Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Message to Everyone Getting Their Braces Off

If you didn't know, I have braces.
  1. Don't brag. It's annoying, uncalled for, and it really bothers me. It just makes the rest of us braces people jealous, which you don't want. Because jealous people do bad things.
  2. Don't even try to give me tips if you had yours for a year. Like no, braces is a lifestyle, not an experience.
  3. If you've never had braces, don't try sympathizing with me. You don't know what it's like to have every last piece of food stuck in your braces (my braces eat more than I do), or the pain of elastics and chains, combined with cuts and bruises inside your mouth.
  4. If you chew gum, had braces, and are wondering why your chain keeps breaking, THAT'S WHY, smart one.
SO SHUT UP if you don't have braces or are getting them off. Because you are being mean and stupid!

However, in Makeupbymandy24's "Braces Experience!" video (see top of post), she said,
"I don't like to smile in braces, because I don't want to see my braces. That's kind of why I always do like [a close lipped smile]... And my whole life is on social media... I'm excited to smile more in pictures and feel comfortable. I never really nailed the whole 'smiling with no teeth without looking kinda angry.'"
OMG YES the struggle! 

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