Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Things I'd Love to Have But Never Will

I'm going to tell you about some of the things I'd love to have but will probably never have and why. As for "why," I'll give you a situation in which it would be awesome to have that item.
  • Projector
    • I could watch movies outside! I mean, come on, how awesome would that be? I could have summer evening parties with one of those bug-repellant candles and everyone could bring a sleeping bag. We could sit on our sleeping bags with popcorn watching the movie on a white sheet that's hung up on the house.
  • Trampoline or bouncy house
    • Trampolines/bouncy houses are super fun and give you exercise. I just love trampolines. I have a friend who has a trampoline and she always hosts all the parties because we love jumping on her trampoline. We jump on her trampoline for basically 50% of the time we're at her parties. I can't have one because my parents say it would raise our insurance if we got one because it's a "big source of injuries."
  • Pool
    • Goodbye, pond trips! Just have the friends over to your house! Plus, all the magazines and lemonade are already there and are free!
  • MacBook Air
    • I have a PC right now, and Macs are so much faster and prettier and have better pixel counts. I would never get one because the ones with sufficient memory are very expensive.
  • Designer clothes
    • I'd be the best dressed kid at my school! Designer clothes are always 10x cuter than regular clothes.
  • Rebecca Minkoff purse
    • They're SO cute. So cute. The picture at the top is of a champagne-colored RM purse.
  • My own apartment
    • I could do whatever I want! No more rules! I could have parties and eat as much crap as I want without my parents scolding me! Of course, that might make me fat, but that's besides the point.
  • Epcott's soda fountain with sodas from around the world
    • If you've ever been to Epcott, you know how awesome the around-the-world room is, and in that room, there's soda tasting for sodas from around the world. I don't remember much about it, but I have a picture on my old phone of the soda fountain. I do remember that some were great and some were terrible.
I'm not rich. Oh well. Everyone wants to be rich, don't they? I bet it's not as great as it seems.

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