I had nothing to post about. I'd rather have quality than quantity. :) I wrote this post yesterday, but I want to have a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule this week.

Don't get me wrong, I love semi formals/proms/cotillions. But there's a lot of aspects about them that I hate.
At my school, there's 1 semi formal events (graduation). When I refer to "semi formals," that's the kind of thing I mean. Anyway, my friends and I all thought there was going to be a semi formal dance at the end of the year, but my mom told me the school principal said that's not the case.

So this is what I love about semis:
  • I get to do my friends makeup and nails (I'm the makeup and nails expert. It's the best job ever.)
  • My friends and I get to do each other's hair.
  • The getting ready process is fun.
  • The dress-buying process is fun.
What I hate about semis:
  • Since it's a SEMI not a PROM, there will be no extra activities to participate in. It will be exactly the same as any other dance, and I just know I'll end up sitting on a lunch table drinking Fanta (and maybe a chocolate bar) most of the time. Not fun.
  • Dresses are SO expensive and chances are, you'll never wear that dress again.
  • It's kind of a waste of time... Don't murder me for saying that.
  • You have to wear uncomfortable shoes.
  • My friends are already thinking about it 2 months in advance, That's like thinking about Christmas in October! If we get excited now, it won't be as exciting when it actually happens.
  • You could get a date. And chances are, I'll never get asked. Which will make me feel unspecial. I mean, going with friends is just as fun, but having a date is just exciting.

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