Saturday, May 17, 2014

Video Response: "Two Sports Bras"

Sorry if this post takes a while to load. There are a lot of pictures and videos.
Yesterday, I saw this video called "Big Boobs? Then Try Two Sports Bras!"

I initially didn't think much of it. I thought it was funny. I thought, "if the bounce bothers you so much, don't run or buy a sports bra that actually fits!)

But since I always look at the comments, I looked at the comments. There are some I'd like to respond to. I would've just replied on the comments themselves, but I wanted you guys (my readers/friends) to see what I wrote.
The format I used was a picture of the comment, then I wrote my response BELOW that.

The joke he is referring to was in the video when an actress said, "Because if dudes had tits, we'd have this problem figured out by now."
He's a guy so he wouldn't understand. The joke is sexist, but of course since it's against men, men would argue.

Clearly this is the case. I think the sports bra "problem" isn't really a problem because if women could find sports bras that fit and give them adequate support, they wouldn't be complaining. However, this is not to say I wouldn't wear 2 sports bras on occasion. So this comment is irrelevant.
Note: I edited this next paragraph a bit because I noticed I said some things that some people might take offense to. This is a tricky topic to discuss without offending anyone.

First of all, 36B is not small, girl! Now for the actual response, I also feel like the actors have little to no right to complain about The Bounce. They don't have nearly as much Bounce as "Kimberly Gawne" who's a 32G. She has a right to complain about The Bounce. The actresses' boobs don't even bounce in the video! About "Priscilla Collings," I suppose this may be true, but if you have small boobs and you're exercising, there's probably less bounce and there's probably little enough bounce so that you can just ignore it.
Disclaimer: I am not saying I have a right to complain about The Bounce, because honestly I don't know if I have a right to or not. I'm saying that the actresses don't have a right to complain about The Bounce.

Also, I noticed that at the end, a male announcer said quickly, "from the people who brought you wearing black underwear instead of a tampon." Well that's funny because that would never work in a MILLION years! Even if you couldn't see the stain, the blood would still leak through. I love how the announcer is a guy.

That is all.

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