Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Random Ranting 2: Sheer Crop Tops & Rainbow Lipstick!

Let's start with the topic "sheer crop tops" and why I hate them.

I hate sheer crop tops. They're an evil invention for anyone who wants to be at all conservative. This is because I don't want to show off my whole bra under the shirt but I also don't want to have to wear a tank or camisole underneath. I don't want to be forced to wear a tank underneath because:
  • Sometimes it's just too hot outside to layer shirts
  • I want to have my options open. I want to be able to wear something (a tank top or cami) underneath for a layered look or not wear something underneath for a casual look. I don't want to be obligated to wear something underneath.
  • Where the tank top ends, it's visible. It will be all opaque underneath in one spot, and then in another spot, your skin will show through. It just looks weird. This only applies to sheer crop tops with high necklines.
  • I don't have any cropped tanks/camis, so I'd have to tuck in the tank/cami underneath, and I hate tucking things in, because then they get all bunched up under your pants and you can see the lump in your pants from where it's tucked in.
  • When you tuck in shirts (as in the shirt underneath meaning the tank/cami), the shirt gets bunched up on TOP of the pants too. So you have a fake muffin top and a lump. Yay.
  • When there's a shirt underneath, when you lift your arms up really far, you can't see skin below the shirt. What you see is SHIRT under the shirt. That just looks weird.
Sometimes though, I just find the most adorable sheer crop top, I have to buy it. But that's the exception, not the rule.

NYX is now making RAINBOW LIPSTICK! It's called the NYX Macaron Lippies collection. It comes in electric blue, light blue, bubblegum pink, lime green, teal, black, white, OMG THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS. I better get my hands on some of those, and fast! I want to be the girl at school who wears crazy lipstick colors. How cool would that be? Just a simple winged eyeliner, blush, and contour, then BAM! Blue lipstick! That would be some first impression at high school. :)
Also, the white would be great to have; I could layer it and make any lipstick a shade lighter. Take a red lipstick, swipe on some white and you've got bright pink! Or take a red lipstick, swipe on some blue and you've got plum! Can you tell I'm super excited?! I can't wait till these lipsticks come out in stores!


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