Sunday, November 23, 2014

Rejecting Suggestions

I hate it when you're I'm editing someone's paper and they act like their paper is perfect and reject all my suggestions.
  • Don't you want to improve your paper? Don't you want my help? Because if you don't, I'll gladly go get a cup of hot cocoa from the cafeteria instead. Just let me know.
  • Beause I'm over here asking if you think my paper is okay and you're shooting out suggestions like a machine gun, as if my paper sucks and is in need of tons of improvement, and your paper is perfect as it is?
  • It bugs the crap out of me because they're acting like they're so superior, even though I'm just trying to edit their paper! If you don't want me to edit your paper, just let me know!
  • Because let me tell you something. My spelling is 1000x better than yours so SHUT UP.
  • And the worst thing is when they spell something wrong and don't believe that they're wrong. HELLO, look it up! I know how to spell.


  1. For the curious incident vs rain man essay, someone spelled Barry levinson's name as Barry livens. *smh*