Thursday, April 17, 2014


I don't have a schedule for this blog anymore. I'm starting to run out of things to write about, so I'm writing less often.

When I say "realizations," I mean when people say "then it dawned on me" or "then it hit me" referring to something they finally realized. Here are some things I've realized lately.
  • I am insecure about my stomach. That's why I don't wear tight shirts very much. I tend to stick to loose-fitting shirts or crop tops.
  • I am the so-called "leader" of my group. You know what I mean? Like in The Clique by Lisi Harrison, Massie is the queen bee? Well, for my group, apparently that's me. I asked my friends who they thought it was, and they said me! I thought it was someone completely different. It's a foreign concept for me.
  • I show off sometimes. Subtly, but still. I purposefully pull out my phone when I'm in close proximity to people who are cocky or think they're better than everyone else. I do that with other things, too. Sometimes I even do it subconsciously!
  • I'm very fortunate, and I'm ungrateful about it. I have food and a home. We watched a documentary in English about people going hungry called "A Place At the Table" and it made me realize that.
  • I'm not the only person I know (besides my brother) who likes the music I like!

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