Saturday, June 21, 2014

How to Be Confident

I dedicate this post to my one friend who is really insecure (you know who you are). I wuv oo, and I hope dis helps.

This is the question all teenagers face at one point in their lives.
What happened for me was that one day, I woke up and looked in the mirror. I noticed something I had missed before: I am pretty.
This was in, maybe fifth grade. True, I could use a little work on my hair and eyebrows (this was before my plucking saga).
And that's what YOU need to do. You there, reading this. I want you to look in the mirror and think, "I am beautiful." Because YOU ARE! You just need to realize that.
Everyone is beautiful in their own way. And everyone is beautiful in someone's eyes (this is the supposed meaning behind She Looks So Perfect by 5 Seconds of Summer).

So if when you look in the mirror, you DON'T think you're beautiful, stop kidding yourself.

Am I Friendly? Who am I?

This came up when I had a conversation with a friend about whether or not I am friendly. Honestly, I thought I was! But it turns out I'm not AS friendly as I thought I was. The text went like this (this is the ACTUAL text. I just changed the name of my friend.)
(read from left picture to right)

What really struck me was that she said yelling at people makes them feel more accepted. It sounds weird at first, but if you think about it, it's so true.
I was actually yelling at people yesterday in particular because it was loud. I didn't mean to, it just happened. But hey, if it helps me make friends, then I guess that's good...?
But I thought I was actually being friendly! I want to make friends of course, and I realize that the way to do that is by being friendly.

So I'm not as friendly as I thought. But I guess I should just be myself. I'm trying to turn "myself" into a better, nicer, friendlier person, not be fake and pretend to be friendly. But it's really tough. Through this process, I'm beginning to wonder who I am. Makeup and insecurities aside, who AM I? Am I actually a nice person, or is that all fake? At home, I snap at people and I'm pretty sarcastic. That used to be who I was at all times. But now, I'm friendly and optimistic everywhere else, and sarcastic and pessimistic at home.
I don't know which I am anymore. I like to think I'm friendly and nice, but am I really?

They say "just be yourself," but who is that?

Monday, June 16, 2014

Goodbye Middle School.

I don't think it will really hit me until I walk into the high school on August 20 (or whenever...). And even then, it might not truly hit me. I'm guessing it will all feel like a dream; like I'm going back to middle school any day now--that's how it felt switching from elementary to middle school. It didn't really feel like MY school until the end of sixth grade.
Though it might not feel like it now, I'm practically a high schooler. Just let that sink in for a moment. Yes, you, reading this, my eighth grade friends, are almost high schoolers.
I will be a freshman in the fall. I will attend high school. I won't go to my familiar, beloved middle school anymore. I'll have new, mean teachers and a new, giant school. Oh, and a fall sport. -.-
I'll be nervous but excited.
I just can't see myself at high school, sitting in classes there. Making new friends, and possibly leaving my old ones behind. I love my current friends, and I don't want to part with them. But what if I have to? I'm taking three honors classes (if you count foreign language) and a fall sport. What am I going to do? I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.
I might never see my current school ever again once I walk through those doors at 11:19 on Friday morning I might never see my old teachers, all of whom I love and are really nice.
After this summer, who knows who I'll be friends with?

Well hey, at least I can leave all those annoying seventh graders behind (for now).

If you're wondering what inspired this post, it was when I was looking for new bands. I was exploring songs by The White Stripes, and that's when I found "We're Going to Be Friends". It triggered a lot of memories. In fact, I think it was the song they played during my fifth grade graduation slideshow. I'm actually listening to that song on repeat as I write this post. It's basically a tear-jerker for me. It just makes me so sad, so I was just in the mood to write this post. I actually found this song a couple weeks ago, but I really started listening to it a lot today.
Sorry if this got you in a sad mood.

Adieu, junior high.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Message to Everyone Getting Their Braces Off

If you didn't know, I have braces.
  1. Don't brag. It's annoying, uncalled for, and it really bothers me. It just makes the rest of us braces people jealous, which you don't want. Because jealous people do bad things.
  2. Don't even try to give me tips if you had yours for a year. Like no, braces is a lifestyle, not an experience.
  3. If you've never had braces, don't try sympathizing with me. You don't know what it's like to have every last piece of food stuck in your braces (my braces eat more than I do), or the pain of elastics and chains, combined with cuts and bruises inside your mouth.
  4. If you chew gum, had braces, and are wondering why your chain keeps breaking, THAT'S WHY, smart one.
SO SHUT UP if you don't have braces or are getting them off. Because you are being mean and stupid!

However, in Makeupbymandy24's "Braces Experience!" video (see top of post), she said,
"I don't like to smile in braces, because I don't want to see my braces. That's kind of why I always do like [a close lipped smile]... And my whole life is on social media... I'm excited to smile more in pictures and feel comfortable. I never really nailed the whole 'smiling with no teeth without looking kinda angry.'"
OMG YES the struggle! 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Double Standards

Double standards. If you don't know what they are, here's the Google definition.
Obviously, as a girl I hate double standards. Especially gender ones, just like almost every other female.
But here are some examples of double standards.

  • Gender: If a girl likes Starbucks, it's basic. If a guy likes it, it's weird.
  • Gender: If a girl has a lot of boyfriends (toning it down to eighth grade level), she's a slut. If a guy has a lot of girlfriends, he's a player.
  • Gender: It's slutty if a girl's bra straps show, but it's cool when a guy's boxers billow out of his pants. (!!!)
  • Gender: In general, women recieve less pay for doing the same job as men.
  • Race: Like Google says, the black soldiers (I'm guessing they're referring to the Civil War) received less pay.
  • Race: If an African American raps, it's cool. If a white guy raps, he's a poser (for the most part).
  • Age: It's cute for a little kid to carry around a blankie, but it's completely socially unacceptable for an older kid to do this.
I'm pretty proud of my examples there. Anyway, the moral of the story is: all genders, races, ages, etc. should be equal, although as of now, they aren't.

Side note: If you're wondering, yes I do know I haven't blogged lately. This is because I tend to run out of things to write about after having a blog for a while. I realize that this is why I keep starting new blogs. All I really need is a break, I don't need to stop blogging and start all over again in a month. So I'll be back. I just don't know when. Temporarily, I have run out of things to say. If you have a topic you want me to discuss, you can talk to me about it. :)