Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My Thoughts on Swearing

Everyone has their own opinions on swearing. Should people do it? Should they not?
But you know me, I'm pro-choice.
So I say if you want to swear, go for it. It's your choice. Therefore, I don't fault anyone for swearing. But that's not to say I'd openly swear 24/7.
But it's not that simple. Would I swear? Do I swear?

I swear in certain situations. Now here come to examples part of my usual blog posts...
  • I wouldn't swear while babysitting or in front of kids.
  • I wouldn't swear at school or in places I could get in trouble for it.
  • I would swear at home.
  • I would swear in front of my friends.
  • I would swear when something bad happens, like when I stub my toe, etc.
Although I wouldn't swear every 5 minutes in listed situations. I would swear when it's necessary and called for.

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