Thursday, August 28, 2014

First Impression: High School

As you know, summer has come to a close and school has started. As you also know, I'm starting high school this year. So I decided to make a review about it! I'm serious. I'm writing these day by day, at the end of each day.

Day One
This was sort of a fake day. We just met each teacher for about 20 minutes. I have one horrible teacher, two good teachers, and two neutral teachers (as far as core classes are concerned).
Things I liked:
  • The schedule is different every day, so you're not doing the same thing over and over again every single day.
  • You can use your phone at lunch, between classes, and whenever you're not in class.
  • You sometimes get a free period first block, so you can sleep in a little sometimes.
  • You can drop a study hall if it's at the beginning or end of the day, and just have a free period.
  • The school is bigger, nicer, and the classrooms are a bit more organized in location/placement.
  • It was pretty easy to navigate because the location of classrooms is a little more organized. I haven't gotten lost (yet).
  • You get to carry your backpack, so all the stuff you need is right there with you all the time.
Things I didn't like:
  • We only have 23 minutes of lunch, so you only get to wait in line for 10 minutes then stuff your face with food. Little or no time for gossiping, chatting, or going to the bathroom.
  • Teachers started class before the bell. Every teacher did this! So if you came in right at the bell, you would have missed some of what the teacher said.
  • There was NO time to go to the bathroom. I ended up going between lunch and my next "class", because the two places were nearby enough so that I didn't need much travel time. If you went during a class, you would miss stuff and it would look weird if you brought your bag (what if you needed something from in there? Like lipgloss or... other things?!).
  • There's a lot of stairs.
  • My back and shoulders hurt by the end of the day, because I had brought all my binders everywhere (nobody really uses the lockers). Also, my backpack rubs on my arm which hurts.
  • My locker is very inconviently placed. It's at the VERY end of a far hallway.
  • Due to the "no time for anything" thing, I also never got a chance to use my phone, especially not at 23-minute lunch.
  • I have no classes with any of my friends. Well, I actually have a couple study halls with one of my friends. However, this gives me a good opportunity to branch out and make new friends.
Day Two
I had a bad day. Some of the bad things that happened to me were:
  • I had no friends in my lunch, so I ended up sitting with two people I didn't really like.
  • In math, I sat next to this teacher's pet type guy I knew from my elementary school. By choice.
  • One of the people I was planning on becoming friends with doesn't look like she wants to be friends with me. I sat next to her in that class, and she didn't really talk to me. I'm hoping she's just shy and will warm up to me, like I would with her.
  • My physics teacher is known school-wide for being a horrible teacher.
  • Lunch is still way too short. I noticed that people were leaving and new people were coming in like 10 minutes early.
  • Two of my friends sat together on the bus ride home, while I sat in misery next to someone else. I didn't even get to sit with my regular bus buddy (one of the two friends) in the morning because she had a free period first block and didn't ride the bus.
  • Nobody who mattered to me (friends) saw the shirt I was wearing. I was wearing my Pink Floyd shirt, and it just made me very sad that nobody got to see it.
  • I'm basically all alone all day.
  • Me and another girl got kicked out of a lunch table in the morning. Some girl came over and said, "Just so you guys know, this is a seniors' table." Then we started getting up to go, and she said, "No no, you don't have to move." So why did she even tell us?? We left anyway.
  • I recieved a giant, heavy math textbook that I'm supposed to bring to and from my house every single day. Um, do you realize how huge that thing is? Are they even allowed to do that? I also heard that I might be getting a French textbook too. Joy. I guess I'll just carry those around in my arms and put my other stuff in my backpack, I've seen a few people doing that. The thing is, I would forget them everywhere. I tend to lose things, it's just that I find them again.
A few good things that happened to me today:
  • I think my cooking class is going to be fun. We're making chocolate chip cookies first.
  • I think I'm on the verge of making friends with the other girls in my cooking group. We got to choose groups, and they only had 2 people so I approached them right away.
  • I got a compliment on my shirt from an upperclassman passing me on the stairs. She said, "I like your shirt!" and I said, "Thanks!" I'm impressed she's a Pink Floyd lover, there aren't many out there, especially not girls.
  • I get an extra 30 minutes before my cooking class starts, in which I can do anything I want. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to leave and go do something though. I could probably just ride the bus and go walk to get breakfast somewhere or something. However, it might start to get annoying since I have to ride the bus there and arrive 50 minutes early (the bus comes 20 minutes early for normal days).
So my first day was pretty good, and my second day was bad. Hopefully I just had a bad day.

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