Friday, April 18, 2014

Post By The Amazing Wonderful Human (Guest post by friend)

A couple of friends came over today and they wrote something. They didn't publish it, so I'm publishing it now. You'll see some commentary by me in parenthesis.

Hello I am amazing and wonderful and my name is Lauren, and I am posting on this blog and hoping that Julia won't notice me sitting here and typing randomly.  I'm getting good at typing, I started using an online website to get better at it am now not making many mistakes, very impressive on my part.  (She always puts two spaces after every sentence. I wish she wouldn't, it's weird and incorrect.) I would like to talk about how I manage to be so wonderful on a daily basis.  Also her friend is here secretly typing (I don't get it...)

First of all, I try to not to let all lose (does she mean "those"?) mean people get me down, meaning that when you do something that might be considered weird, and someone gives you that look like "what is wrong with you" don't let it affect you.  You should just say "I do it because I can and I want to."  People aren't necessarily thinking you are weird or strange, they may just be jealous that you can do what you want or wear what you want confidently without letting what other people might think of you affect you. (Mhm, girl power. Just like when I wore my sort of see-through shirt to school on Thursday with a black bra and didn't realize it until 5th period in the fluorescent lighting of the bathroom. I stayed confident anyway!)

Second, I always try to win, it doesn't matter if it's a race (You better mean running.) or a question in class etc. I always want to be the best at it.  (Just like on your tests? ;)) For example, in my family each of the younger children has an unspoken need to be more impressive than the children before them.  So far I am significantly more impressive than my siblings when they were my age.

Third, if something bad happen

And that's where it ends. Maybe I'll ask them to add on to it later.

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