Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Women Need Pockets Too

While I understand that pockets look bulky in skinny jeans/pants or whatever, I think that companies over-compensate and fake the pockets in blazers (this is highly unnecessary in blazers. So what if there's an extra couple layers of fabric in a BLAZER? How does that affect the wearer?) and have extremely small pockets in jeans. I can hardly put my hands in my own jeans pockets. And I don't have big hands! We may be women, but that doesn't mean we don't need pockets. We may carry purses, but if our jeans just had bigger pockets, we wouldn't need to. Contrary to popular belief, not all women like carrying a purse. I find them excessively large and annoying to have to keep track of (not to mention how they always fall off my shoulders).
All I need to have in my purse is some money (I use a wallet but I could easily go without one), my phone, my lip product(s), and my just-in-case pads and tampons. I can go without my pads/tampons when I'm not expecting my period anytime soon (they fit in jeans pockets too!), and everything else could easily fit in jeans pockets if they were a little bigger.

And people are disgusted when women pull things out of their bras. Skirts, dresses, and leggings/yoga pants don't have pockets at all, and women's jeans pockets are often too small for certain things. In fact, your hands are probably dirtier than anything that comes out of your shirt.

So if anyone's wondering, that's why women put things in their bras: because women's clothing often doesn't have pockets. Also, it's convenient and always there (and it could prevent you from getting pickpocketed!)
You know, there's actually pockets you can buy for your bra! Such a good idea.

Anyway, I wasn't planning on sharing this bra storage thing on my blog (it's definitely TMI) but I was just dying to. So bye.

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