Monday, April 21, 2014

Random Ranting

If you don't either know me in person or follow my blog, you probably won't care about reading this post because it's not about anything specific. So here we go.

My thoughts on mixing and matching bikinis.
["Matching" definition: when the bikini bottom and bikini top have the same pattern.]
I will mix & match if necessary, but I prefer not to. Situations where I deem it "necessary" to mix & match:
  • If the bikini top fits me from one store, but the matching bottoms from that store don't or vice versa with bottoms
  • If the store is sold out of one of the pieces (top or bottom) but not the other
  • If I really don't like one of the pieces but I love the other (I won't buy them both just to match)
  • When half of 2 separate bathing suits are in the wash (as in, one bikini top from one suit is in the wash and a bikini bottom from another suit is in the wash), although I don't know why that would ever happen...
  • When I grow out of one of the pieces but not the other (as in I grow out of the top but the bottom still fits, or vice versa)
  • If I've worn each full bikini multiple times and I want to switch it up
Which is why I end up mixing and matching a lot when buying and wearing swimsuits. Last year, the main reason was because I only had 2 full bikinis and I wanted to switch it up once in a while. This year's bikini season hasn't started yet. But anyway, the basic idea is I'd rather not mix and match but I will if necessary. I'd prefer to wear ones that match.

Something random I just thought of: when I sit at a table with a computer, I feel like I'm sitting at a sewing machine. I always feel like I should sit with my feet on the floor (I usually like to sit on my feet to make me taller so I can see what's on the table better and it's more comfortable) so that my foot can be on the pedal. Except there is no pedal because it's a computer, not a sewing machine.

An upcoming DIY project: "DIY Denim Phone Case With Pocket". (Wait, hold on a second. I'm going to walk up to my attic. Okay, not a good idea. It's all spider-webby in here. Quiet though.) What I'm planning on doing is finding any cheap, flat phone case (I have yet to step out of the house during this vacation week, I have a cold) and gluing some denim onto it, except not any old piece of denim. My mom got this baby denim skirt for me (probably thrifted) and I'm going to cut out just the part with a pocket. I want my phone case particularly to have a pocket on it, so it's more interesting-looking. It'll be awesome, just you wait. I think I'll do a DIY step-by-step on how I made mine. I'll post pictures of course. I'm so excited, it'll be so cool! Btw, this is not the same as a phone holder/pocket. I'm not cutting the pocket off to store my phone in. I'm gluing the pocket ONTO a phone case. It's kind of hard to explain, but you know what I mean.
Okay, I'm leaving the attic now, it's too hot in here. I hear an ice cream truck!

If you can't tell, I'm still super excited for summer. Although it did hurt my happiness when I realized summer means bugs. Mosquitoes. And I can never get my hands on any bug spray. And sunscreen. But nevertheless, I'm super excited to wear my new bikinis and crop tops with high waisted (haha wasted) shorts and skirts. YAY!

Braces. When I first got my braces on, at the beginning of summer/school vacation 2012, they said I'd have to wear them for about 2 years. Let's hope I get them off this summer! Don't get your hopes too high though.

Omg the window is open. It's been such a long time since I could open my windows and not be cold. I opened my windows yesterday but I was cold. There was some guy doing something in his backyard the whole day and he could probably see me sitting here, at my desk in front of the window. I hope he didn't think I was staring or something. I'm not a creep, I promise! Oh well, that's just one more person who hates me.

I have had the urge to play around with makeup all day. But I took a shower and I'm completely makeup-free, no traces of old mascara today, and I didn't want to mess it up. But it's like a craving! I must play with makeup! Also, there's pretty much nothing I haven't done with makeup so my "playing" options are limited.

And that's all for today as I ran out of topics to rant about! Bye!

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