Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Problems & Solutions for Summer

I love summer, but nonetheless it comes with problems. Here's how I'm going to fix some of these problems.
The format of the bullets are problem: solution.
  • Bug/mosquito bites: Use bug spray and AfterBite. I haven't used bug spray much in the past because my parents don't believe in it, but I'll be going into high school next year and it's about time I start making my own decisions. I'll purchase it myself if I need to!
  • Sun burns: Spray-on sunscreen.
  • Makeup getting dewy-looking and sliding off your face from sweat: not wearing face makeup!! I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm planning on going mostly bare-faced during the hot months of summer. I'll still wear eye makeup, sure, but foundation, concealer, and powder just feel kind of THERE when they're on your face and it's even worse in the summer because there's sweat on top and you can't just wipe your sweaty face because you'll wipe your makeup right off. I'll still wear long-lasting cream blush, though :)
  • Swimsuits getting too small too quickly: buy cheap Forever21 bathing suits so that I can buy them in quantity, not quality as quality would not be option.
  • Running out of clothes to wear: wearing old clothes. I can do this by tying shirts that are too big at the side (for whatever reason, I always used to buy clothes--especially shirts that were meant to be fitted--that were too big. What was wrong with me??), and cutting T-shirts that are REALLY too big and I don't care much about.
  • Boredom: Watch YouTube videos A LOT. And if friends are around (because they always leave me here to rot away while they go on vacation), hang out with them around town, at the mall, or at the beach. I really need a pool... Most of the time, I will probably sit around fantasizing about how awesome high school will be. *Sigh* I know it won't be that awesome but I can't help thinking about it.
Okay, well I'm going to bed now. It's midnight, and my awakeness that resulted from my taking a nap is starting to wear off. Good night.

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