Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Pressure to take honors.

At my school, there's an intense pressure to take honors-level classes, and to me it's a huge, disgusting, insulting problem. It hurts people.
The most remarkable thing about it is that it's not just peer pressure. It's pressure from parents and other adults too... Not to mention yourself.

Parent pressure. Parents love to brag about how smart their kid is, and one "great" way to do this is by telling people their kid takes all honors. Some parents achieve this by forcing their kids to take all honors so they can brag about it. And some parents genuinely think their kids can do it, when in reality, they're either not smart enough or don't have the time or can't handle it.

Self pressure. Sometimes I ask all-honors kids why they're doing this to themselves. "Because I want to." "Why do you want to?" Some say, "So I can get into Harvard." Honey, I hate to burst your bubble but you're not going to Harvard. Nobody's going to Harvard. Probably 1% of all-A high school students actually end up attending Harvard. You can't just have good grades. You need to have a unique cultural background, a great application, hopefully a different race, and a ridiculous amount of extracurriculars.
Others say, "I dunno." Well I know. A) Because everyone else is. B) Because you feel like you have to, or you should. But you shouldn't feel that way. You shouldn't feel like if you can you should. You shouldn't feel like you should KILL yourself to take all honors just because you can; because you're expected to, coming from a prestigious town like this one.
You have to remember: school is just a place you go every day. Then you come home, do your homework, and you have your life back. School isn't your life. Your friends, family, hobbies, and interests are your life. Don't let school take over your life. Live it while you still can! Take some ACP classes to lighten your workload so you can get your life back. It's not worth it. In the end, you won't like who you are--who you've become. You won't be yourself. You won't have a "yourself."

Judgements. Here comes the ranting part of this blog post.
It's the way that they look at me when I say "I'm taking ACP physics." The way they respond. As if they're better than me; smarter than me. I could be a fucking genius if I wanted to, but I won't let school take me over. In that respect, I'm smarter. Because I'm taking the courses that are actually right for me, and I still have a personality left, and time to learn and experience things. Time to get real life experience! I'm sick and tired of feeling stupid, lesser than everyone else because I'm not taking all honors! I'm tired of getting put down with their eyes; their words. I'm tired of being judged. I'M TIRED OF BEING TREATED LIKE AN IDIOT BECAUSE I TAKE 2 ACP CLASSES!!!
Another reason- sometimes people genuinely have learning disabilities or aren't as smart as other people, and just honestly cannot do honors classes.

Why you shouldn't give in to the pressure. As I already discussed, don't take all honors if you think it will take over your life; if you think you won't have time for anything else. Also, in a logical sense, don't take an honors class unless you think you can get an A. Getting a C in an honors class is worse for your GPA than getting a B in an ACP class. Also, (if you're really worried about that already), colleges unweight your GPA then look at the difficulty of the courses. If you're getting a C in an honors class, that's gonna look bad.

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