Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Third post of the week! Let's hope I keep this up.

I can think of at least 2 friends and a few acquaintances who I'd describe as being soft-spoken.
How I know someone's soft-spoken is when they speak in class or to people they don't know very well, they use hushed tones and tend to stay away from personal topics. They are afraid to speak louder to people they don't know very well. They find it hard to make friends, or sometimes don't want to make friends because of this.

Google definition of "soft-spoken":
adjective: soft-spoken
  1. speaking or said with a gentle, quiet voice."

I try to speak up. I wouldn't describe myself as soft-spoken. I think maybe I used to be. I'm not the most charismatic person, that's for sure, but I don't hold back when I talk to people (we all know I share way too much information), and I speak up to make sure people hear what I have to say, regardless of if I know it's correct. I'm always nervous talking in class because I'm never sure if what I want to say is correct, so I tend to speak in class less often but when I do, I speak up.

People need to stop being so soft-spoken. It's not helping anyone. They'll hear what you have to say no matter how loud or soft you say it, so you might as well prevent them from having to say "what?" 5 times.

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