Thursday, May 8, 2014

Why Girls Go to the Bathroom Together

I feel like a lot of guys know the answer to this, but pretend not to.

This question arose at the beginning of swim practice today when two girls went to the bathroom together and I was the only remaining girl. At this point, there were only about 10 people there in total. So the assistant swim coach (our coach wasn't there today) asks the group, "why do they do that? Why do girls always go to the bathroom together?" We all offer an awkward knowing laugh, and the swim coach directs the question at me. "Julia?" And I say, "because they want to talk about people when they're not there." I basically toned down my usual answer to a school-appropriate level.

There's a number of reasons girls go the bathroom in pairs or groups. It usually has to do with saying or doing something without everyone else knowing.
  • They want to talk shit about people behind their backs (that's my usual answer).
  • They want to discuss something.
  • They need to borrow a pad/tampon.
  • They need to use the bathroom but girls go everywhere together so they have to go to the bathroom together too. I mean, who wants to go places alone?
  • They want to say something without saying it to the whole group, like "can you see my bra lines?" or "is my pad showing?" or "dayummm that boy is cute!"
I always felt like this was a given because DUH! Doesn't EVERYONE know that? I feel like guys pretend not to know so they can bring it up to break awkward silences.
BUT nonetheless, girls have very close relationships with their friends. They tell each other everything. Hence they go everywhere together. They can continue their conversation while in the bathroom. They can touch up their makeup together. Complain about other people together. Talk shit about other people behind their backs together.
It's a girl thing. I bet guys would do it too if it were socially acceptable. But when the girls leave the table, I bet the guys all have a conversation about us too.

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