Monday, May 26, 2014

Complain Bragging

Some people complain-brag.
Definition: Complaining about something while underhandedly bragging about it at the same time.
I'm going to discuss how much I hate complain-braggers, some examples of complain-bragging, and how it's not always complain-bragging.

First things first. I hate complain-braggers because while they're trying to look innocent on the surface by complaining, they're really bragging about something under the surface and trying to get you to be jealous of them.
Some examples of complain-bragging.

  • "Ugh, my iPhone 5s is so slow." This person is bragging about having an iPhone 5s in the form of a complaint, so it's not as obvious and you can't tell them off for it.
  • "It's just so hard to put on weight, you know?" You look like a supermodel and you know it. Stahp.
  • "My new apartment is so annoying, it's so hard to find furniture that looks good in it!" Yeah, we know you have a new apartment okayyy?
  • "It's so hard being popular. Everyone's always trying to be friends with me!" And yet, you still choose the popular life every day.
  • "I got so many likes on this picture, I'm worried people will think I bought them!" I really don't think anyone else is paying that much attention to your likes.
  • "My feet are so narrow, it's so hard finding shoes that fit." As if all the sandals on the face of the earth aren't super narrow.
HOWEVER! That is not to say that whenever someone says something like that it's intended to be a complaint-brag. Maybe that person really does have a hard time gaining weight (even though they wouldn't need to...).

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  1. lol i can relate with the last one actually, tho i wouldnt put it in the form of a complain brag, like not start with 'my feet are so narrow' ...i see what ur saying tho...those ppl who are like "im so perfect it hurts" and we're over here like "ya stfu we know already" :) sometimes i wonder how some people seem to have no problems...also i tried to post today but for some reason the internet/blogger won;t let me so i saved the post and its going up tomorrow. :)