Wednesday, November 5, 2014

First Impression: Maybelline Brow Drama

Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara
in Soft Brown

As soon as I saw this in my November Teen Vogue, I instantly knew I had to have it. I've always been dying for the Benefit tinted brow gel, but it's $30 so I decided against it. But now that there's a Maybelline dupe for $8, hell yeah I got it.

(the pictures look weird because they're taken from the side to get a more accurate representation of what they look like.)

(sorry, the lighting is different so my face looks more pink than yellow. It's just the lighting, I promise.)

Okay, so here's the meat of the review. I'll tell you what I like about it and what I don't.


  • It gives a more natural look. If you're looking for a more refined look, I recommend brow pencil. If you want something in between, try brow powder.
  • It is a LOT less time consuming. Seriously, it took me maybe 1 minute to do and then I was done. I usually spend up to 15 minutes on my eyebrows in the morning with brow powder, trying to get the shape just right, which is detrimental to my morning routine. I miss the bus on a weekly basis.
  • It has a multi purpose. It tints your eyebrows (changes the color), makes them appear fuller, and keeps the hairs from going all over the place.
  • You need to clean up the edges with a Q-tip and liquid makeup remover, because the gel gets on other smaller hairs that I missed during plucking but I don't necessarily want to highlight by covering them in tinted gel.
  • You better get the shape right when you're plucking, because filling them in with this method won't put color in places where you actually have no hair. But you can always go in with a brow powder at the end if you want.
  • It makes your eyebrows hard, as if you were using cheap hairspray on them. However, that's why they stay in place. With brow powder or pencil, you have the option to not use clear brow gel on top, to keep them soft and realistic.
  • It wasn't true to color. The color is called "soft brown" and on the package, it looks like it would be perfect for dirty blondes, but I'm dirty blonde/brunette and it's a little dark.
  • It only comes in 3 shades. If you're a redhead or have black hair, good luck to you.

  • Would I recommend it to a friend? Yes, definitely! I have this friend who always complains about how light her eyebrows are (in color), and this would be perfect for her.
  • Are you going to use it every day? YES. It will be an awesome time saver.

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