Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Importance of Minis

Before I start my routine rant, let me clear this up. A "mini" is a mini version of a product. A travel size, if you will.
Some ideas for minis:

  • The Gillette Venus Snap, which is a mini razor that supposedly only requires water to work. (Bullshit, you'd get the worst razor burn! I'd carry around a travel size shaving cream if I had this.)
  • Deodorant. I always find myself in need of deodorant, because I often forget to put it on before I leave the house, or I need more throughout the day, if it's a particularly hot day or I'm at gym class. See, that is one huge advantage of swimming. You don't have to deal with sweat! Wonderful!
  • Hairbrush. There's a compact one by The Wet Brush that I'd love to have. But it's $10 and I'm pretty cheap, so I took a pass on that one.
  • Toothbrushes. Like the Colgate Wisps. Wouldn't it be convenient to have little mini toothbrushes wherever you go? I have braces and this feels like the ultimate necessity. I remember this one time at lunch when I ate an apple or lettuce or something, and it was living hell until I got home and brushed my teeth. I just hate having to pick all that stuff out with my tongue. I'm usually at it for hours. Maybe I should just give up and carry a normal toothbrush and mini toothpaste. That way, I could brush my teeth EVERY SINGLE TIME I go out to eat. That would be quite obsessive and weird, however, so I will not do that.
  • Breath mints. Strong ones, that actually work. Like the Listerine POCKETPAKS Breath Strips. They actually work, I've had one before.
  • Wallet. All womens' wallets these days are huge! My wallet takes up a ton of space in my small purse. Although, I usually have empty space anyway (which I like to occupy with my large sunglasses case).
But the thing is, each of these things cost $10 per pack. Let's say you get one of each, you're out fifty bucks. Maybe I should just give up and buy all these things... I don't know, I'll figure it out. It's just that I've been in so many situations where I've needed these things (well, except maybe the mini razor. I could use it when I go on vacation! Nah, I can skip that one. It's just so cute though!).
  • I mean, wouldn't it be nice, if the next time I ate out and had horrible breath, I had a toothbrush waiting in my purse?
  • Or next time I get sweaty walking around town, I'll have deodorant set and ready?
  • Or next time my hair gets tangly and frizzy from the humid air, I'll have a hairbrush whenever I need it? Wouldn't that be wonderful?
I could SO see myself using these things. Tomorrow I'm going to buy the Colgate mini toothbrushes, and the mini deodorant. And maybe the mini hairbrush if I can find one that doesn't look cheapy.

CVS has got to be my favorite store. I go there all the time! Isn't that kind of sad, though, for my favorite store to be a drugstore? My friend asked me yesterday what my favorite store is. I automatically thought of clothing stores, but I haven't really been buying all that many clothes lately, and I shop at a variety of stores. I have a couple pieces from Aeropostale, a bunch of stuff from H&M, Delia's, a few things from Forever21. But I go to CVS all the time. It's so convenient, there's one everywhere.

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